Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Finding Jeff Heimbuch!

I've had this photo sitting here FOREVER and decided it would be most appropriate to post it on a Lost day. This is Jeff Heimbuch, one of my earliest visitors and posters on the blog. Waaaay back in season 3, when I first started blogging on Lost, he filmed an independent movie called, "LOST: Off the Island" about a guy who was obsessed with Flight 815 going down and was trying to piece together the reasons it had, because his brother had been on the flight. Then, post-season 3, the Lost summer ARG was a game following a guy who was obsessed with Flight 815 because his girlfriend had been on it. Hm. Jeff did it first!! He sent me the movie, and it was a lot of fun. You can read more about this and other productions he's working on at his site, here. And now, the adorable Jeff!


Zari said...

Am I seeing double!?

Jeff = BenLinus/MichaelEmerson:
Separated-at-Birth ;)

Joan Crawford said...

Awesome! I checked out your site for your new movie "The Ties That Bind" - Looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to Jeff but I had a couple questions after re-watching last weeks episode.

1. Did the Dharma van flash back with them from 1977?

2. Wasn't the temple where smokey was living? When Jin and the French team were there?

Does anyone know?


Benny said...


1. Yes, the van flashed with them. This must imply that the rules stated last season that whatever is with you at the time of the shift somes along. So the process was similar to what was happening last year.

2. That is the same Temple WALL. Jacob told Hurley to ask Jin to bring him to the wall where the French crew lost one of theirs. It's an outer wall surrounding the Temple.

Marebabe said...

Jeff! Dude! You're obviously very well read and have excellent taste. Good to see you!

Jeff Heimbuch said...

Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was in Disney for the week!
Im flattered that you think I look like Michael, Zari! Haha!
And thanks for checking out the site, Joan!