Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Finding Lost's Acting Debut!

I posted this morning that if you watch Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson's Totally Lost video at EW you'll find an awesome Easter egg at the one-minute mark. I'm sure most of you have gone to see it, so it'll no longer be a spoiler, but here it is... the cameo of my season 5 AND season 3 books!!

:::sniffle::: I'm so proud of them. Is there an Oscar in their futures?! Thanks to humanebean for the screencap!!


Joan Crawford said...

I wonder what passage it was in your book that finally pushed him over the edge into nakedness?

For me, it was the recap of the incident parts 1&2.

humanebean said...

PLEASE, Joan! Here we are, out on the internets, trying to get some WORK done .... and you're out there prancin' around nekkid with those BANGS? How in Tawaret's name are we supposed to concentrate?

Two hours and change until the LOST Event!

Jazzygirl said...

Loved all the videos!