Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost 6.05 "Lighthouse"

Well, after much ado, I’ve finally seen the episode (well, almost.... it cut out about 2 minutes before the end... if anyone could email me off the list and tell me what happens after Jacob tells Hurley that it’s too late to save the people at the Temple, that would be awesome). But it’s really late now, so let me just make this a quick one, since I’m sure many of you have already posted some great stuff on it.

I do have to ask, though... are there any Japanese readers out there who could help me out with the translation of what Dogen says that’s not subtitled?

• Hurley facing off against Dogen: “I’m a big fan of temples... and history. Indiana Jones stuff.”
• “I just lied to a Samurai.” LOL!
• Hurley saying that Jacob just turns up whenever he wants, like Obi Wan Kenobi.
• Dude from Degrassi isn’t dead!! Oh... wait. Never mind.
• Adam and Eve!!!!!!!! I literally stopped breathing for a second when they came on the screen. I thought this... is... it... and then it wasn’t. I loved Hurley asking if the skeletons are them. Which probably means they’re not.
• I’m using my husband’s laptop and I just noticed he has this screen set at 108% zoom. WHOA.
• Hurley recalling season 1: “You and me... trekking through the jungle searching for something we don’t understand. Good times.”
• “Doesn’t say anything on your arm about the door being jammed?” HAHA!
• “Mission unaccomplished!”

Did You Notice?
• Jack suddenly seems interested in that appendix, like he’s had another flash of the other reality where it came out more recently.
• His son’s name is David, like King David in the Bible, who wrote the Psalms.
• Miles and Hurley have gone from Risk to Tic Tac Toe. Hahaha!
• David loves the Red Sox as much as his grandpa didn’t believe in them. Maybe he does it just to piss off Dad.
• The Annotated Alice: Jack says he read it to David, and we saw him reading it to Aaron when he was living with Kate.
• Claire isn’t just kinda crazy... she’s totally batshit bonkers creepy-skeleton-head-baby-lovin’ super crazy.
• Did anyone else hear Bono start singing when Kate told Jack that she hopes he finds what he’s looking for?
• Just like last week’s episode referenced 1.04 (Walkabout), this one references 1.05 (White Rabbit), the episode where Jack found the caves and smashed the coffin.
• Jack found the key under the rabbit, just like Miles reached under a rabbit in “Some Like It Hoth” to get into that apartment with the dead man when he was a kid.
• I noticed the house was #21, and it made me wonder if the numbers are NOT in this reality? Has anyone seen any of the numbers in this one? They seem to be always off by one or two.
• So... maybe that reunion between Claire and Kate WON’T be a happy one?
• David plays Chopin, which is what young Daniel was playing when his mom told him about his destiny.
• The screen I was watching on was heavily pixelated (hence I’m not pointing out a lot of minute details, like those names on the dial that I would LOVE to see) but that kid who asked Jack if David was his son looked a lot like young Daniel... but presumably he wasn’t if Dogen is his father.
• The mirror in the lighthouse is a reference to Alice, once again.
• Hurley says Jack’s going to have 7 years of bad luck, but he smashed 4 mirrors, so that’s more like 28 years.
• Jack wanted David to play piano, and if you recall in New Otherton he was playing piano, too, as if he never got that good and wanted the best for his son.
• Jack rights the wrongs of his son in a way that his father never did with him.
• It’s interesting that in the AU we see a lot of happy endings. Claire will keep Aaron after all, Locke has his happy ending, and now Jack gets his.
• Jacob says that Jack is here because he has to do something, and that he needs to look at the ocean for a while... Locke looked at the ocean for a long time before he sensed his destiny on the island. We also saw the Man in Black staring at the ocean when he returned looking like Locke.

Any Questions?
• Who’s coming to the island?
• Why didn’t Jin speak up earlier when Claire was freaking out about BLT having her baby? He knew Aaron had him, so why not say something right away?
• Who is Claire’s other friend in the jungle?
• What’s Dogen doing in this other reality? If the island went boom in 1977 does that mean he never went there? Or is he the island’s backup system to get people to it? It’s interesting that he says, “It’s hard to watch and be unable to help” like that’s a comment on the show.
• Who do you think is David's mom? Is it Sarah and she just was too busy with Modern Family to appear? Or could it be someone else?

I found these when I was looking for a pic to post with this:

My original post:
So, as some of you know, I'm at a resort in Mexico. We made sure they had satellite TV in the rooms (even called, and they assured us it was) and when we got here, they just had cable in the rooms. So we spent a couple of days asking around, especially since they were broadcasting the Olympics in the games room so they must have cable somewhere. Finally someone told us they had satellite in the main lobby, but just cable in the rooms. So we asked if it was possible to get a TV somewhere in the main building for 8pm on Tuesday night to watch Lost. They didn't seem to understand my urgency ("You WRITE about TV? What do you mean?") and every time we started to get somewhere with one person ("Oh yes, you could use the manager's office for an hour") we'd lose it with the next ("I suggest you bribe the DJ in the games room, but if other people are watching sports you probably won't get anywhere").

So I posted an urgent request, and Barry, the guy who designed my new cover, gave me access to his Slingbox. We tested it out, it worked perfectly. At 8pm (it's an hour earlier here) I was watching my daughter on stage with her new little friends hitting at a pinata they'd made that day, while the program was paused back at the hotel room. I got back there a few minutes later and sat down with pen and paper (my husband had taken the kids somewhere else) and the first five minutes were great... and then the internet conked out. Everything saved was gone, and it went back up for about 3 minutes after that and then went out completely. Repeated calls to the front desk told me that someone was coming up to fix it... and then he wasn't... and then he was... and then he was gone for the night. I went down to the concierge at our building and asked her if she had the internet and she said no (her colleague's computer was there and you could see the ethernet cord running right into it) but that I could go to the business center. So I ran back up to the room, grabbed everything, and ran to the business center, put the computer in, and checked my email. There was one from Barry saying he was going to bed at 11 and he could run the episode again, no problem, if I contacted him before then. It was 2 minutes to 11. ACK! I sent him a quick email and didn't hear back, so he definitely went to bed right on time! :)

I've never worked so hard to watch an episode. Another friend assured me the other day he'd upload it for me, but I've emailed him and haven't heard back and it doesn't seem to have been uploaded, so no matter what I've done, I can't get this episode. So... no post after all. :( And I've emailed the Globe and Mail to say I probably can't do the chat tomorrow since nothing is working for me.

But, I don't want to stop the rest of you from discussing it, so the floor is open. Discuss away! I look forward to coming back on Thursday and actually watching the episode and posting something and then reading everything you guys have to say. Sorry about this... I've tried absolutely everything, but unfortunately at this resort, things work when they want to, and just poop out every other time. I hope the ep was a good one!


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JS said...

Nikki - do not mistake coincidence for fate. Perhaps you were not meant to see the episode tonight. No, that's crap, and totally sucks!

Can't wait to see your recap. Will post shortly.

Rebecca T. said...

WOot woot! first post!

Gah! I feel so bad for you Nikki. All that must have been so frustrating, but you can trust us to carry on without you... just biding time until you return, of course :)

Rebecca T. said...

Jack has a SON?! What is up with that? I'm "assuming" the mother is Sarah, but in OU, you never know. I mean, I never saw Genghis Otherton showing up there!

Jacob started freaking me out in this episode... I'm not gonna lie. But I still don't trust Lockealike. Now I just don't trust either of them.

I loved the tic tac toe game - another two player game - and wondered if there's any significance to the fact that Hurley keeps winning "of course".

Jack read Alice in Wonderland to Aaron as well.

Was anyone else waiting for David to say he was listening to Drive Shaft? hahaha

Great quotes:
Hurley - "Have you ever tried to get Jack to do something? It's like, impossible!"

Claire - "If there's one thing that'll get you killed in this place, it's infection" hahaha great double pun.

Rewatching now with my Dad... maybe I'll have other thoughts when I'm done.

Fred said...

Wow, are you ever having bad luck. I used to live in Communist China way back when, like when the entire city of Shanghai had only 2 photocopiers, and I never had such bad luck. Is your room in Cancun next to "Island Hugo Reyes"?

Since I'm the first to post, let me begin with was this a homage to Stephen King, or what! We ought to try and pick out how many Stephen King references there were in this show--you'll get that when you see the show.

Not to spoil it, but I felt this show was kinda lame. Yeah, there were the usual fireworks, nifty ideas and Hurley was cool as always, but side-world was a bit lame. However, this episode did put the nail in claire's coffin--I for one will be content to see her depart. This surely isn't Charlie's Claire--more like a Kathy Bates wanna be (more reference to S.K.).

Anyway, don't want to ruin it for you, Nikki, as there is still some drama in the show. But this wasn't up to last week's episode. Next week, following Season 1, should be Sun-centric. Hope you get to see the show.

Marebabe said...


It’s funny. Even though I knew that this episode was called “Lighthouse”, I was surprised when the Island lighthouse first came into view. I think that’s an indication of how bizarre and amazing this show is. We never know what to expect. And I’m very intrigued by that lighthouse!

Speaking of surprises, they really got me with Dogen showing up in that audition room. Way to sneak up on the fans! And I liked the way that Jack’s relationship with his son developed in this episode. A pretty major breakthrough there.

I had a random thought this week: why don’t we see palm trees on the Island? Is Oahu that rarest of tropical islands with no palm trees? Just wondering. Coconuts have been seen, both as food (in S1) and as weights for booby-traps (just a couple weeks ago). So, where are the trees?

Once again, we have a classic case of conflicting testimonies, he said, she said. I’ve decided to just be patient, and let the storytellers have their fun. Eventually, we’ll know who is telling the truth, who is crazy, and who is lying and scheming. Right now, Claire is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Does anyone have any idea what was meant by that extremely cryptic teaser for next week? Because I don’t have a $@#&%?< clue!

Fred said...

@SonshineMusic: No, Hurley did not win at tic-tac-toe. It was a tie--foreshadowing that Jacob and MiB will end with a tie?

We get references to mirrors again. Each side-world centric character looks in a mirror. Jack here looks in and sees ther scar, wondering where he got it. Suggestive this side-world is not long for life.

JS said...

Cave, Schmave - I guess Smokey was lying about the Cave being where Jacob kept his list. Quelle surprise. Now we know Jacob has a neat and orderly list, using 360 degrees, on a wheel he can turn to spy on or pop in on his candidates. Makes sense that the cave list was FLocke’s “hit” list, rather than Jacob’s. It looks like an angry’s man’s haphazard scribbles.

Clairesseau? - And Claire has the friend with no name. And is actually psycho. Well played, Jin. He read the situation pretty well and just saved Kate's life. This time. What the heck is gonna happen when Kate finds her. Maybe the other Others are telling the truth. Is Jin really taking Claire and her pal to the Temple. He’s probably wishing he hadn’t left.

Jack - Why doesn't Jack remember getting his appendix out? Is he really consciousness travelling?

What funeral what his mother referring to, if he didn’t know his son was upset? I cannot imagine it was Jack’s father, unless they went ahead with it without him. Seems strange. I did enjoy seeing Jack trying to be a good father.

A series of unfortunate events - As an aside, do they go to a special talent agency for serious children? I don’t think we have seen one care free child on this show. Even Aaron doesn’t crack a smile.

Honesty - I love how Dogen and Jack thanked each other for the honesty, but really didn't say anything the other didn't already know.

LIGHTHOUSE !!! - And, oh yeah, where the F has the light house been all this time? Hiding? How did they not see this from somewhere, at some point. Hurley did say they weren’t ever looking for it, so maybe it appears to those who need it.

I'm glad Jacob "wanted" Jack to smash the mirrors, but it would have been cool to let Hurley see what showed up for him. Jack kept saying “what does he want from me”. Did he not notice the other names on the wheel?

About the Jears - I was actually watching for them this episode, and found myself making excuses for Jack’s crying. I don’t know if it is the actual crying or the wincing that gets me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see a man cry – it usually makes me cry. But I am building immunity to Jears. I bet he’s a Taurus.

Jacob’s wheel Austen – 51, Wallace – 108. Wallace is coming to the island. Who is Wallace?

Susan said...

Nikki I'm sorry for your trouble. I too am watching away from home but only as far as the neighboring state.

I loved this episode. It answered one of my biggest questions: what happened to Shannon's inhalers? Nice nod to the obsessed fans who know about ComicCon!

Sonshine I thought the tictactoe game was always a draw? I'll have to watch again to be sure.

re Claire: my idea is that she had the infection, the Others caught her and "cured" her but she remembers it as torture so now she hates them (especially since she thinks they have Aaron).

Marebabe said...

@Sonshine: I didn't think of Drive Shaft at the time, but my compliments to you for thinking of it. And who knows? That may come up again. By the way, I wonder if they're gonna zing us with the reveal of who David's mom is. It might be Sarah, or someone totally unexpected. (No...they wouldn't do that to us, would they?)

Anonymous said...

Wallace is Widmore

Jazzygirl said...

Oh Nikki, I don't know how you didn't KILL someone there! OMG! I feel frustration for you! YOu have definitely gone above and beyond and I feel honored that you would go so far for us. I can't wait for you to see it! :)

I am tired right now, but I agree with what Sonshine said...a son?? Did we see that coming?? LOL! And OF COURSE the mom was out of town!
So does this mean that in the 2008 timeline he'll have a son? Because it seems that similar things happen to you in alternative timelines, just at different times. Like the appendix. In the flashsideways, it was done when he was young. In our original one, he was an adult. And yet again they try to trick us that he remembered the operation on island when he paused and looked at the scar. Clever writers! :)
So, I totally didn't see who Claire's "friend" was going to be. I feel stupid it was sort of obvious. Why would she be SO upset about Kate raising/taking Aaron? Technically SHE left HIM, right?
Also, do you guys think that Rousseau was under the influence of MIB? Same thing...a woman with a child...who lost her child...and Claire is acting a lot like her.
I dunno. Hard call.
Loved the mirror showing the images in the lighthouse. Oh! When Jacob said he needed Hurley to do something to get someone to the island, did anyone else think he was going to tell him to record the numbers on a loop to transmit?
Back to the mirror...I assume the Asian house was Jin/Sun's?
I agree that I don't know who to trust now. Both Jacob and MIB seem to have alterior motives.
That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure the second I lay down to sleep a ton of other things will pop in my head. :)

JS said...

What I meant to say was do not mistake fate for coincidence. D'oh

JS said...

Jazzygirl: Oh! When Jacob said he needed Hurley to do something to get someone to the island, did anyone else think he was going to tell him to record the numbers on a loop to transmit?

I totally did!

Rebecca T. said...

Sorry about the tic tac toe mix up. Apparently I was delirious :)

@JS - nice breakdown of the ep. Love the titles :)

@JazzyGirl: I'm glad I'm not the only one that missed that Claire's friend was Lockealike. I felt so stupid at the end.

Also, I didn't think about him asking Hurley to record the numbers, but that would have been sweet.

I am liking it a little bit better the second time around, but it's still kind of falling flat for me. Of course, that could be because it's a Jack ep, but I feel like a whole lot of nothing happened.

Jazzygirl said...

Just quickly read some comments...
JS, that wouldn't make Jack a Taurus, but rather a Cancer = emotions. LOL
Yeah apparently the cave with the names is crap. Run Sawyer!
Yeah I sort of wanted Hurley to say "dude, MY name is on there too!"
Ya I was waiting for David to say Drive Shaft too. LOL Or Geronimo Jackson! Ha!

Fred and Marebab, I think Nikki said on her post that she won't read any of these until she posts on Thurs. So I don't think we're spoiling anything for her.

Fred said...

So if Claire's friend was MiB, then likely as not rousseau was protected by the Smoke Monster. How did she survive all those years, alone in the jungle, with Smokie roaming about? Claire seems a little more over the top than Rousseau did, but they share the same obsession with getting their child back. I have always felt that Rousseau's team was not infected by MiB, but were met by Dogen et al. from the Temple. They acted to get rid of Rousseau, but failed. If that's the case, then Widmore was following Jacob's order and Ben disobeyed them. But seeing how Jacob doesn't move in a straight line, maybe he wanted Ben to act against Widmore, much as he wanted Jack to smash the looking glass.

@JS: Agree about the sudden appearance of the lighthouse. I almost expected the Gunslinger to appear (is Jack really Roland?). Or perhaps Hurley's remark is a send up to Harry Potter and the room of requirement. It just seemed a little too convenient.

I suspect David was listening to Chopin on his iPod. Would make more sense. David is like a reincarnation of Daniel, who finally gets a life of music, rather than science. However, I expect we'll see Daniel Faraday soon enough--perhaps he will tell Jack this is all a dream.

Fred said...

Who's coming to the island? While it might be Widmore, I am also holding out for Desmond.

The Question Mark said...

@SONSHINE MUSIC: Jacob also gave me the heebie-jeebies in this ep. He sure is a creepy dude.

@FRED: I actually just finished reading "The Stand", literally three or four days ago. But I wasn't eagle-eyed enough to catch any King references in this episode. :( Was the axe ("Misery") one of them?

@JS: Did it really say Wallace next to the 108? I totally missed that! I was thinking that the episode would end with the camera whooshing back up to the lighthouse and zooming in on the name next to 108, and it would turn out to be "Desmond Hume" or "Walter Lloyd" or something.

Lesley C said...

Bummer, Nikki. Still, I hope the vacation was worth it!

Now, on to the episode!

One of my first thoughts after the ep was "Odd - why would Jacob keep two lists of candidate names?" I like JS's idea, that the cave list is actually a hit list made by MiB. Are we to assume the temple and church that also appeared in the mirror and see briefly by Jack represented Kwon and Ford (Sawyer)? Those are both the locations where our Losties were touched by Jacob. If so, why did Jack see his childhood home and not the hospital, where he saw Jacob? Or did Jacob cross paths with Jack far earlier then we have been led to believe?

We paused and replayed in slow mo the scenes with the lighthouse wheel and spotted several other names: Rousseau (crossed out), Linus (crossed out), and Austen (intact) at spot #51. Not sure the significance of that number yet but it's good to see Kate is still around. I also read Wallace (crossed out) at 108 degrees. No clue who that is.

Shortly into this episode I was working under the assumption that Claire wasn't really all that bad but ugh! That ax scene! Changed my mind for sure. I wonder if both Claire and Danielle suffered from the same sort of crazy but Danielle never held onto a effigy of her stolen child, Alex - that we know of, at least.

Any significance to the particular symbols Hurley has to find on the temple walls in order to open the secret tunnel? And why, oh why, couldn't we get to see said super secret tunnel open??

Loved Hurley in this episode - it was hysterical when he told Dogen (aka Genghis Otherton) to go back to the courtyard. Ha! Loved the one-liners from Miles as well and really hope he sticks around for a while this season. He deserves more than the "humorous sidekick" role he's been in recently.

Finally, @Marebabe - I've stopped really paying attention to the teasers for upcoming episodes. ABC is giving nothing away (not that I blame them) and I swear some of the clips come from episodes other than the one that airs next. It's all a gimmick because the network KNOWS we'll all be back next week to watch no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Did Claire see FLocke when he appeared at the end of the episode? I'm thinking that he appeared to her as someone else, while Jin saw Locke; hence the vague references to her friend, as well as her saying that it's not John

Joan Crawford said...

I just lied to a Samurai!

Best line ever!!!

Susan said...

Is it weird that I'm starting to like Dogen (as a character, not in a palatable way). I think it was seeing him as a father.

Lesley I'm with you -- more Miles (and Frank too).

Lisa said...

Did anyone notice the sign Jack looked at as he walked into the audition room? At the bottom it said "Candidates Welcome". Very clever :)

JS said...

Anonymous: Did Claire see FLocke when he appeared at the end of the episode? I'm thinking that he appeared to her as someone else, while Jin saw Locke; hence the vague references to her friend, as well as her saying that it's not John

I think, similar to Sawyer, she knew he was not Locke, she can see he is someone else. Perhaps he can appear differently to those who are infected?? Maybe she is used to him appearing as different people. Does she see Christian while everyone else sees FLocke? I am reaching...

Fred said...

@TheQuestionMark: The trap which nearly severed Jin's leg is a reference to Misery. But I believe the axe scene is more from the film, The Shining, not the book. Another possible link is seeing Locke-ness/MiB as Randall Flagg.

Zari said...

Best Dialog –

Jack: “Where’s Jacob?”
Hurley: “He’s kinda dead – turns up whenever he wants, like Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Word Verf: mismetards : Can’t find my leotards for exercise class.

Joan Crawford said...

@Jazzygirl - ...but rather a Cancer = emotions.

Hmph! *goes to cry in the corner*


Unknown said...

@Sonshine: I know! I mean, seriously? Genghis Otherton?

And I know this doesn't make any sense, but I kept waiting for Jack to bump into his ex-wife and it be someone ridiculous, like Juliet. And before that I was waiting for his son's name to be Daniel. I know, that makes no sense, but see what Lost does to me?

And what about Miles? :( I don't want him to die.

And about Claire: Is anyone else reminded of Danielle? Crazy woman living on her own, baby taken from her, kills a couple of people (who have been to the temple), and saves a Lostie.

@JazzyGirl: I was saying Geronimo Jackson too! lol...

And I think that was Jin and Sun's house, because it was red. *Ahem* Yes, that is my only reasoning. And because after it there was a church, which looked like the place Jacob met Sawyer at as a boy.

Still so many questions!

Oh, and Nikki I am sad you could not see the ep :( I miss reading your post. I would've chucked a shoe or sock at someone if that happened to me.

Fred said...

@Annonymous: the infection Claire has allows her to really see who someone is. This allowed her not to be fooled by MiB's appearance as Locke, which fooled Jin. The infection provides those infected with a link with MiB, so they can recognize him. If Sayid is infected (which he probably is), then he'll be able to distinguish MiB when he see Locke--but koodoes to Sawyer for recognizing MiB. But worried we only saw Locke-ness appear without Sawyer. Hope Sawyer is okay and in the background. Perhpas MiB did not want Sawyer to visit with Claire as she'd go nuts and kill James. Especially if he told her he gave Aaron to Kate. Fully expect Kate to have to shoot Claire.

JS said...

@Jazzygirl - hahahahaha

@Joan Crawford - no disrespect intended. I'm a Gemini (like Kate) and I change my mind every few minutes. I usually make up my mind and stick to it. I like to keep my options open. I make decisions and rarely change. I'm not sure I want to commit to this comment. I plan to delete it shortly after posting.

Lesley C said...

@Lisa - After watching the episode, someone pointed out to me that the poster at the Conservatory welcomed candidates. I, too, thought it was a nice touch!

@Anonymous - I like the idea that the infection allows folks to see MiB (and perhaps Jacob??) for what he really is. Interesting idea, like putting on green glasses when entering the Emerald City of Oz.

@Fred - I totally didn't pick up on the fact Lockalike walked into Claire's camp without Sawyer! Oh, no, now I'm worried about him! Maybe he decided to wait outside in the field and was just off screen...

Joan Crawford said...

@JS - Haha!

Joan Crawford said...

It was nice to see Jack try and be more like Sayid and start kicking in doors but why is he such a freak about everything? He is a bully. Getting in Sweet Hurley's face while brandishing a weapon and then freaking out and breaking the glass. Yes, great work, Dr. Now we can't go and spy on everyone else! Stupid, that thing is like the best entertainment system ever!

Joan Crawford said...

Wasn't that Baboon Skull Baby freaky!? Eeee! That one's seared on my brain. Poor Claire. This whole "claimed" thing sucks. She is still kinda Claire - she knows she has a baby and wants him back - but is lost in the fog. Or the black smoke. Jack - just tell Kate you want to jump her bones in a marital fashion already. How many more perfect opportunities does he need?

Kate: "I hope you find what you're looking for..."

Jack: "Uhhh, thanks?"

Unknown said...

I enjoyed the episode. I just wish the characters weren't so split up. It's a little frustrating seeing some one week and the rest the next week. But it appears that will be the case for awhile.

I thought I would come on here with the news that Kate has a number after all (just not one of THE numbers). But JS beat me to it. Even though 51 is not one of the numbers, the name Austen was not crossed out. So why didn't NotLocke mention it in the cave? Was her name there and we just didn't see it? Did the writers just want us to go crazy trying to figure out why Kate wasn't a candidate? And, in fact, is she a candidate? What does it mean that she has a number that doesn't appear to be tied to anything?

I loved seeing Claire's camp and the lighthouse because I have been to both spots. I was in Hawaii in October and while on a tour, my guide saw a sign that the Lost crew uses to set up for filming. We didn't see any filming, but he found Claire's camp in a state park we hiked into and I took a bunch of pictures. Later that day we hiked up to the spot where Ben showed Sawyer the other island from the Hydra (the other island was put in with CGI) and I took lots of pictures of that too. Tonight I realized that that was the same spot they used for the lighthouse which was undoubtedly also put in with CGI. It was so cool seeing both of the places I had actually been to in the show. It made up for the less than stellar episode I thought it was.

Well, I have been celebrating all day since it was my birthday, but everything had to come to a grinding halt to watch Lost. Yes, my birthday, Feb. 23, is one of the numbers and it's been my favorite number as far back as I can remember. It crops up in my life all the time. (Coincidence or fate?) Anyway, I thought it was great when it turned up as one of the numbers on Lost.

Well I think I'll watch the episode again and try to get back here tomorrow, although it's a busy day.

Trace said...

@Fred & @AchingHope - I was so hoping for Daniel or even Eloise to turn up as an instructor at David's audition, especially given the callback to 'The Variable' w/ the Chopin piece.

Working on a theory re: SidewaysJack's neck wound & appendectomy scar, and his weird reactions to spotting them in the mirror. I need some help: OriginalJack had his appendix out c/o Juliet in late December 2004. When did OriginalJack get a neck wound like the one we saw on SidewaysJack? I keep reading that he got shot while he was back in 1977, but that was Daniel, wasn't it? Or was Radzinsky just crazymad at everybody's neck? Dude's such a weirdo.

Interesting how Christian Shephard's fingerprints were ALL OVER this episode, and yet he never shows up. There's something big there we don't know yet, and I wonder if the fact that the mirror shows the Shephard home & not St Sebastians, as @Lesley C pointed out, may be a further clue that 23-SHEPHARD really refers to Christian.

Austin Gorton said...

Oh, Nikki, that sucks beyond words. :( At least you're suffering in tropical Mexico. That's some consolation, right?

Man alive, I have been frustrated with Jack through the years, but never moreso than when he smashed those mirrors.

Damn you Jack!! >shakes fist< Damn you!

Who was 108? Who's coming to the island? Is someone really coming?

My money's on Desmond (assuming there's a reason 108 seems to be Wallace); he pushed the button every 108 minutes, the island isn't done with him yet, and we haven't seen him yet.

This one's for Nikki, whenever she's able to read it: my first thought when we discovered Jack's son was a musician? He'll be the one that ends up programming the code into the Looking Glass station. :)

Christian had a bottle of MacCutcheon in his study.

I enjoyed the parallels to "White Rabbit"; just as that episode had Jack following his father to the caves, here he was spurned on by significant words from his father and ended up back at the caves again. Nice little reminder of the Adam and Eve skeletons, too, for the more casual viewers.

Clairesseau was creepy as hell. So do we think the fact that she referred to Christian and Smokey as two different people (her father and her friend) means they are two different beings, or did she just see Smokey in his two different guises and assumed they were the same?

More tomorrow. Sleep for now.

Fred said...

Jack and Hurley in the woods was like from Season 1, were Jack learnt Hurley was in a mental hospital. This time Hurley learns Jack was "broken" and hoping the island would fix him--sounded so much like Locke. Boy, both Locke and Jack really do share a lot of personality traits.

MiB really lied to Claire. She's under the impression the Temple folk have her baby, but we saw Christian with the baby, then take Claire away. That Christian was MiB, so he knew James took the baby, and it ended up off island. So Claire is being conned by MiB for his own reasons.

Does Jin really know a secret entrance to the Temple? Or is he trying to buy time? Since next week is Sun-centric, I'll bet Ilana and crew or what's left of it) will come upon Claire and Jin. Kate will also make an appearance. I can see confusion ensuing and probably one of our dear Losties dying. I'm betting Kate will be indecisive, wanting to return Claire to Aaron, and not realizing Claire is infected. This could end badly, for sonmeone, maybe Jin. With so many people running through the jungle, I am thinking we are going to get some version/repeat of Season 2's "Collision."

Nice parallel with the underwater station named, "The Looking Glass". Both the Looking Glass Station and the tower (with its lookingglass) were to guide people to the island. But was the tower Jacob's? It maybe the tower was MiB's. He could investigate the lives of people, see who they were, and then retreat to his cave, where he made plans to get rid of them. We've been told Jacob does not like technology, but it seems that's more MiB's phobia. Both the tower and the cave seem technology free, not an LED lightbulb in either. Without the mirror in the tower, MiB can't see who's coming to the island, nor that someone is coming to the island.

Matt Metlis said...

A lot of people are calling Claire flat out crazy, and I'm not sure I agree. When she killed the guy from the temple, she said (I'm *loosely* quoting) "If I let him go, he would have killed me." Let's not forget that #1 when she shot him, he was about to kill Jin, and #2 when she was outside, he said to Jin (again loosely quoting) "Untie me and I'll snap her neck." Obviously she didn't hear #2, but if she's been there 3 years she may know what kind of people they are. I mean, these are the same Others who go around kidnapping and killing people based on the "list" (at least in the early seasons). And they wanted Jack to kill Sayid.

Now, the line about killing Kate, yeah, that was pretty crazy. I'm just not willing to lump all of Claire's actions into crazytown.

@Jazzygirl: I'm not sure Jack's noticing his appendix scar was only the writers trying to trick us. If he had it out as a child, why would he only notice the scar now? Surely he's looked at himself in the mirror in the past 30+ years when he would have noticed the scar previously.

I found it interesting that Hurley suggested they might travel back in time again and become the Adam and Eve skeletons.

@Fred: Interesting suggestion about Russeau's team being met by Jacob's templefolk instead of MIB. Sounds plausible to me.

Jacob is definitely seeming ever more manipulative for someone who claims everyone has a choice. He's sounding a lot like a con man to me - get people to do things, but make them think it was their idea. Jacob also did not seem to be concerned about the danger that the people in the temple are supposedly in.

Trace said...

Um. Also. re: Clousseau's Frankenbaby?


(gasp pant pant)



(pant pant)

ahem. That is all.

Rebecca T. said...

I am more and more thinking that the apparitions may not be directly tied to Smokey as in Smokey ≠ Christian. Ever since Lockalike saw his own apparition last week I'm thinking the visions/ghosts/whatevers are something else entirely. Or maybe just some of them are.

Oh I hope that gets explained!

Also, did someone say 108 was crossed out? If it was, then it makes no sense that 108 would be coming to the Island. Maybe if they had showed 108 we would have seen the man in black from the S5 finale to prove that it to was just a man-suit that Lockealike was wearing at the time?

brain hurts. Bed now. Back tomorrow :)

And yes, Claire's mock baby will probably give me nightmares

Nikki Stafford said...

Hello everyone!
I've seen everything but the last minute or so of the episode, so I've updated the post to reflect that. it's nowhere near as detailed as I usually am, and I apologize for that. Could someone email me just to tell me what happened? (Or even just post it here?) Thank you!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I didn't like how Jin told Claire that "Kate took Aaron." It sounds like she did it on purpose, took him for her own. Maybe if he'd explained the situation (you disappeared into the woods, Sawyer gave Kate the baby to look after, they left on a helicopter and ended up back in the real world...) she wouldn't have said she'd have to kill Kate. She may have just meant it figuratively. I just hate to think of Claire as totally psycho.

Joan Crawford said...

Hey Nikki! Nothing really happened after that - Jacob said someone bad is coming and Hurley says "let' warn them" and Jacob says it's too late. Lockalike is Claire's "friend" and he showed up in the tent sans Sawyer.

Claire isn’t just kinda crazy... she’s totally batshit bonkers creepy-skeleton-head-baby-lovin’ super crazy.

Eeee! It is kinda sad though, isn't it? I mean Crazy-Ass-Insane but sad too. Who makes a Skull Baby?

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Umm yeah, I hate to think of her as totally psycho, but skull baby in the cradle sort of points in that direction, doesn't it? Sigh.

Rebecca T. said...

@Nikki: Hurley says Jack’s going to have 7 years of bad luck, but he smashed 4 mirrors, so that’s more like 28 years.

HAHAHA!! I was thinking the same thing.

VW: RexPad - the latest puppy technology

Superbad said...

Wallace... 108.. coming on the island. I maybe the last person on earth hoping for a Walt resolution so I'm gonna have to say Wallace = WALT ;)

Fred said...

If we look at the tower from a symbolic POV, then we see there is no fire there. There is a pit before the mirrors, but it was dead. In Jacob's Foot-house, there was a fire going, until he got pushed into it by MiB. When we see it next, the fire is out. So fire is symboically tied to Jacob. So Jacob may have used the tower to direct ships to the island, like the Black Rock. But once that was done, MiB noticed the ability to see other worlds in the mirror--like Stephen King's Dark Tower with all universes reflected.

Which brings us to the ash Ilana collected. Is there something special about Jacob's ashes? When Dogen blew the ash across Sayid, it seemed to be significant. Perhaps, Jacob's ashes are a remedy or protection against those who are infected. Instead of melting in the rain, like the Wicked Witch of the West, blowing Jacob's ashes on an infected person will "melt" them, whatever that means. So Ilana may have to use the ashes against Claire.

Symbolically, rain is associated with MiB. Smokie often seemed to appear in the rain (Pilot episode), though Smokie did appear at other more dry times.

Joan Crawford said...

@Matt - You make a good point - the "good guys" were pretty evil acting and they wanted her dead. The guy was an idiot - she is all sad about her baby and he is all "Let's bring it back to me now". He was lying too - of course he would have told where she was if he couldn't kill her himself. I think Erin is right too - Jin wasn't too clear on what happened. For God's sake, Claire didn't even know how long she has been out there for or that Aaron had aged (and doesn't look like a Baboon Skull). This woman has been manipulated and is in a fog - of course she wants to get whoever stole her baby.

VW: beybu

My new nickname for my baby.

Superbad said...

Yup. 51. Austen.. NOT crossed off!


Genevieve said...

Glad you were able to watch it, Niki, and wow, you still did a great job with your post! Don't apologize! =)

The lighthouse and the mirrors totally reminded of Milo Rambaldi on the good ol' days of "Alias" (before it started to go downhill, coincidentally after "Lost" began and became the new focus, I guess). Whoa!

Madally Wurlpiz said...

Why is Claire ungrateful or unhappy with Kate for taking Aaron away is beyond me. I mean, Kate was just trying to help the baby and get him off the island. If Claire is so concern about Aaron, why didn't she brought him along when she hang out with Christian in the cabin? Is there a hidden rule that says NO BABIES ALLOWED IN CABIN?

v said...

@sonshinemusic: I was thinking Geronimo Jackson, since he said Jack wouldn’t have heard of them and Drive Shaft had such a big hit.

@Jazzygirl - On the surface there are similarities between Claire and Rousseau: missing babies, setting traps, and stringy hair. But aside from the time she took Aaron, I feel like everything Rousseau told the Losties about herself was validated by the flashbacks (Alex being taken, Robert trying to shoot her first). She seemed to self-isolate, giving the Losties access to some necessities (dynamite, maps, and batteries), but mostly staying out of the politics of the island. So no, I don’t think she was under the influence of MIB. [Off topic and random: When she traps Henry Gale/Ben in the net and turns him over to Sayid, does she recognize him from when he stole Alex?]

On the other hand, Claire is “totally batshit bonkers creepy-skeleton-head-baby-lovin’ super crazy” and is actively hunting the Others… I mean a bear trap versus a net? I’d totally prefer to be caught by Rousseau! Claire is definitely being manipulated by her “friend”/ Flocke/ MIB and her “father.” @Anonymous - I’m not sure if these are the same entity, but if they are, I think it appears to her in two different forms, not that she sees her dad while Jin sees Locke. She spoke of them as separate entities, so if she saw her father she would have introduced him as her father, not her friend. Also, if Ilana is right, he can only be seen as Locke right now.

@JS – as a Taurus myself, I think Jack would be more likely to have a temper with angry outbursts than tears ;-)

@Fred- I wondered if Jacob lied about someone coming to the island. He seemed satisfied and unsurprised that Jack broke the mirrors… I think his purpose might have been sneaky and twofold- get candidates out of the Temple before Flocke arrived and to have Jack destroy his spying-lighthouse (splighthouse?) to prevent anyone else from using it.

v said...

@Nikki "Jack suddenly seems interested in that appendix, like he’s had another flash of the other reality where it came out more recently."

I was also wondering if a hospital surgery scar would be different (three small cuts) from an island surgery scar (one long cut)?

Marebabe said...

@Deb: Happy Birthday for yesterday!!

Ali Bags said...

I am getting more and more nervous about Hurley being in a red shirt - when Jack went batshit in the lighthouse I thought he was going to push him over the side!

I love all the nods to the fans in this episode:

'How is it that we have never seen it before?'
'I guess we weren't looking for it.'

'I'm not big on secret plans.'

In fact, this episode is all about looking. Claire looking for Aaron, Kate looking for Claire, Jack looking for his Dad's coffin in the AU, Jack looking for David, Jacob saying that Jack has to find whatever he needs to do himself.

It sounds like when Claire was taken to the Temple she wasn't tortured but 'tested' in the same way that Sayid was. Still can't work out what all that is about though.

Just as I was starting to like Jack, he behaved like a douche again! Although I must say AU Jack is quite cute (never thought I would say that)

Rufus said...

Yeeesh!!!!!!!!!! I was expecting an innocent dolly taking Aaron's place in the cradle, not skull baby. I just want them to make Claire better.

I rewound and froze the dvr numerous times to make sure I wasn't seeing things in regards to #51. So what is Kate to that list if she isn't on the short list of candidates? Is there another job Jacob had in mind for her?

Brian Douglas said...

I wonder if the headings that Michael and Lapidus had to follow were their candidate numbers.

Gillian Whitfield said...

Doesn't Claire remember how she abandoned Aaron in the tree when she went off with her dad? I guess not having any contact with anyone except someone in the form of John Locke, doesn't really help her cause.

The flash-sideways was . . . ehh . . . so-so. Nothing really happened other than finding out that Jack almost had a son, and they almost had the same relationship as Jack and Christian Shephard.

Last week's episode trumps this episode, hands down no question.

JS said...

@Trace: When did OriginalJack get a neck wound like the one we saw on SidewaysJack?

I don’t think he ever got that wound. I think it is either reminiscent of Daniel’s wound, or (my bet) it is reminiscent of the red Penny found on Desmond’s neck when he was consciousness travelling. They were looking in a mirror, as he was getting dressed to see her dad, and it was left over form when he “woke up” in a pool of his own red paint.

Fred: Nice parallel with the underwater station named, "The Looking Glass". Both the Looking Glass Station and the tower (with its lookingglass) were to guide people to the island.

Nice. Thank you for pointing that out. And I firmly believe that MiB was the one who didn’t like technology – everything from disdain for the others use of housing to other examples I cannot remember right now – and the in many ways MiB has been passing himself off as Jacob to the Otherton/camp others. We know that Jacob knows what has happened/has been off island. There is no evidence of MiB knowing anything that he didn’t pick up on island. That whole mind reading trick comes in handy.

JS said...

More thoughts on Claire
- Malkin said that she had to raise him, her GOODNESS had to be an influence on him. Maybe he saw her as infected, and Kate carried some of her goodness???
- Justin does say she doesn’t remember the events quite correctly, and we can assume she went through the same thing Sayid went through, and that it wasn’t just for fun.
- Locke of the black and white creepy eyes was in Claire’s spooky dream. Guess who is BFF’s now??
- What manifestation of Claire visited Kate back in LA begging her not to bring Aaron back?

That last point is one of many examples that the visions on the island serve multiple purposes/are from different entities. Smokey doesn’t seem to have any power off island (he is trapped) and does things on island, and embodies corpses on the island that haven’t been buried. We’ll have to go through all appearances (suit Christian v. business casual Christian, black horse, Yemi, Dave, Horace, etc. etc.) and separate dead on island from not dead, buried v. not buried, in order to decipher origins. Cool, now I have a project to occupy me during work hours.

asiancolossus said...

I think I liked last week's episode better in terms of plot development...sigh...am I the only one who feels this way?

I feel confused that Jacob made such a big deal to get Jack up there only to smash the mirror and have Jacob shrug his shoulders and say "oh well"...kind of reminds me when Eloise Hawking said "God help us all" if Ben doesn't get the Oceanic 6 back and then when Ben doesn't bring them all back everything is all hunky dory!

It is not surprising that Jack has the same daddy issues being a father that he had with his own father.

I thought Claire was the bright light in this episode. Assuming she is alive, how does that explain her last appearance in the cabin with Christian? Does the "illness" enable you to see apparitions/smoke monster/dead people?

I don't understand Claire wanting to kill Kate for "taking" Aaron. I'm so mad at Jin. You'd think if he explained the circumstances, that she couldn't be found, and there were mercenaries on the island wanting to kill them all, you'd think she'd KINDA understand that they shouldn't leave a little defenseless baby in the middle of the jungle??? Why would Jin lie? Is he afraid Claire will kill him? But I love love LOVE new KICKASS CLAIRE...boy she's come a long way baby!

Did it cross anyone's mind that Alt Dogen is somehow more aware of the other reality than our castaways?

So both Jacob and MIB are both recruiting. I have a feeling that it is going to come down to a struggle between Jack and Sawyer leading to the finale. Who is coming to the island???

All in all, I'm not sure what we learned this week. So Jack is sitting on the rock contemplating life...LOL

Joan Crawford said...

@JS - Yeah! I wonder what Claire it was too - the good ghost Claire who now floats around while her body is possessed? I really hope they explain the whole whispers thing and I really really want the Whisper Transcripts to be released. On a side note, I know it will never be answered but I am still curious as to who gave Naomi the bracelet. I know it isn't pertinent to the story but they did make a point of showing us it was from someone.

I was kinda disappointed with the whole "Woah, a huge-ass lighthouse! Why haven't I seen it before?" and the "Maybe you weren't looking for it" lines. Yeah...even if you weren't looking for it - you'd notice a giant lighthouse. Just like you notice a giant foot. I though it was a kinda lame way to explain why we're now seeing this major plot point.

VW: Phocdes


Anonymous said...

I feel I have to stick up for Jack here.

Of course it's frustrating for fans that he broke the mirrors, but I think the writers are showing that Jack tends to do the unexpected and displays more "free will" than some of the other candidates. At first glance, his actions might seem pretty douchey, but on closer inspection, I think he shows that he is an independent thinker. He sees his name in the lighthouse and his childhood home in the mirror, and feels unduly manipulated. Who wouldn't be pissed? Locke was happy to be led around by his nose (read: believed in fate), and that didn't work out so well for him.

Also: Jack is HOT! *What? did I say that out loud*

I thought it was a great episode, with a good balance of action, answers, questions and character development. What more can we ask for?


Anonymous said...

@ Trace:

Hahahahahahahaha! LOVED the *barf* pause. Classic.


Anonymous said...

@ Joan Crawford:

You can see the transcripts of the whispers at "DarkUFO"


Kimberly said...

Lostpedia translates Dogan as saying to Hurley in Japanesse when Hurley told Dogan to go back to the courtyard.

"your lucky I have to protect you. Otherwise, I would have cut your head off".

Maybe Claire did hear Justin say untie me and I'll snap her neck, because she thanked Jin for not doing it.

I think Jin recounted his story about Aaron just as a way to get Claire to let him go back to temple and he was as surprised about her reaction as we were.

I also totally thought it would be Geronimo Jackson on Davids ipod.

Oh and nobody has mentioned Jack's mom finding Claires name in the will. That was pretty cool.

I kept thinking David's mom is AnnaLucia, with his Dark hair etc. and the reason Anna Lucia was so messed up was that she was pregnant when she was shot, right?

frecklesnpt said...

@Aching Hope: I kept wondering thru the show who the ex wife could be. Damn, I think you have it with Juliet, both drs. She had blue eyes,as does David. She also said "maybe we could go for coffee, go dutch" (paraphrasing here), I think we will see it was the first time they met at Med school or something.

Very inconsistent and vague Re: funeral, I assume b/c it is Friday the 24th when Jack picked up David at school, and they flew in on the 22nd, that they did hold the funeral even w/o a body. At first I assumed him rushing home was from airport and trying to get to the funeral, but writers just never showed us the funeral. Maybe b/c then we would have known who his ex-wife was, as she may have come to funeral.

Anonymous said...

Nikki, I feel for you missing the episode Live! That happened to me last season once and I about LOST my mind :)

Our cable did go out last night right before Jack smashed the mirrors, so I guess I missed Kate's name at number 51. My watching Party (themed food and costumes... it's out of control)has been stressing about her not being on the wall, but still had been touched by Jacob.

I think I agree with some of the other posts on here. WHO IS WALLACE? Or, does it matter? Because Jacob is trying to get Jack to get on his "path."

Also, who was pretending to be Claire in LA when she "visited" Kate? As I recall, THAT Claire was very sure to keep Aaron in LA.. where as now, Creepy Claire is desperate for him... Was that Jacob? Trying to make sure Aaron wasn't reunited with his mom now that she's infected?

Nikki Stafford said...

Hey everyone: Just me checking in quickly here... raining outside. It's our last day at the resort and there's a thunderstorm. Is it just me or did the Man in Black just take over my vacation in the last 24 hours?! Sheesh almighty.

Anyway, I can't wait to watch the ep in high def when I get home and see all the great things you pointed out.

Candidates Welcome: Awesome! Love that.

Joan: I totally agree about Claire, by the way. I saw a picture of the baby (it was all fuzzy on my screen) and I'm so sad about it. On the one hand, I could feel a scream rise up in my throat that I had to hold in or scare my kids in the hotel room, but on the other, it just hurt my heart to see that she's so far gone she's recreating the doll. And it's never occurred to her that Aaron's no longer a baby, just like Rousseau was always looking for her baby, even though Alex was 16. So incredibly sad. I know that if anything ever happened to one of my kids (heaven forbid), I'd create a creepy skeleton baby and go completely nutzoid, too. I mean... what mom wouldn't? ;) (I'm actually only half-joking!)

Axe notwithstanding, this Claire was more exciting for me than the laid-back, "Whatever, Aaron's in a good place yadda yadda" Claire that we saw with Christian. I didn't like her at all. But this one is awesome.

Austen is 51 and Wallace is 108... great catches, everyone. Of course, I didn't see those. I agree with the person who suggested Wallace might be Walt.

And as for the lighthouse, does anyone else think it's NOT as ancient as we think and it's just gone up in the last bit?

I mean, after all, now we have the two halves of a magic trick in the Man in Black and Jacob: Smoke and Mirrors.


Unknown said...

I have to think Jacob wanted Jack to destroy the lighthouse. Who is Jacob trying to prevent from coming (or returning?) to the island? Widmore?

Also, after seeing Ben last week in the Sideways scene, and Dogen in this week's scene, I can't help but think that the Sideways reality isn't based on if the plane didn't crash, but if Jacob hadn't interfered.

Ben had been on the island long before Oceanic crashed and we can assume the same with Dogen. Yet in the Sideways reality, it seems as if both have never seen the island.

Maybe the Sideways reality is what would happen to everyone if Jacob hadn't interfered. If Jacob was dead.

If so, then maybe Jacob isn't the "good guy" after all. The castaways in the Sideways reality seem much happier, complete, whole. They have problems, but they deal with them. This scenario is much different than the Island reality, where they are still flawed and tragic individuals.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

So...Claire's friend is NotLocke. Well, my observation is that he only just appeared in Locke's body a "few" days ago after Ajira 316 (crash)landed on Hydra Island. (It is really hard to determine how long they have now been there now, I mean, it was about three days in when NotLocke punched Richard in the throat and lugged him off.) The last episode seemed to take place all during the day after that, and we haven't seen night again...not since that first night that Ben and NotLocke went into the Statue to "talk to" Jacob. Come to think if it, I find that really interesting that we have not seen any more night-time scenes, since so much of the last 5 seasons seemed to take place at night. Sorry for the side thoughts. As NotLocke and Sawyer would say, "Yes, let's get on with it." It meaning Claire's "friend." This means that for the past three years, Claire's friend has not looked like Locke at all. So she either sees him for who he really is, or as some other entity. But she knows him. CREEPY for sure.

I think I am always such a Jack fan BECAUSE of his douchiness. I mean...he is always SO self-important. I was totally blown away at how he didn't seem to think of anybody else and the fact that their names are on that compass too. But that is who he is, and he is needed in that fashion. I keep seeing bits and pieces of growth in him, and then regression. Just like a little kid.

I agree @AliBags...he has really gotten cute. Both in the flash-sideways and on Island. I even told my kids (with my husband sitting right there next to me) while we watched that "he is all mine, and no one else can have him." My kids really think I'm a freak. And it certainly looks like Kate is out of the picture, although he seems none-too-pleased about it. I loved the talk he had with Hurley about his and Kate's relationship. It really reminds me of how little anyone shard about themselves before. Locke never told anyone except Boone about his paralysis, Jack never before mentioned his father to anyone...at least not the fact that he saw and chased his apparition. Everyone is always so secretive...not just the Others.

Flash-sidways world was not very exciting, but Jack sure is calmer over there. "Don't worry Mom, we'll find it." Not having a drink and her saying, "Good for you." Does that mean he had a drinking problem but has beaten that demon, or is it because of his father having a drinking problem and him not wanting to fall into that Christian type of behavior?

I have a crazy theory about the skeletons in the cave. I was thinking the other day that it might just end up being Jack and Claire...siblings. Don't know.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Something else. There seems to be no obvious significance to Kate being #51. The only thing I could think of is it's ying/yang relationship to #15 - FORD.

Rad said...

Has anyone else noticed that Sayid wore white tanktops for the first few season, but he now wears black almost exclusively. Maybe his infection started a while ago.

This probably means nothing but I need something new to the bring to the table, you guys are so good at pointing everything else out :)

WV: cronst
how you feel after long night of chasing shots of whiskey with Killian's beer.

JS said...

Hey - Any ideas on what Jacob was pouring into the spring/pool/tea Jacuzzi?

Jessica said...

@JS- "Maybe she is used to him appearing as different people. Does she see Christian while everyone else sees FLocke?"

Although I definiately think Claire is batshit crazy in some respects (that skull and pelt baby doll made me shiver!) she also seems quite clear in others, mainly in her abilities to keep herself alive and out of the clutches of the Others for three whole years. It seems to me that she made quite a distinction between "her father" and "her friend" as being two different people that she might have seen together at times. This would seemingly debunk the theory that casual/Orchid/cabin Christian was indeed Smokey the whole time. It never seemed right to me that these apparations of Christian were Smokey because the Shepard line seems so important.

Does anyone actually know where we can see a screen shot of the #108 on the wheel? I didn't catch it and that was a question I was yelling at the tv at 10:00 pm along with "who the hell is David's mom!?"

Oh and I totally gave the middle finger to the tv when that "preview" for next week's episode was on... the... time... for... answers... yeah okay! I'll believe it when I see it!

Austin Gorton said...

@Fred: Does Jin really know a secret entrance to the Temple? Or is he trying to buy time?

I just assumed he was buying time, trying to placate the crazy lady.

@V Off topic and random: When she traps Henry Gale/Ben in the net and turns him over to Sayid, does she recognize him from when he stole Alex?

Presumably, she didn't recognize him, or else she'd never have turned him over to Sayid. After all, when she captured him, he no longer looked like Pee Wee Herman and Hitler's hideous love child.

@Brian Douglas: I wonder if the headings that Michael and Lapidus had to follow were their candidate numbers.

That's absolutely brilliant! I'm now wondering the same thing. It would certainly explain the different bearings.

Jacob's dial in the lighthouse has me wondering what happens when he goes through 360 candidates...


Maybe I'm just being an apologist, but I took Hurley's comment more literally: the lighthouse WASN'T there before. Jacob kept it hidden, or only Jacob and the people he tells about it can see it, or something like that, thanks island voodoo or something.

So it's not that the Losties never ventured up to that cliff before; for all we know, they did, and they just couldn't see it.

@JS Any ideas on what Jacob was pouring into the spring/pool/tea Jacuzzi?

Was he pouring something in? I thought he was just crouched near it, washing his hands or something.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Oh...something else I noticed last night. I usually never pay attention to the credits, as it takes my attention away from the action. But Henry Ian Cusick's name is still there as a "mainy"...right after Naveen Andrews and Nestor Carbonell. Either he has a really good agent and is getting top dollar for doing virtually nothing, or something else is afoot. I can only hope...DESMOND.

VW: sheri...what Jacob was putting in the pool/pond.

Colin Murphy said...

I'm a complete novice at LOST and reading all of your comments is like following a guiding light in this haze, but I do have one idea.

Does anyone feel that Jack is going to take Jacob's place and Claire is going to take MiB's due to their relationship. Does that also make Jacob and MiB brothers? Therefore does that make Christian the father of the island because he inherited it from Jacob and MiB's father?

A little bit of a stretch but I thought that would be interesting.

annie _a said...

hello Nikki,

I'm sure somebody already answered this, but I don't want to read 80 comments (working, you know... LOL)

in the last 2 minutes, we saw Flocke come in the tent, and Claire introduced him as "her friend". cue LOST logo.

it bugs me that nobody says his name already!

on a side note, I will be going to Mexico in the same region as you are, and you got me worried about Lost. I assumed that "satellite TV" in the hotel description meant that I was going to be able to watch Lost during my week. but now i'm not so sure.
I'll have to use super-willpower to refrain from going on any Lost sites during that week!

Austin Gorton said...

@annie_a it bugs me that nobody says his name already!

There's clearly some significance to his name; they've been intentionally dodgy about giving it. Clearly, the writers are saving it up for a big reveal.

Unknown said...

re: Tic Tac Toe

Every time I think about Tic Tac Toe, I remember the movie War Games - where they use T3 to teach the computer that global thermonuclear war cannot be won. Therefore, it's not worth playing in the first place.

How about a nice game of chess?

paleoblues said...

108 = Wallace; Alfred Russel Wallace was a contemporary of Charles Darwin and had many insights similar to Darwin’s regarding natural selection and evolution in general. Henry Ian Cusick has portrayed Darwin in “Darwin’s Darkest Hour”. Perhaps Wallace is searching for his Galapagos.

Austin Gorton said...

@paleoblues: Oh, good catch on Wallace.

Was Wallace crossed out? I can't remember. Is it possible the Wallace assigned to #108 is the historical one, who's already come to the island, and Jacob just gave Hurley a coordinate because he was really just concerned with getting Jack's head straightened out?

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I don't think that Jacob wanted Hurley to turn the wheel to 108 because the name at 108 was coming. I think he wanted to ensure he'd have to push past several degrees, to guarantee that Jack would see his house in the mirrors.

JS said...

@Jessica – yes, of course. What I should have said is she may see the body, or she may not, but she somehow sees someone consistently that she thinks of as her friend. It is possible she sees something different than everyone else, or that she sees what everyone else sees, and has a level of discernment. I vote for the former, as that would seem like a good thing to include in an infection.

I agree there are different entities taking on identities, and two candidates are Christian and Claire. Anyone else we have seen multiple times and have reason to believe were being represented differently in different sightings?

JS said...

@Teebore – Jacob was definitely pouring something in there, perhaps to clear it up. I initially thought they might use his ash to do that, but maybe not. And also, brings up our question whether he is corporeal or a specter, what we asked when business casual Christian was able to hold Aaron in the jungle.

Austin Gorton said...

@JS And also, brings up our question whether he is corporeal or a specter, what we asked when business casual Christian was able to hold Aaron in the jungle.

Good point; dead Jacob certainly seems more...solid...than some of the other manifestations of the dead, in the same way Christian always did. Of course, if Christian was Smokey, that makes sense, but we still don't know that for sure. And it doesn't explain Jacob's relative corporeal-ness (assuming it's not just in my head).

Man alive, Christian just becomes more and more of an enigma each week, it seems. He's starting to feel like that last piece of the jigsaw puzzle that we need to see the whole picture.

scrvet said...

The summary of this episode that I read prior to airing said "Hurley tries to persuade Jack to accompany him on an unspecified mission while Sawyer runs into an old friend." Typo or are they trying to mess with us?

Also saw Henry Ian Cusack in the opening credits, but no Desmond appeared.

The Question Mark said...

@Teebore: this is feeding fuel to my previous theory that MIB's true name is not only significant, but instantly recognizable.
i.e. Lucifer or Azrael or something.
Or maybe his true name is Voldemort, & everyone else knows but they're just too afraid to say it aloud. :P

scrvet said...

Where are you going Kate?

I'm going to find Claire.

Oh, OK then. Oh by the way, she may be infected by some evil thing that the guy in the temple warned me about, so be careful.

Elle said...

I like humanebean's theory on MiB/Not-Locke and the having-a-son possibility. To me, this episode contributed to that theory even more.

Smokey/Not-Locke could be the reason
why Moms-who-give-birth-on-island go crazy (Rousseau,Claire) as well as the reason why conceived on-island babies aren't carried to term. Perhaps that is his wrath due to the loss his once-human form endured? He seeks out those that give birth to manipulate them most for his own reasons as he knows that pain best, and how to best exploit it. Seeing Not-Locke appear as Claire's "friend" worries me about Smokey's fascination with the gave-birth-on-island ladies and WHY he's picking them. Easy to manipulate or a pain he knows all too well? Who is Smokey? Gosh- I want to know! :-)

paleoblues said...

@Teebore & Erin: Wallace IS crossed out so I guess he's not coming.

Verf: shiplag .... Why Wallace isn't coming.

Joan Crawford said...

One last thing - I notice Jack has a tattoo on the inner crook of his elbow. It is very colorful and I don't recall ever seeing it in the show before. Did they just forget to blur it out or has it always been there (I know it has been there in RL, I just was sure they always erased it for Lost). A mistake or on purpose or I am crazy and it has always been visible?

Anonymous said...

@ Joan Crawford:

I have looked Mr. Fox/Shephard up and down pretty closely many times, and I can't say that I remember that tattoo. Maybe I should have payed more attention to his elbow ;-)


mgkoeln said...

So so episode in my opinion. I don't like every episode beginning with someone promising a big revelation, then two characters trekking through the jungle for half an hour and then getting the mythology bit in the final three minutes. But lots of interesting stuff anyway.

What this episode seems to confirm is that Claire didn't time jump with the rest of the gang. (Her camp wouldn't have jumped with her from the 70s to 2007 as she couldn't have touched all of it. And also Claire's temple tales fit Dogen knowing about her infection. So he probably was the one "testing" her, while the others were time jumping.) So, are they finally gonna explain to us why some of them jumped and some of them didn't?

@scrvet: They always put the complete main cast in the credits even if some of them don't appear. Interesting, though, that Henry Ian Cusick was downgraded to "guest star" in ABC's press releases but stayed in the main credits of the show anyway. This could indicate that his next appearance is of huge importance but they don't want to give it away by having to credit him as a guest star at the beginning of that particular episode (just like they tried to keep the timing of Michael's return a secret by having him in the main credits right from the beginning of season four although he didn't turn up on the freighter until episode 7.)

Ashlie Hawkins said...

@Joan - I thought the same thing! I was like, "When did Jack/Foxy get more tattoo work done?" I demand to see the flashback episode to explain this! ;-)

Deb O'Keeffe said...

Did you see...when Jack was just starting to clue in that Jacob's lighthouse compass is actually a big ol' list of names--that the name Rousseau was nearby Ford and Jarrah? And that it was crossed out? Wowsa...Rousseau was up for leadership of the island?! And my husband SWEARS he also saw "Linus" on the compass--and that it was crossed out. So Ben's been officially booted off the list of potential leaders, having had his shot and proved himself unfit? Or is it possible that Ben's Dad might have been a candidate (unless he proved a drunken bully)?

Superbad said...

As far as I can tell, Matthew Fox had that tattoo recently. I didn't see it during the first season when he saved Boone from drowning.

I first noticed the colorful tattoo right AFTER the horendous bai ling episode. LOL

Unknown said...

I am not going to read all the comments so sorry if this has been brought up.

Re: Jin and Aaron.

Jin doesnt know the whereabouts of Aaron. Jin was in the ship while aaron was on the helicopter, so he never does not know that Aaron got off of the island.

Also, when Kate agreed to go back to the island she did not want Jack to ask her about Aaron, so the assumption is Kate or anyone else did not fill Jin in with Aarons whereabouts.

who knows, i might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

It was strange to see Dr. Jack Shephard, a "spinal surgeon" pointing to an appendectomy scar completely on the wrong side--as far to the right of his abdomen in the lower right quadrant!!! and from McBurney's point as possible. I'm thinking he went to the same med school as Matthew Fox.

Austin Gorton said...

@Logan: I just assumed that someone (probably Sawyer) filled Jin in as to the events of the season four finale.

Jin was in Dharma with Sawyer for three years; presumably at some point Sawyer told him about how Claire disappeared, leaving Aaron to be cared for by Kate, and how they all got on the helicopter before Sawyer had to jump.

Anonymous said...

It was MIB/Locke who stated that the names were chosen by Jacob as candidates to protect the island.
If he is untrustworthy, we really don't know what they are candidates for.

Jacob told Hurley to say he was a candidate to Dogen, but I don't think we've heard Jacob say what he is a candidate for.

Pat said...

Braveheart's coming to the Island?hehehe...I was waiting for Desmond to appear, since his name was flashed in the opening credits

Fred said...

So Shannon just dropped her inhaler? When Jack and Sayid tortured Sawyer for the inhalers (note the plural) all Shannon had was the single one which was used up. Seeing the remnants of the inhaler was a nice nod to the Comic Con question by Jorge Garcia. And if we can use Comic Con as a guide to possible clues for future episodes, does that mean we'll see Ben as Hugo? Oh, by the by, those inhalers of Shannon's weren't too eco-friendly.

When Jacob says a bad man is arriving at the Temple, that doesn't make me feel to good about Miles, who is still there. But his name has already been crossed off the list in the cave. Will Miles survive? So far he hasn't been given much to do, not like last Season. So it's sadly likely he'll be out of the picture, following Daniel and Charlotte. Our main 815ers are out of the Temple--Kate looking for Claire, Sun with Lapidus, Hurley and Jack admiring the ocean, Jin with Claire--ooh, I forgot Sayid is at the Temple. If he's infected, then MiB will use him.

And for which side is Christian playing? He appeared to Sun and Lapidus in the barracks (nope that wasn't MiB). And Claire distinguishes between her father and her firend. But it was Christian who gave the baby up and took Claire. My bet is he's working for MiB. But what about the Christian from the Mobisode that told Vincent to wake Jack, as he has work to do? Jacob says pretty much the same thing to Hugo about Jack. This is a different Christian (white sneaker one), and is probably a ghost or manifestation of the island. But if it's the same Christian, then MiB has the power to recruit the dead. We're in Zombieland.

Those names of the Losties written on the ledge in the tower seem to be with a different hand than the rest. Also there might have been other names before, but these were erased, and these added. Or it could just be the prop guys wanted us to clearly see them.

Both Locke and Jack have scars on the abdomen indicating something was taken out. Locke's was on the left, while Jack's is on the right--mirror images of each other. Locke, literally was a broken man, while Jack says he was broken and hoped the island would fix him. It did fix Locke, until the MiB used him (Jacob is using Jack). Locke has a case full of knives, while Jack, as a surgeon, uses "knives" in his profession. We hoped Jack would make Locke whole again in the side-world, but Locke was already whole because he had Helen's love. And Jack's reconciliation with David ends the father/son antagonism that existed between Jack and his father.

Since Hurley gave a theory of one of them going back in time and being Adam and Eve, we can probably cross that idea of the list. Adam and Eve will probably be 2 people other than the survivors of 815. Are they a bleed through from the side-world? Might they be Widmore and Eloise from the side-world when the island "sank"? Still we haven't seen Rose and Bernard yet.

Joan Crawford said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joan Crawford said...

They're all going to die. Every one of them on the Island right now. Richard already told us that. He can bop about all through time at will apparently and he saw it. I think people like Aaron, Desmond, Sun's baby, etc.. are where this thing is headed.

Joan Crawford said...

@Fred - Both Locke and Jack have scars on the abdomen indicating something was taken out. Locke's was on the left, while Jack's is on the right--mirror images of each other.

And when they hug, their scars touch. Aw! It's pretty cute to see the giggling and cuddling like that. :D

Alicia said...

Wallace - isn't that the name of the family in "A Wrinkle in Time"?

paleoblues said...

Some thoughts about the lighthouse:

When Jack said “How is it that we’ve never seen it before?” I was thinking because it wasn’t there before. Is it a ruse by Jacob just to get into Jack’s head?

There are names at all positions around the circle. How can someone look in all directions if it’s not located on the highest point on the island?

But maybe that’s another reason why the island is movable. So that it can be maneuvered to see in different directions.

But if it’s always moving, wouldn’t the bearings for each name constantly be changing?

If the bearings are to where each person lived, couldn't use a little geometry and figure out where the island is?

Duke said...

I am liking sideways world.

When Jack went into the room where David was playing I said "Daniel Faraday is Jack's son!" But I know he isn't.

I just assumed Sarah was David's mother but I actually like the possibility that it could be Juliet.

Hurley = awesome.

Renee Jackson said...

New to this, but could Walt be short for Wallace? Could the Others have let Walt leave the island to portect him from Jacob/MIB? Now he is coming back to replace Jacob/MIB?

Superbad said...

I'm really pulling for Walt as Wallace as I've said previously. Maybe Darlton's just fooling us all these years and are planning to bring Walt THIS LATE into the picture.

Maybe they DO KNOW what to do with him after all these years?

The Question Mark said...

@ RENEE JACKSON & SUPERBAD: I really hope you're right, and Walt does come back to the Island to help. Even if he and Wallace are two entirely different people, I'd love to see a boat come sailing over the horizon, with Desmond, Faraday, Penny & Walt coming to everybody's rescue. :)

JS said...

Mgkoeln: So, are they finally gonna explain to us why some of them jumped and some of them didn't?

My theory – dead people can’t jump. Just like Charlotte’s body stopped moving with the time jumping losties, Claire was dead, then infected, and didn’t jump with everyone else.

And I think live people can be recruited, people who died on the island can be infected, and people who arrive dead on the island can be “imitated” by Smokey. I am not quite sure who is doing the infecting. Smokey would be obvious, but not 100% on that one.

On another note, usually by now someone asks where Vincent is. Not sure why he wouldn't be with Bernard and Rose, but the blog felt a little light without the question. I will be the proxy for that person.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to be pretty blase about the fact that Jack HAS A SON. I was like...YOWZA!!! WHAT?!?! Totally didn't see that one coming! Hey, does anybody else think that the boy resembles the high school football hero in "Glee"?? I think they could be big/little brothers. (Or am I the only Lost fan who also is a Glee geek?)

Could it be that when they stopped the construction of the hatch by blowing up the atom bomb in 1977...it changed a lot of things? For instance, now Jack has a teenaged son. He NEVER mentioned a son before, and all of a sudden he's a dad.

Somebody suggested that the "death by ax" scene was reminiscent of a similar (very surprising) scene in "The Shining". Good catch! I remember being shocked and horrified by that scene, long ago. Both victims took it right in the gut.

And yeah, why didn't Jack warn Kate that Claire might not be the sweet little thing they knew and loved? "I gotta find Claire!" "Okay, well, see ya later!" For a spinal surgeon, he sure can be an airhead sometimes.

Enjoying reading all the theories here.

Donna S.

Lisa11171 said...

Who the hell is Wallace Nik?? Yo Nik, who the hell is Wallace???

Sorry Nikki, that name just made me think of The Wire so much. LOL!

Great recap and I'm glad you were able to watch most of it.

paleoblues said...

Some random observations:

Matthew Fox seems really thin in this episode.

No Lennon. Dogen is speaking exclusively in English with Jack. Maybe he gave Jack the new tattoo.

Claire has a stack of children’s books next to her chair as if she has been reading to her “baby”.

Jin is wearing black boxers with red flowers?

Jack’s mom has a bottle of McCutchen.

As Jack and Hurley near the caves there is graffiti that has been covered over on a large boulder near Jack’s head.

If they had time traveled to, like, dinosaur times and then died, their skeletons would be over 65 million years old.

David has a poster for a Meat Coat concert in his room.

When Hurley starts pulling the chain and the camera pans up to the overhead pulley we see it is a nice, new, bright and shiny silver chain.

In the beginning Jack was reflecting on his reflection in the courtyard pool. In the lighthouse he reflected on his image in the mirrors and ended up on the cliff deep in reflection.

Whoever Wallace is, his name is crossed out.

Did Jack marry Gabriela?

Verf: dooprake ....used to clean up your dog's doop

arleece said...

FYI (or perhaps spoiler alert for some): Someone has probably mentioned by now that Claire's "other friend" was evil John Locke.

Austin Gorton said...

@paleoblues: Jin is wearing black boxers with red flowers?

Ha! That caught my eye too. They seemed very...out of place.

arleece said...

One other question: Did anybody else think the baby skeleton looked like it had a crocodile head ala four-toed statue guy?

Jennifer said...

At least I think I now understand what Jacob and MIB were talking about on the beach last season. When MIB sees the Black Rock approaching, he says, "It always ends the same way . . . blah blah, can't remember the rest" and Jacob says, "But it only ends once. The rest is just progress." So the end is when Jacob finds his replacement and the "progress" is the winnowing down of the list. This has been torturing me for months and I'm relieved to have some sense made, as fleeting as it may turn out to be.

Nikki Stafford said...

Anonymous: It was strange to see Dr. Jack Shephard, a "spinal surgeon" pointing to an appendectomy scar completely on the wrong side--as far to the right of his abdomen in the lower right quadrant!!! and from McBurney's point as possible. I'm thinking he went to the same med school as Matthew Fox.

LOL!! OK, I was chalking that up to the fuzziness on my screen! I was thinking, "Wow, I can't even see the scar on his left side, all I can see is a line on the right" but I didn't say anything because I just assumed my screen was too pixelated. But wow, major screwup if that was on the wrong side!

Fred: So Shannon just dropped her inhaler? When Jack and Sayid tortured Sawyer for the inhalers (note the plural) all Shannon had was the single one which was used up. Seeing the remnants of the inhaler was a nice nod to the Comic Con question by Jorge Garcia.

See, the reason I didn't get very excited about the inhaler is because I thought exactly that: that it was the inhaler she'd already used up, which was right next to the cave. It never occurred to me it was one of the filled missing inhalers, which, if it was, why the hell didn't they see it with all of those people crawling around that cave all the time? So I guess for the sake of Comic-Con we're supposed to assume it's one of the missing ones, but that's sort of lame to me. Especially since she used one up right next to the cave and, knowing Shannon, she would have just tossed it into the bushes.

Nikki Stafford said...

Fred: But what about the Christian from the Mobisode that told Vincent to wake Jack, as he has work to do? Jacob says pretty much the same thing to Hugo about Jack.

Good catch, I thought of exactly that scene, too! (See, this is why I need a second viewing all the time... so the things that flit through my head the first time actually make it into my recap.) Yes, there was definitely a connection.

And when they hug, their scars touch. Aw! It's pretty cute to see the giggling and cuddling like that. :D


And you know, now that I think about it, am I wrong about the appendix? I just posted that it was on the wrong side, but wasn't Juliet operating on his right side? She wasn't standing on his left when she took it out. (Geez, can you tell I'm NOT a surgeon?! Oh wait. You probably figured that out long ago.) ;)

Nikki Stafford said...

Alicia: Wallace - isn't that the name of the family in "A Wrinkle in Time"?

Ooh, EXCELLENT catch! The family's name isn't Wallace; it's the boy who's the main part of the story. I think his name was Charles Wallace (Wallace was his middle name, but they always referred to him as "Charles Wallace" in the book if I remember correctly).

Anonymous said...

Jack was looking in the mirror when viewing his appendix scar, so I think that's why it looked like it was on the left side...it was a mirror image (hmmm...those mirrors again...)

Also it struck me last night that Kate's the only one so far whose life hasn't really changed in her sideways life...she's still on the run. She's also, of course, the only one touched by Jacob whose name doesn't appear on the cave and who, presumably, isn't a candidate.

BTW, love your books and your blog!

Nikki Stafford said...

paleoblues: Jin is wearing black boxers with red flowers?

They sell them at the souvenir shop at the Orchid station. Wah-wah-wah...

Fred said...

I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this. But when Hurley and Jack manage to get the mirrors to the 23 degree position and we see Jack's family home, I thought "gosh, we're looking at the side-world." Perhaps, what we see is the alternate realities. We did get to see the church steeple from James Sawyer's past, but so far we haven't had a Sawyer-centric episode (after next weeks most likely, unless there is Charlie-centric one). So maybe the mirrors show alternate universes, thus allowing Jacob (or MiB) to nudge the universe/people in it towards the inevitable outcomes we've seen in Seasons 1-5.

On another note, thinking the mirrors were used by MiB, it reminds me of the magic mirror the evil Queen had in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Then the mirrors would be a reference to both Stephen King (Dark Tower series), and Disney.

S Donk said...

Possible people who could be Wallace:
- Walt
- Widmore
- Aaron

Each one could have a significant impact on this episode. Walt's "gifts" were never fully explained and I'd love to see just how connected to the island he is. If it's Widmore, we'd get to see the parallel btwn MiB/Jacob and Ben/Widmore. And Aaron since he's part of the Oceanic 6 would tie in great and maybe make Claire not so psycho anymore?

Also, my dad made a really good point that Jacob told Jack that someone was coming to the temple. The people who were on the wall/circle thing that weren't crossed off aka Jack, Hurley, Jin, Sawyer are all OUT of the temple now .. except Saayid... thoughts?

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Nikki and Fred- Speaking of Christian from the mobisode, he specifically said, "I need you to wake up MY SON" not "that guy over there"... I think it really was Christian, in some form... and not MiB.

Susan said...

re Jack's son: in one of Jack's flashbacks, the one where he operates on the Italian man, Sarah takes a pregnancy test that comes out negative. Maybe in the FS it comes out positive?

As for Jack's new tattoo, Matthew Fox has lots of tattoos, that aren't always easy to see on the show. Where exactly are you guys seeing this one?

jeremy said...

Did anyone else notice the lack of tatoo on jacks shoulder in AU?

JS said...

paleoblues: If they had time traveled to, like, dinosaur times and then died, their skeletons would be over 65 million years old.

LOL :D Leave it to to Mr. pissed-off-giraffe-in-the-middle-of-the-pacific to come up with another pretty impossible scenario.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the polar bears.

paleoblues said...

@Susan: I first noticed Jack's tatts when he is sitting in the courtyard as Hurley comes out. He's eating a piece of fruit. Tatts are inside his left elbow.

For best shot, check out when he raises his arms when Kate pulls the gun on him.

Karolyn said...

@Nikki. Yes Juliet was operating on his right side.

This has nothing to do with the plot ( at least I don't think it does) but in reference to what David was listening to on his iPod...he says that Jack has never heard of the band. Well obviously Jack WOULD have heard of Chopin, but David would have to answer questions about why a teenager is listening to classical music (as a teacher of middle-schoolers, I can pretty much guarantee that NONE of them has Chopin in their iPod). I think it's Drive Shaft. In season 1, when Kate has a discussion with Charlie about recognizing him, he tells her he was in Drive Shaft. She then says something to Jack about who Charlie is, that he was in Drive Shaft, and if I remember correctly, Jack says he's never heard of them. And if the Charlie in the AU was actually in Drive Shaft (which we don't know for sure), and Jack knew the band, wouldn't he have recognized a "Bloody Rock God"?

WHERE IS SAWYER???? I don't like the fact that Flocke showed up without him....bad feeling about that.

I was convinced that the lighthouse was somehow going to be the statue of Tawaret. Fire inside, open mouth to let the light out, Jacob as the Keeper of the lighthouse, helping people navigate to the island. Alas, I was wrong. But it was a nice theory in my little head.

Karolyn said...

And Jacob wasn't pouring anything into the Nestea pool. He had a stick in his left hand and was swirling it in the water. I just rewatched it in slo-mo.

Susan said...

OK thanks paleoblues. That's one of the tattoos that Fox has had for a while, and you can see it in Pilot when his shirt is off.

Lostpedia has a whole article about the actors' tattoos, including the several that Fox has. So this one that everyone is seeing is one that he's always had, but is rather hard to see due to its location.

JS said...

They are calling it a squirrel baby. No wonder the head had an elongated snout. Ewww

scrvet said...

Somewhat off topic but some people do have their appendix on the other side of their body. It's a normal variant.

Joan Crawford said...

@Susan - we noticed a new one on the inside of his left elbow. He has had it in real life for a while but it has always been blurred on the show - until this last episode.

@Jeremy - Ha! No, I actually didn't notice the complete lack of tattoos. Funny, that.

Joan Crawford said...

D'oh, sorry, I didn't read the rest of the comments.

paleoblues said...

I think it's a boar skull (or at least some other artiodactyl). It's snout has been cut off just behind where the tusks were.

Karolyn said...

@JS that is one big skull for a squirrel. Some kind of mystery island mutant squirrel.
I thought it was a baby polar bear skull.
Where the hell did Claire get that bassinet? And the piece of rebar that she used to open the bear trap? As well as the bear trap itself...hmm...answers, my ass. All I have are more and more questions.
As to the Jin telling Claire that Kate had been caring for Aaron- the last person Jin saw Aaron with was Sun, on the freighter, before the helicopter came. Sawyer had no idea who had Aaron, having jumped out of the helicopter before it got to the freighter. Sawyer swam back to the island, island disappeared, and the helicopter went into the ocean. Neither Jin nor Sawyer actually knew who was taking care of Aaron, unless it was discussed in a conversation that we never saw. Another Mystery of the Universe...

paleoblues said...

@Susan: Wow! You are, of course, most definitely correct. Followed your lead to Lostpedia and there they are, big and colorful as day, I wonder if they have a reason for making them so much more obvious now.

Karolyn said...

And I don't know about any of you, but if I came across a mirror that reflected an image of my house, which was thousands of miles away, and the image changed according to whose name the "compass" pointed to, the LAST thing I would do would be to smash it to smithereens. Attack of Irrational Jack is back! Even if you were pissed that someone had been spying on you, I would think that the sheer strangeness and curiousness of the looking glass would make you look into it for at least five more minutes, before unleashing your wrath, with a brass telescope, on it.
And why did it show Christian's house, not the hospital where Jacob touched Jack? I'm not convinced that #23 is Jack.

Off topic, ginormous kudos to the Canadian figure skater who just lost her mother only a couple of days ago. Having also lost my mother I could never imagine being able to go on amidst such grief and heartache. I cried right along with her. I'm pulling for her to win the gold. Bravo!!!

Evan said...

Great episode!
So I have a theory on Adam and Eve that I don't think has been mentioned anywhere yet.
What if they are Jacob and MiB...?
I don't think we have ever known for a fact that MiB is actually a man? What if that's just the forms we've seen him in. This might lead to explaining the white and black stones found on them?

Target Addict said...

Nikki, I believe that Jack's house (or his ex's house, where his son lives) was #23, not 21. At least I read that in Doc Jensen or another recap post.

Karolyn said...

@Target Addict The ex's house number was 23. I saw that too and just now went back to check. The number 2 is shown and then you can see the 3 for a split second. If you pause it on a dvr you can see it.

paleoblues said...

Actually there's another 3 below it and the house number is 233.

Anonymous said...

I've been assuming that the flashsideways are to an alternate reality caused by the explosion. After last night I'm not so sure. Jack saw a scar that must have been there most of his life, but it seemed a surprise to him. He called mom, who confirmed he'd had it since he was seven. What if that's just this 'reality' adjusting to his discovery? Maybe none of this is actually happening, or not at least in the way we've been thinking. Don't ask me what's really going on though - haven't got a clue.

I've also been thinking about some of the recurring symbols - earth (the Island itself), water - (the temple spring), fire - the pit at the base of the statue - four of the five ancient elements.

I don't think we know enough about why the skull baby is in the crib to know for sure that it's a sign of insanity. Pretty darn creepy, though.

Anonymous said...

And of course I mean three of the four ancient elements.

Smoky could relate to air, now that I think about it.

Karolyn said...

@paleoblues. You're right! The status bar thingy for the dvr that is at the bottom of the screen was hiding it. I rewound it further, the bar disappeared and low and behold, another three. Thanks.

Batcabbage said...

@redeem147: I don't think we know enough about why the skull baby is in the crib to know for sure that it's a sign of insanity.

Very true. Swinging an ax into someone's midsection might be a sign, though.

Counsel said...

I just realized I will be 'out of the US' (in Europe) when the series finale on May 23rd airs... so Nikki I feel your pain....(or will feel it).

I really like "The Lighthouse" episode. Frankly, I had been thinking since last season that the show had--umm--'jumped the shark'--but with this episode at least the island stuff got a bit more interesting.... even if a lot of it being somewhat Hurley centered was for comic relief and didn't exactly seem to move the story along.

I think it's Widemore coming back to the island... are there any other guesses? Then again, why would Jacob be summoning him back?

Highlight: "How is it we never saw it before?".... I think Jack was reading our minds when he and Hurley saw the lighthouse for the first time.

When Claire revealed her 'friend' at the end of the episode it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end... and the show has not done that for me in a long time.

How come Claire isn't so taken aback at Jin's 'command' of the English language? Has she been following the exploits of the DI the past three years.. if so why hasn't she tried to hook up with them before? If she was looking for what 'happened' to Aaron... wouldn't she have tried?

Is Christian also allied with Mib? How did that come about?

where's Desmond and how come the rules don't apply to him?

Since this if my first long rambling post... one final thing... the idea of Jacob being 'bad' and Not Locke/Mib being 'good'.... I guess I can buy into the duality argument that maybe they are one and the same but... has Jacob been directly responsible for killing anyone? We have seen Mib/Not Locke and/or smoke monster reek havoc and kill people in their wake...he/she/it seems pure evil to me; or, is it that Jacob is much more craftier by coming off as the 'nice guy' when he has been playing with people's lives all these years and that's why he's so sinister?

He's even such 'a nice guy' that it does seem that he even reminds 'Not Locke' of 'the rules' as it also seems to me that the 'child' Not Locke saw in the woods is a younger version of Jacob...

oh well... I am going to go stare out at the ocean for awhile.

Unknown said...

@Nikki and Everyone - you are all brilliant and awesome. So many great ideas. Just great reading!

Claire showing the burn/brand on her arm made me think of Juliet's brand on her back. Is there a connection?

Christian evidently still had wandering eyes in the AU since he mentions Claire in his will.

Jack has a spectacular view from his living room!!

@Paleoblues - until your post I thought I may have noticed some new things but it was not to be!! (Jin's boxers, Jack's mom's whiskey choice and Meat Coat!)

@Logan & @Teebore - I drove myself nuts last nite trying to figure out how Jin knew about Kate having Aaron. I then came to the same conclusion, that we just have to assume that some things are discussed off-camera between the characters. Plus, Hurley was in Dharma for like three days so that was plenty of time for Jin to get the whole scoop!

During the lighthouse scene I was very much reminded of Myst Island - the tower, the wheels that have to be turned to certain numbers to reveal the clues, the ocean sounds, the general dream-like feeling - meaningless, I know!

Why are Shephard and Jarrah written in Sharpie on the magic wheel? And it almost looks like whatever was below their names was chiseled off.

Marebabe said...

Nikki, I know I need to catch up on my reading of comments, and someone may have already answered your question about the translation from Japanese, but Anyway... I found this over at DarkUFO, not only for “Lighthouse”, but for every episode so far with Dogen speaking Japanese. In this episode, Dogen said to Hurley, “You are lucky that you are protected. Because if you were not protected, I would cut your head off.” That wacky, nutty Dogen! Not one to mince words.

Anonymous said...

I thought the skull on creepy baby looked like that of a small dog or a fox. (Um...anyone seen Vincent lately?)

Stan said...

When I saw the "squirrel baby" I got the same creepy feeling that I got when I first saw the end of "Psycho." At first I didn't understand what I was seeing, then, "eeewww."

Anonymous said...

well, we see Jack is still having these moments of "ok, how did that mark (scar) get there?" Well, that leads me to think that he will remember all in an episode toe come and will be the catalyst to get everyone together "we have to go back". Now, how they go back, that is still open. Maybe we will see all these people on another time travelling flight (don't think so), or will they find a portal to faclitate their travel. interesting to see how it all plays out...

JS said...

@studiorose - Actually I just read something today that the producers said, for sure, vincent .... well I just realized that might be a spoiler so never mind.

Sagacious Penguin said...

Hi, all! I just put my in-depth analysis of Lighthouse up on my blog:


If you want more to read on LOST, please check it out and let me know what you think!

Now I need to catch up on all the comments I'm behind on here...

Matt said...

I know I'm new and to Nik at Nite's blog, but I'd really like to get in on this discussion.

First off, (besides hello, of course!) I decided to watch The Substitute before the Lighthouse to see if I could catch anything new.

And the only thing that really stuck out was when Locke-Dressed Monster crossed out 4 Locke on the wall. I thought it was odd, since if it was Jacob's list...it wouldn't make any sense for him to go out of his way to cross off Locke. Just an odd gesture for him to do.

So I would agree with JS, that the list of names on the wall is MiB's hitlist as opposed to Jacob's list. This could also open up the possibility that the Littleton crossed off in the cave is referring to Claire, since she's infected/claimed/friends with MiB. I don't think just because Aaron is off the island, he's not a threat.

Thoughts on Lighthouse:

- It's odd that this is the second time Jack looks in a mirror and seems puzzled. Which would reference Through the Looking Glass even more.

One theory could be that the mirrors in the Lighthouse lead to the LA X Timeline. My reasoning would be how the Lighthouse just came out of no where (to the Losties anyways). Plus in the book, Through the Looking Glass, when Alice steps through the mirrors it leads to Wonderland, which you could compare to a different reality.

-The Tic-Tac-Toe game ending in a cats game (draw) and the dialogue that follows really had me thinking,

"Tie again, dude." - Hurley
"Shocker, thats it for me." - Miles
"You hungry?" - Hurley

It "mirrors" the conversation that Jacob and the MiB had in "The Incident." "How it always ends the same" and "You hungry?" That just struck me as funny...and had me over thinking A LOT.

- David Shepherd is also a musician like King David was in the Bible. And David's comment,

"You haven't heard of them" - David

I'm gonna say that he was listening to DriveShaft, because of all the references being made back to S1 dialogue.

So many of fans, have already said this. S6 of Lost reminds me a lot of Season 3 of Arrested Development, where they both reference all these things from the first seasons of the shows.

I know its a different show but the writers seem to have a lot in common with how they cleverly reference details and dialogue previously made. Plus Dalton has commented that the sixth season will most resemble the first for the show. I'm sounding like a broken recorded with this topic. Moving on.

- I love how Hurley's always asking questions the audience is asking.

"Yeah. Whatever happened to you guys. I thought you guys were gonna get married and have like half a dozen kids?"

I mean, wasn't everyone thinking that in the beginning of S1? I was thinking of it all the way until the last two episodes. After "What Kate Does" I don't care anymore about Kate ending up with Jack or Saywer. They both DESERVE better.

Sup, Jacko? Can't say I've missed those sudden outbursts. Just when some characters are making some really good character develop they have to regress. This was the most disheartening thing to see for me this episode.

Anyways, I still have a lot to say but I don't want to kill off the discussion with my already long(and late coming comment.

Joan Crawford said...

@Matt - Locke-Dressed Monster

Hah! That's the best one yet!

crazyinlost said...

@SonshineMusic-"Was anyone else waiting for David to say he was listening to Drive Shaft? hahaha"
Yes! I totally was expecting that, and was a bit disappointed when it wasn't (or was it? He never did say who it was!)

verif word-deffed-how you refer to your poor friend who has a hearing impediment!

crazyinlost said...

@Jazzygirl-"Also, do you guys think that Rousseau was under the influence of MIB? Same thing...a woman with a child...who lost her child...and Claire is acting a lot like her.
I dunno. Hard call."
IMO, I do not believe that Rousseau was infected, but that her crew was, when they went down Smokey's hole. She may have been a little on the crazy side, but I chalk that up to being alone for 16yrs. She didn't just kill people willy nilly, and seem to have a compassionate side to her. Claire is quite different, she has definitely gone off the deep end. Danielle could be reasoned with, where I don't see Claire being resonable at all.

crazyinlost said...

@SonshineMusic" Of course, that could be because it's a Jack ep, but I feel like a whole lot of nothing happened."
Oh, but we learned without a doubt that Jack is important, even though we all figured he was, now we know for sure.

@Fred-I liked what you said about both Claire and Rousseau being obsessed about getting their child back, but I think it is rather amusing that Claire was so aggresive (understandibly) against Rousseau, but now she is doing the same thing for the same reason!

@Susan-Is it weird that I'm starting to like Dogen (as a character, not in a palatable way)..."

Marebabe said...

@Brian Douglas: I really like your suggestion that the headings that Michael and Frank had to follow were their candidate numbers. Now I just want to see their names on that wheel! And also on the subject of numbers, @Lisa(until further notice: good call, observing that Kate’s number 51 is the reverse of Ford number 15. Could be, could be...

@studiorose: Anyone seen Vincent lately? Yow, that stings! Honestly, I can’t imagine Darlton killing off Vincent. The fans wouldn’t stand for it! And since there has already been much creeped-out discussion about the skull baby, I don’t think you’ll mind me pointing out the possibility that maybe Claire actually picks it up and cuddles it and rocks it and sings to it. *Shudder*

@all the ladies discussing Jack’s tattoos: I first noticed the large, red tattoo in S1, when Jack was opening up the Halliburton case full of guns. But I was never able to see it really well until this evening, when I checked out Lostpedia. I had always supposed the red thing was a flower. Now I’m curious about the NEW tattoo he has on the inside of his other arm. Someone needs to add an image of that one to Lostpedia, as well as the small one on his back.

@all the Canadian Nik at Niters: You know I love ya! You’ll like this. My husband and I were talking about Itchy and Scratchy, from The Simpsons. And I wondered what Scratchy ever did to get on the wrong side of Itchy SO badly. And my husband said that Scratchy didn’t have to do anything; Itchy is just pure evil. And I thought, hm, Canadian. ;)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what song was playing in the jeep when Jack was driving to get his son ?

crazyinlost said...

@Teebore-caves-coffin? Why didn't Hurley recognize the coffin if he lived in the caves for a few weeks? It seemed pretty obviously placed in this ep. And for that matter, did they really leave A&E in the caves after they moved in? Seems rather morbid to be living w/skeletons. I was just thrilled they referenced them again!

@Fred-"Boy, both Locke and Jack really do share a lot of personality traits."
Probabally why they don't get along! Ha!

@theothers108-"Also, who was pretending to be Claire in LA when she "visited" Kate?"
Wasn't that a dream Kate was having when she saw Claire?

Anonymous said...

I would've thought that if they had to give him a kid they would name Jack's son Geronimo

Anonymous said...

I would've thought that if they had to give him a kid they would name Jack's son Geronimo

crazyinlost said...

@Lisa(until further notice)-"I agree @AliBags...he has really gotten cute."
It must be the hair! (Ha! Just kidding). Actually I have always been a closet Jack fan, not sure why, but this season and the end of last shows he is willing to grow and learn, and that is definitely attractive! Also, I noticed H.I.C's initials in the regular cast bill also. I have read numerous places that he is not a s6 regular, but only doing guest parts, so what gives? Glad someone else saw that too! And I'm with you girl-more Desmond!!

@Pan-great comparison with 'War Games'!

@paleoblues-Wallace! I knew I recognized that name from somewhere, as in the "Wallace Line" which just happens to dissect the Pacific Ocean just west of Australia! Interesting.

I'm half way thru the comments! Yeah!

Another point for Claire/Rousseau comparison. Claire sees a "friend" in Smokey, and R. only ever saw a 'security system'.

Unknown said...

This episode was really cool.

But I have something on my mind regarding Jacob and the smoke monster.

I personally don't trust both.
But did you ever notice that whenever Jacob is on screen that he is somehow bright? Like he has an aura or something like that? And he has also blond haircolor etc.

So, in a sum for me it seems like the smoke monster is the old evil and Jacob could be the opposite of that.

But that is just what was on my mind yesterday when I was watching the episode.

Unknown said...

The branding of both Sayid & Claire had me thinking back to when Juliet underwent the same back in Series 3.

Rather than a punishment is it possible that this was a test to see if her 'crime' had been caused by being claimed by MIB? If so it would show that the Others have been wary of his presence for some considerable time and been taking precautions to counter him.

M9 EGO said...

Had to post this its from Uncyclopedia , if you have not been there you should ...and look up LOST....

Episodes 5: The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch
At the temple (Yawn!) Jack tells Sayid that the Udders tried to poison him. Sayid is angry. Hurley meanwhile opens several boxes of the laxatives that had been in the guitar case he had been given and starts taking them when Jacob appears. Jacob tells Hurley that he must deliver lunch to the owner of a mysterious lighthouse on the island, he also tells Hurley that Jack needs to go too because this episode is centric on him. Jacob also reveals that this side story will be much more interesting alongside Jack’s flash-inside-out things that are as dull as watching paint dry. We then see these flashes of Jack (not in that way...) in which he tries to sell a piano – dull, dull, DULL!!!!

They leave and meet Kate who is skinny dipping in the creek. Jack tells her she looks hot. Kate tells Jack she fancies Claire. Jack tells Kate that Claire is apparently evil. Kate is disappointed. Jack and Hurley then find Jack’s dad’s coffin from inside of which Juliet rises and says “Ha! You thought I was dead but...” unfortunately Hurley screams “FANSERVICE!!!” and shoots her. They then arrive at the lighthouse which is on the edge of a very dangerous cliff. Jack wonders how they are going to get the food to the lighthouse keeper and Hurley tells him “Dude I read this book once about this lighthouse keeper and his wife. The wife was trying to get lunch to her husband at the lighthouse without the birds eating it, I think they invented a pulley type system...”. Jack and Hurley then create one with Hurley dressing up as a giant rat to distract the birds, Jackass then uses the pulley system to enter the lighthouse with the food and is followed by Hurley.

Inside they discover the operator of the lighthouse is called EARL. They head to the top where they are disappointed to discover that EARL is actually a computer (Electronic Automatic Robotic Lighthouse) . Jack is annoyed that there is nothing there and starts smashing the place up, but Hurley come across a magic mirror with the serial number 109. Hurley and Jack realise that this number is one more than the sum of all the numbers on the show. Jacob appears again to Hurley and is shocked by this telling him “Hugo. I didn’t know you were good at maths?!”. Jacob then tells him that he must get Jack to look into the mirror. Hurley does so with Jack proclaiming “Mirror, mirror on the wall, whos the finest candidate of them all?”, A picture of John Locke appears and Jack smashes the mirror and runs away.

In the jungle Claire brings Gin to her swanky new pad and they feast off one of the others. Claire tells Gin that she is looking for Kate (who she made out with in “Who Kate Does”). When Gin asks why, Claire reveals that she caught herpes from Kate and wants revenge. Gin offers to take her on route back to the temple with the hope of finding Kate. On the way they bump into Locke (or is it?) who tells them that the party is just getting started at the temple and they must arrive before Sawyer who John is having a race with to see who can get there first. With this they all run off into the jungle towards the temple, with Locke tripping Gin up and laughing...

crazyinlost said...

@Donna S.-Actually, I thought David looked like Nik Jonas, but with blue eyes. I asked my 15yr old daughter, who is a NJ fanatic, and a Lost fan, if I was right, and she agreed.

@Susan-"re Jack's son: in one of Jack's flashbacks, the one where he operates on the Italian man, Sarah takes a pregnancy test that comes out negative. Maybe in the FS it comes out positive?"
In my estimation I don't think Jack and Sarah were married any longer than 5yrs. He had just met her when he met Desmond at the stadium, and if you account for training time and actual race time plus the 3yrs Des was on the island, I don't think they could've had a teenager by 2004.

paleoblues said...

Further ramblings from the lighthouse:

How does the lighthouse get light rays to bend around the curvature of the earth’s surface?

It’s the island, silly. It’s a supernatural being. It moves through space and time (or at least makes people think it does). The laws of physics don’t apply.

Man of Science (Me): How does this thing work? It’s driving me nuts!
Man of Faith (My other me): If it works, it works. Stop bugging me!

Man of Science: What is paleoblues talking about?
Man of Faith: (Multiple choice)

a) Who?
b) Does it really matter?
c) I think we can help him.
d) Let’s skip down to the next comment.

Such is my torment!

cum grano salis

crazyinlost said...

Yay! I made it thru all of the comments! (This is a first for me since the season began, so I am quite proud of myself). It only took me, lets see, I started about 2100 last night, and got done about 0415 this am, so only 7hrs, not bad, considering I'm at work!

@Nikki-I cant believe you missed the last few minutes of the show!
That smile Claire gives after she says, "That's not John, that's my FRIEND!" was just sickenly sweet, in a very twisted way! You're right, this Claire is awsome!

I have a few comments to make that I jotted down Tues night. First of all, I liked this ep. I see this whole season as that they are trying to tell a story 'In Addition' to the fact that they have alot of questions to be answered. Darlton has not let me down yet (with the exception of one or two eps that we all know I'm talking about), so I am leaving it in their very capable hands.

Enough ranting. Onto...

Jack has a son! (That one's for you, Donna S.!)

Loved the directions written on Hurley's arm. What, he found a pen, but couldn't find a piece of paper??

"I just lied to a Samarai!" And then Hurley's all stealth-like with Jack. Love ya, Dude!

Why, all of a sudden, is there all these paths going thru the jungle? They're usually just traipsing thru the raw jungle.

How do these people sit thru being stiched up w/o so much as a yelp? I remember getting stiches in college, and I totally flinched away when they were giving me the anasthetic! Can't even imagine being stiched w/o any drugs!

"Does it say anything on your arm about the door being jammed?"

I totally missed seeing Kate's name at the lighthouse-have to go back and check that out. But I'm glad I wasn't totally daft about not seeing her name in the caves. Does that mean she's 'not' on Smokey's hit list? And what's with her being 51? Or is it the inverse of 15, as someone pointed out was Sawyer's no.? But if she's not a candadate, then why did Jacob 'touch' her?

word verif-aingl-haven't seen any 'good' ones of those in Lost!

CBP68 said...

I agree that Claire could see it was not Locke. Sawyer knew it was not Locke. Did anyone read "The Shack"? Where one could see the ultra light crystals that surrounds a person. Maybe the "infected" are really intuitive now and have laser like focus. Maybe the "infection" is a very strong sense of truth serum. I think their senses are super sensitive! Maybe only those that will be infected are the ones that could hear the whispers from the time traveling overlapping travelers? WOW! That's good!

I didn't read all the posts, but will, I don't know if anyone brought up.. When Sarah came to the hospital to check on Jack when he was about to jump, she was pregnant. I always thought it was Christian's baby. Now maybe we see it could be David, and he is Jack's son. I kept checking for clues to see if it was Sarah as the Mom.

I did not like that Christian kept his will so "handy" with info about a parallel family right on his bookshelf! A little too convienient to find. If you were trying to hide another family, you might keep it locked up somewhere!

WV: flogs- "When Hurley saw Ben in his kitchen, he "flogs" his hot pocket at him"

paleoblues said...

Vincent lovers (myself included) relax. At the risk of sounding like I’m lecturing, the most characteristic/diagnostic feature of a mammalian skull is the dentition. Trust me, if you will (have faith), those are not the teeth of a dog.

Also, Claire (I assume) has taken measures to make the skull look more “human”. The snout has been sawed off (she has surgical instruments) to make the face flatter. And, to me, the neatest thing she has done, is place two buttons or rings on the skull’s forehead facing forward like the eyes of a primate.

And the fact that she has a pile of children’s books by her chair and a pile of toys nearby suggests to me that it is truly a “Psycho” baby. Or maybe it’s Rosemary’s.

JS said...

In the interest of furthering our obsession...

Two places I would recommend visiting for a few good laughs(after serious analysis on Nik at Nite of course...)

http://www.theackattack.net/?tag=lost-recap - already in Nikki's blog roll, she does hilarious recaps about 5-6 days after the episode airs. She is an avid fan, so lots of inside jokes, as well as pop references. I think her best work to date is the 6.05 recap. Warning - she likes to make fun of Jack.


http://neverseenlost.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/introduction/ - This guy's premise is that he started watching LOST this season, and is commenting purely from what he sees on the screen – no re-watches, no knowledge of prior seasons, no literary research. Very, very funny, if you can take it all without trying to correct him. Also, tweeted by Damon Lindelof.

Nik at Nite, of course, remains the absolute best for friendly, in depth analysis.

Cousin Brandon said...

Hey, Nik:

I posted my column yesterday morning, which you can find at www.cousinbrandon.wordpress.com, or just click here:


I touch on a lot of the same things as you, but I'm pretty positive David's mother's house number was "233." I haven't rewatched it or looked for a screencap yet.

Also, I TOTALLY forgot about Jack playing piano in the barracks. Nice catch.


TM Lawrence said...

Nikki, several comments:

Jack's anger and destructive tendencies are a refreshing contrast to his nihilistic depressive streak since returning to the island. He does not have the benefit of Juliet’s posthumous assurance that “it worked” and is disillusioned by the seeming futility of all of his fatalistic actions since coming back to the island–his breaking of the mirrors is insurance against further manipulation of himself AND others. There is a sense of an inverted "ascent into hell" of dishonesty (illusory smoke/mirrors/deception/hidden agendas) which reaches its zenith in the lighthouse: after "breaking through", his path should be a meditative but no holds barred quest for clarity. Staring at the sea is a good start.
The significance of the mirrors and the lighhouse are manifold:
1) The mirror in any story referencing Alice is suspect for corruption of reality and Jack is well-versed in the story in both timelines. He specifically mentions the kittens Kitty (black = Red Queen) and Snowdrop (white = White Queen) to David. This is a nod to the endgame now afoot;
2) The lighthouse represents honesty (a beacon of truth) which was the prevailing theme of the episode, with the exception of Jin’s “white lie” to protect Kate. The mirrors were casting false reflections and Jack’s current mission is procuring honest answers;
3) Virginia Woolf’s “To The Lighthouse” is the must-read subtext for the father-son alienation and reconciliation covered in this episode, with several other tie-ins (a boar’s skull, impermanence of beauty, freewill, staring into the sea, and stream-of-consciousness story-telling) that relate to the broader texture of Lost.
4) Finally, and I think this is the core summation of all the subtle literary allusions scattered across the seasons: "Ulysses" and "The Search for Lost Time" (Mittelos) and now "To The Lighthouse" are all intentionally driving us to acknowledge "Stream of Consciousness" within and without Lost. In the Outer Limits of that title, Ulysses is prominently featured, a father figure drops a line identical to LA reality Dogen's comment regarding the anguish of watching a child knowing you can do "nothing to help", and the importance of READING books rather than relying on passive on-line synopses is the key message.

Jessica said...

Donna S. said... (Or am I the only Lost fan who also is a Glee geek?)

Definately not! Glee just makes me smile cause it's funny as hell! It's like sour cotton candy tv!

Evan said...
So I have a theory on Adam and Eve that I don't think has been mentioned anywhere yet.
What if they are Jacob and MiB...?
I don't think we have ever known for a fact that MiB is actually a man? What if that's just the forms we've seen him in.

Bravo Evan! I didn't have the guts to mention this last week, but I have been trying to play out the theory in my head, but I'm glad someone else is also thinking of it!
It was FLocke's speech to Sawyer about being a man once and all of his feelings that triggered it. It seemed very womanlike, pouring out of feelings, that you don't normally associate with the male gender. I've noticed that at other times as well that the delivery of FLocke's lines are more emotionally turbulent than what I would expect from Lucifer or some other super powerful being.

Highlighting the black/white, yin/yang, light/dark... what if it's not good/evil, but male/female?

This would also shed some light on little jacop/aaron/jungle boy, tawaret, and the others' fertility issues. There is little more powerful than the love of a mother for her child and through some loss of that child (death or Jacop changing beliefs and challenging his mother's??) it solidified that mother's vengence? Causing infertility on the island's inhabitants! Could FLocke be Tawaret?? Could that vengence be the reason why her statue is no longer standing?

Aahhh, brain overload...

Joan Crawford said...

@JS - "Don't tell me what I can't rue."

LOL - Ack is a funny, funny lady.

myselfixion said...

In Hinduism, the concept of multiple universes is mentioned many times in Puranic literature. The parallel universe concept might be the key here. The Flash-"sideways" scenes might actually be a parallel universe with the same characters just alternate ways of interacting between them. Jack reads "Alice.." to his "son" in both. Jack meets Dogen in both. Kate helps Claire with her pregnancy in both...etc. Do you see where I am heading with this? it is hard for me to translate from my thinking to a comment.

Joan Crawford said...

@Myselfixion -Flash-"sideways" scenes might actually be a parallel universe with the same characters just alternate ways of interacting between them

I think you're right and I think at some point in time, the two lines will merge. The characters in AU are becoming "aware" of something being off - I think eventually, they are going to meld together with their other selves - like a the end of The Dark Crystal!
I think it was Teebore who said something along the lines of the bomb allowing the "divider" between the two universes to be removed. He can explain it better than I can but his idea was that both of the universes always existed. Sort of. I guess.

Austin Gorton said...

Ha! Thanks Joan.

Basically, back when we were talking about the premiere, the analogy I used was instead of Daniel's "big rock (Jughead) causes the river of time to split into two rivers" analogy was that both rivers (Island reality and Sideways reality) had always existed and that Jughead just acted as the bulldozer that cut a path through the land separating the two rivers.

So now, thanks to that path, we (the audience) can see the Sideways reality, and the events of the Island reality are starting to crossover and seep into the subconscious of the Sideways reality characters. Culminating, I imagine, in them trying to go through that path into the other reality.

(I also theorized that Desmond was able to walk back and forth across that path into both realities because the rules don't apply to him, and because I like him, but that's neither here nor there at the moment).

Fred said...

@T M Lawrence: Agree we should all read many of the books mentioned on LOST, but also read many not mentioned but implied. Because the metanarrative of LOST relies on an unreliable narrator, it is difficult to identify any focal theme or influence with any certainty. Take your equation of "mirrors" as symbolizing "the corruption of reality." I can equally read mirrors as presenting the truthfulness in reality--Charlie's staring at himself in the mirror illustrates how he sees himself for what he really is. On the other hand, mirrors can represent a portal to other dimensions, or idealized worlds, given the image in the lighttower's mirror reflects Jack's family home seen in the episode (is this the home in the alternate world?). As I pointed out above, the mirror may also be a reference to Disney's Snow White, used by the evil Queen to identify, "who is the fairest of them all." Such a reading posits that the MiB used the mirror to identify candidates most likely to threaten him.

I do like your tie in to Virginia Woolf, Proust and Joyce. But I could equally see LOST as Beckett's Godot, the first 5 seasons being a waiting game by the audience for this mysterious figure Jacob. I still find it startling many of the main characters have no idea or have never heard of Jacob. Unlike Beckett's play, LOST finally does give us Godot on an island, according to Ben, God does not see.

The trouble with interpreting LOST is that most anything can be plugged into the show and result in something meaningful. Much like Simpsons, LOST revels in pop culture references along with Harold Bloomsian literature choices. Is Homer's relationship with Bart a pale imitation of Christian's with Jack? So far there has not appeared any blue haired mother figure. In the long run, LOST, like a Shakespearian play can, be enjoyed at all levels, for its dynamic plot reversals and mystery, to erudite references and narrative devices. As an example of post-9/11 drama (much like 24, Sopranos, and West Wing)LOST reflects our times while shoring up a past culture through its writers drawing on themes, narrative methods, and symbols from past literature. But we should not forget that LOST is also media styled narrative, and it operates in many ways like buddy war movies (The Naked and the Dead comes to mind).

On Dogen's line of being unable to do anything but watch, I feel this is also reflective of Christ's life. From an existential point of view, Christ's life is one which he would have to work out, without God's assistance, towards its inevitable conclusion. Pursuing a Kierkegarrdian perspective, god's absence does not imply the death of God. Thus, on the island, there is no Deus ex machina which will help Jack or Hugo or any of the others. LOST maybe, and probably should be, read as a Kierkegarddian allegory of humanities fate in this world and the search, perhaps failed search, for meaning.

Unknown said...

MiB Vs. Jacob

This show is all about things that aren't what they seem. We also see and hear a lot about long cons.

I think the longest con of them all will be Jacob pretending to be good. I think he'll end up being the "bad guy," or at least the guy who manipulated the Castaways to do his bidding.

Was this manipulation bad? I think so. The Sideways reality shows what the lives of those on the island would be if Jacob hadn't interfered (is this the reality if Jacob had been killed by Ben's hand?).

Yes, the Castaways have problems in the Sideways world, but we see them dealing with them, overcoming them.

To put in terms of a theme that runs through early U.S. literature: they don't just endure. They prevail.

Jack mends his relationship with his son.

Kate, while on the run, helps Claire.

John comes to terms with his paralysis and enjoys life with Helen.

Austin Gorton said...

@Pan: Hmm. While I'll certainly concede that in the end, Jacob could be revealed to be nothing more than a manipulative SOB as bad in his own way as MiB, I'm not yet willing to think of MiB as the good guy.

For one, I have a hard time getting behind someone who seems to kill as casually and indiscriminately as Smokey. For another, we know Smokey lied to Claire about the Others having Aaron, and, if we assume that the Christian who visited her in the jungle is either Smokey or in cahoots with him, then MiB orchestrated the separation he's now using to manipulate Claire.

So for me, it seems unlikely that MiB is a good guy whose image has been sundered by Jacob's press. Which isn't too say they couldn't both be bad guys with different approaches (or good guys with evil methods) fighting over the island.

Lost rarely likes to paint in broad blacks and whites, after all.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Thank you, @JS...I was just about to post: http://neverseenlost.wordpress.com/2010/02

This guy is hilarious!!!!!!! I went to his site after he was tweeted by Damon. Don't know, or even care if he's ever seen season 1-5, reading this is LOL funny...like watching Modern Family.

Karolyn said...

@JS Ack Attack is AWESOME!!! Her Benry Knows Best comics are funny and sometimes sad. "Benry" is a based on Ben, and is a combination of Ben and Henry (Gale). And the recaps really are hysterical. And she makes fun of Jack sooo much, as well as his "jears" ( Jack's tears). Well worth the read.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has brought this up but I'm thinking that only "candidates" can time travel on the island. That's probably why Claire didn't - she'd already been "claimed" and off the list. That could be why Sun didn't go back to 1977 either - maybe "Kwon" on the list only refers to Jin. Did anyone see Burke, Faraday or whatever Charlotte's name is on the list?

-Tim Alan

LJV said...

One question? Where's Vincent?

LJV said...

@rad "Has anyone else noticed that Sayid wore white tanktops for the first few season, but he now wears black almost exclusively. Maybe his infection started a while ago."

I was thinking about this the other day when I happened to be up late and they had a rerun on from last season. Remember the episode where Sayid helped Hurley escape and got injured? When Hurley's mom came home she asked who the dead man on the couch was and she said he wasn't breathing. I started thinking that he may have been close encountered from that moment on....just can't formulate anything after that.

snoochies said...

Love that Jacob tells Hurley that he might need a pen and that's exactly what Hurley gets - couldn't have asked for some paper too lol

dan said...

ok, so the redemption theme is bothering me a bit in regards to Sayid (sorry about going off topic). People who lament their lives seem to be spared on the island, while those who do not learn from their ways suffer. So what's up with Sayid? He knows what he did, he keeps saying that he was wrong and deserves his fate and seems to do so without irony. He may be unique, are there any other repentant people like him on the show? He doesn't want ot do bad things, but in the end he's practically an angel of death.

And now he may be dead, may be a villain or may be on Smokey's side.

Fred said...

@LJV: Vincent is out in the jungle burying the rest of the skeleton that we saw in Claire's homemade baby crib.

Not seeing Vincent seems to be eighter good or bad. Often he just doesn't turn up. But at times he's not a good influence. He seems to lead people in the wrong direction--he ran away on Shannon when she got shot by AL. And he ran away on Walt when Walt was attacked by the polar bear. But he's been good with Rose and Bernard. Is Vincent, Smokie? Does a small puff of smoke appear when he barks?

Gillian Whitfield said...

I think that Claire sees the Locke-ness monster as the man who was antagonistic to Jacob all the way back in the 1800s.

And I almost screamed twice during this episode: when they showed Claire's "skelebaby" and when she axed Justin.

VW: Silith: A Shakespearean way of saying silly.

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