Friday, February 12, 2010

Stuff for a Friday

I wish I'd found these before the premiere... I think we should totally print these off and use them when watching. This is from Sci-Fi Wire (where you can find more cards), but I saw it first at Crissy's Tumblr page.

My fave? The square where "Someone is cryptic when they should be direct." We'd have all had that one marked off this past week!

My DocArzt column went up late yesterday. I try to make a case for why we should be a little easier on "What Kate Does" (while deep down I know this will be one of those episodes I'll have to "get through" on a rewatch... but don't tell anyone I said that).

While I try to keep things light on the blog, I sometimes move into the realm of sappy... and that's usually when I'm talking about my kids. Like this time, for instance. But I was thrilled yesterday to find out that my husband can be just as sappy as I can. While I usually don't use his name (nor do I post pics of my kids) I can't resist sending you over to his golf blog today to hear him tell a story about our favourite teddy bear. And you'll get a glimpse of my sweet little 2-year-old man that I talk about on here.

And speaking of kids, I must share what my daughter said the other day: as we were pulling away from my son's daycare, she commented on the cutouts on the window: "Mommy, if Valentine's Day is all about love, why do people keep putting up pictures of fairies holding weapons?"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, the wisdom of the young.

And finally, I have good and bad news for Lost fans who follow my posts. On March 9 I will be in the UK, and won't be able to see the new episode (and I'll be busy on the 10th so I can't actually download it and post late). So there won't be any post that day. BUT... so as not to disappoint, I'll be watching your comments in the coming weeks and I'm going to choose a couple of people to guest blog in my absence. So keep those Lost comments coming week after week, and I'll contact a few people to see if you're interested in being Nikki for a day. Because, as we all know, it takes three people to do my job.

(OK, seriously, I'm only saying 3 people so that you guys get some different perspectives on everything and that no one person is pressured to write a REALLY LONG post.)

And while I'm at it, I'll mention that I'm heading off to sunny (I hope) Mexico next week from February 18-25, but we've actually chosen a resort with wireless in the rooms and satellite TV so I'll still be able to post. Yep. THAT is how much I care about you guys. I promise to be thinking about all of you as I'm swimming in the ocean and sipping Mai Tais on the beach, because that is just the kind of considerate person I am. ;)


Unknown said...

"Mommy, if Valentine's Day is all about love, why do people keep putting up pictures of fairies holding weapons?" - this quote makes my day. LOVE IT.

Ashlie Hawkins said...

A great post by your hubby and what a sweet little boy you have! I love the way little kids smile for pictures - say cheese!

humanebean said...

What a cutie! Liam looks adorable hugging his li'l buddy - there's a photo that you can blackmail him with to keep his grades up in high school someday!

Joan Crawford said...

Liam looks so much like you! Eeeee! That's a cute baby! Have fun in the UK and in Mexico :D

Joshua said...

That is one handsome little dude you have there, ma'am. What a sweet story, too! I've visited Pebble Beach myself, and it's utterly breathtaking, as is pretty much the whole of the Monterey Peninsula.

Definitely playing LOST Bingo, provided I can see the card after playing the LOST drinking game. Are you familiar?

Genevieve said...

Umm, are you going Sydney Bristow on us and using an alias?

From your hubby's blog:

"Robert lives in Toronto with his wife, Jennifer, and their daughter, Sydney and son, Liam."

Marebabe said...

NIkki, I enjoyed reading your husband's blog. And as soon as I saw Liam's picture I thought, "He really COULD have played Baby Aaron!" Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

This is my 1st visit here which I cam across after reading your Doc Arzt column. True this episode slowed the pace down a lot but it was important scene setting for the next few episodes.

I just hope Sayid isn't infected as he's one of my favourite characters.

Was good to see Ethan too!


Courtney said...

Mexico and the UK - good for you! get out of cold canada for a bit! I'm having a dilemna on how to watch Lost in Cayman in March! I might have to break into a hotel room so I can watch it... we don't get abc on our tv.

Love your lost posts... I've only started reading in the last couple of months. all the best!

Happy Valentine's Day - even if the fairies are holding weapons :-)

JS said...

Nikki - you are so considerate. Thank you for thinking we can not possibly get through the week without your blog. And if that sounds facetious, it most definitely isn't meant to be. I mean it. It might sound crazy, but there you go.

Sagacious Penguin said...

@ Genevieve

Aliases are actually very common. You may be shocked to discover that my real name is IridescentPigeon!

Nikki Stafford said...

Genevieve: Sigh... nah, I hate to admit it, but my husband's just a heavy drinker. He tied one on and wrote up his bio, accidentally calling me after his old girlfriend. I just don't have the heart to tell him to change it.


Nikki Stafford said...

Marebabe: I KNOW!!! See what I mean? He's TOTALLY Aaron. Sigh... I wish we could somehow get him on the show for the new 2004 reboot... do you think they'll carry that timeline up to where Aaron is 2? ;)

JennM said...

Hi Nikki

Your son looks a lot like you! He's a real cutie, and he could play Aaron for sure! As a matter of fact, I think that they should let him cameo on a show where Aaron is two, because, well, you do such a great job of blogging about their show and all:)

As well, regarding your husband's drunken ex-girlfriend name-dropping over on his blog: As you know, a certain London friend of yours is in a book club with me (yes, a creepy book club, just like the Others' book club…lol), and I believe she also confuses your name A LOT. LOL!

LoyallyLOST said...

Ahhh, sunny Mexico. Went to Cancun last August~hated it! Can't even sit on the freakin' beach without someone wanting to sell you something & not taking no for an answer! But, I diegress!(sp?)Sun, sand, tropical weather. JEALOUS!
You cannot possibly tell us you are going to miss an episode!!! Seriously?! Well, believe me~we will all keep you informed & up to date. I don't know, tho....none of us ever have anything to say or an opinion to post.(She says, dripping with sarcasm!LOL!)
I haven't gotten to read the blog yet, but will soon.
Adios & have mucho funno in Mexico! Hey, I made a rhymo!
*We'll hold down the fort for ya!*

LoyallyLOST said...

Well, just read the golf blog & about melted at how cute Liam is! Aaron, er Liam is A D O R A B L E!
If you take the 17mile drive(I think that is what it's called)from Monterey to Carmel, it is one of THE most gorgeous drives! Beach, multi-million dollar homes & that oh, so famous Cypress tree!
By the way, Tom Watson is from Kansas City. Pretty famous, I guess. But, that sweet little Liam. He looks as cuddly soft as his wittle friend he's holding! Looks JUST like you, Nikki! No, that's a GOOD thing, now! :-)

bowlhed said...

Oh how I wish I was worthy to take over your blog for a week!

Your son looks exactly like I did as a kid - well played!

I do hope you enjoy your stay on our wonderful Island ;)

The Question Mark said...

LOL...Nikki, you should write a book "The Wit & Wisdom of My Daughter", and publish all of her quotes. That fairies with weapons is gold!

EvaHart said...

Your son is adorable! :) Definitley an Aaron lookalike!

Have a great time in Mexico and the UK, hopefully it will have stopped snowing here by then! ;)

Anonymous said...

Also where you heading to in the UK? I live there so can give you some tips of where to visit if you have time!

Austin Gorton said...

Your daughter is wise beyond her years. I love it!