Tuesday, February 09, 2010

While You Wait for Lost...

UPDATE: I totally got a shout-out on today's EW PopWatch Lost update blog! A "top-notch Lost blogger," me is. Woohoo!!

In this week's edition, the Ack Attack is back, and she hasn't lost her bite one bit. Be sure to check out Rachel's hilarious recap this week, where you can find awesomeness like this:

Airline Employee #2: Give me that microphone you little – Oceanic Passenger Jack Shephard, please report to the Baggage Area immediately.
Airline Employee #2: Will you give me that *clicks off intercom*

And because All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Corpse Issues, the airline informs Dr. Shephard that not only did they lose Christian’s coffin, they don’t even remember where they put the damn thing!

“It’s always in the last place you look, isn’t it? lulz!”


Or this, the imagined note that the Japanese guy reads when he breaks the ankh:

Go here to read the entire recap.

After you've read that, go check out Matt Roeser's blog on his finale party. This guy's finale parties are the parties to end all parties... I wouldn't dare hold one just because I know he'd totally out-party me any day. First, a reminder of his costume for the S4 finale party:

Why? Because I will take ANY opportunity to post this photo again and again... Matt is the dead pilot on the right, and his friend is dressed as the sonic fence... with the keypad on his crotch. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, I think this is THE single funniest Lost-related image I've seen. Every time I see it I burst into laughter. It never gets old.

Anyway, on Matt's blog, he's posted links to a very complicated, eerie, and professionally shot movie he's made... wait for it... as the INVITATION to the S6 party. It's insanely good. (And I'm assuming we're ALL invited, right Matt?!) ;) But if you go, you have to be REALLY thoughtful about those costumes. Matt was the Frozen Donkey Wheel last year (you have to go and see the photos to believe it) and here are some examples of other costumes. Here's Montand minus one arm:

LOLZ!! And the heavily eyelinered Richard (natch) as he displays the objects on the table. Haaaaaaahahaha!

I LOVE THESE. I can't wait to see the pics for the S6 party. Matt, you are insane. Insanely AWESOME. Go here to see Matt's blog and watch his movie.


asiancolossus said...

that is mega creativity in action!

JS said...

@Nikki - I LOVE the Ack Attack. Even though I actually like Jack, her hatred of Jack is high-larious. I do not drink anything while reading her recaps.

JS said...

And Jacob's note!! That alone was worth the wait!

Joan Crawford said...

I too love the Ack Attack! I miss those "check a box" notes! Always with the sad and hopeful 'maybe' tacked on the end.

Ali Bags said...

I love the Ack Attack for many reasons (jeers) but particularly for liberal use of the words DOUCHE and DICK.

Respect girlfriend.

Gillian Whitfield said...

I LOVE the Ack Attack! My favourite recap of hers so far is a toss-up between "Meet Kevin Johnson" and "Through the Looking Glass". So funny!

Joan Crawford said...

Congratulations on your shout-out!

LittleMo said...

I'm in the UK and we get to see Lost on Fridays so haven't seen episode 3 yet - so I close my eyes as I scroll down through your posts for that.
And then I don't have sky either so have to wait for a friend to copy it for me to watch.
So...........my comments are a bit old (sorry) but hopefully still relevant.
I have put them up here in the hope they will still be read as if I post them against the episode 1/2 entry they might never be read :-(

anyway - on to the serious stuff.

Nikki you have started a section called answers. Great idea but I think I disagree with you already. About the 4 guys smokey killed in the temple. Didn't Locke say to them " who are you guys, Jacobs bodyguards?". So to me that means he didn't really know who they were and was just suggesting that they are bodyguards as a joke.

Also I think they have stopped subtitling the foreign languages (Japanese guy at temple) because they don't want us to know what he is saying.

I love your mock up of the note that was in the ankh - great, thanks.

Why couldn't Juliet have been taken to the temple to be save - boo hoo.

I wonder if someone is going to do a Dallas on us (for those of you old enough to remember) where at the end of a whole season Pammy comes out of the shower and says to her husband - I just had a terrible dream, and then blew away the events of the whole season. Maybe thats what the none crashed plane is - just a big dream of someones. Or is it the other way around and everything else will turn out to be a dream - all 6 seasons of it !!!!!

Lets hope the two groups on the island can get together so that Sun is reunited with Jin.
And then in season 5 Richard said to Sun - "I saw them all die !!"
I don't think we are in for a happy ending here folks - much as I would love one.

Ack said...

Thanks for the linkage, Nikki, and congrats on your EW shoutout!