Friday, February 26, 2010

Haiku Catch-Up: "What Kate Does"

I posted haikus for "LA X" and "The Substitute" but I didn't have one up for "What Kate Does," and then Batcabbage posted some particularly hilarious ones for that episode. So I realized I really should open up the floor and if anyone has any good Claire/Kate/Arzt ones to add here, add away! First, the night of "What Kate Does" some other people posted haikus on that ep while it was still airing, so I took them down just in case they might be deemed spoilery by anyone else, so here are those ones:

Disappointed with
this episode. What was wrong?
No Richard Alpert.

All through six-oh-three
I bet you all were thinking
WHERE IS Man in Locke???

Sonshine Music:
Add Ethan Goodspeed
To my growing creepy list
Of palatable ;)


In lieu of writing my own on this ep, I'm just going to re-post Batcabbage's instead because there's no WAY I could match them. :)

Hey, I’m walking here!
Don’t run me over , strangely
Terrified Cab Man!

Held me at gunpoint,
Abandoned on the roadside.
…Wanna be my friend?

What is in the pill?
Herbs, roots, all natural things.
…and COUGH! poison COUGH!

That pill’s for Sayid.
Don’t make me use the Heim- WHACK!
What did I just say?!

I’m outta here, Kate!
Don’t you … She’s following me,
Isn’t she? Dammit!

What’s the plan, Sawyer?
I’m in! Wait, where are you…? I’m
Coming anyway!!!

Hey, you! Mechanic!
Use your tools to take off my…
Were you in Buffy?

Hurley’s our leader
Now that he sees dead folks and…
Hey, wait a minute!


Batcabbage said...

Ha! Thanks Nik. I love Lost haiku. Batkitty doesn't quite get it. I read them out to her, and she looks at me for a moment, and then says 'That's weird. You're weird.' And then goes about her day.

Here's a couple more:

Wanted my baby,
And now you don't. Ever heard
of a phone, lady?!

Hi, Ethan Goodspeed., Rom is Quark's brother on
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

vw: thysit - inviting your guest to take their ease, Shakespeare style.

other vw after it said I didn't type 'thysit' correctly: cownish - a Cornish bovine.

Joan Crawford said...
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Joan Crawford said...

What Kate does? What a
waste of a great title, eh?
Didn't do too much.

Ali Bags said...

What Kate does? Has great
hair and runs away again.
Blah blah blah blah blah...