Monday, August 16, 2010

Best Book Cover Ever

As someone who love academic takes on popular culture, I nearly spit my water across my desk when I saw this spoof cover. This is BRILLIANT.

If only it were real. I'd totally read it. You can see the original post here.


JS said...

Brill. Did you ever see Beiber or die?

Joan Crawford said...

This is phenomenal.

But you can hear all the moms clucking their tongues: "I just don't know about that Bieber boy...Madison loves him but I just feel oogy about that new book."

Gillian Whitfield said...

@Joan: My thoughts exactly!

Fred said...

It wouldn't really be that hard to write a Bieber spoof essay. Here's a few titles:

"Jouissance and the Bieber Cut: The Oedipus Complex Unachieved"

"Archetypes of the Abject: Boy Pop Stars and Children of the Corn, an Analysis of Infantile Gaze"

"Is There a Song on this CD? Musical Style Beyond YouTube"

"Adolescent Patriarchy, the Political Unconscious and Ideology in Bieber's Lyrics"

and the most read spoof essay,

"Prandial Peregrinations and Opsomanic Desires: Gastromatic Entertainments and Erethismic Effects Due to the Troubadour Wassailian Gyre in Bieber Dance"

This last has to have been penned by that inimitable Dr. Pateman.