Friday, August 06, 2010

The New Man in Charge

Earlier today I posted something talking about The New Man in Charge extra that will be on the upcoming Lost season 6 DVD because it was leaked onto YouTube. DocArzt also saw it and had posted something, and Carlton Cuse retweeted his post. So I assumed that the video had been leaked on purpose to get people talking, and that it was OK to talk about it. But the video has been taken down, and I don't want to flaunt that some of us have seen it and others haven't, so what I've done is taken down my post on it until the DVD comes out and then I'll repost it. I apologize to those of you who wanted to talk about it further (and if it erases the comments, then I deeply apologize to anyone who posted a comment and it disappeared! I really hope that doesn't happen). But I don't like any sort of exclusionary feelings on here, and I don't want to be talking about something a few of us saw and others didn't. So when the DVDs come out, I'll put it back up on my site and we can all discuss it anew. My feelings since watching it have been changing throughout the day, so I'm looking forward to chatting about it soon! :)


David Swinney said...

Nikki, the full 12 minutes of "The New Man in Charge" can be seen here (as of this writing, at least), though it's a very low-resolution copy.

Or if you prefer, go to and click on "the new man."

Anonymous said...

Also at

Rainier said...

@davidswinney: Muchas gracias, dude! I was hoping someone here would know where to find it; no matter what anyone does, we all know that once something gets loose on the net, there is no recalling it. And that was way, way cool. A few questions down, and a fairly nice job of resolving them (although I did think that the orientation video got a bit heavy-handed in spots.)

Still, no complaints. I have missed Lost fiercely, and even a taste of something new is a real treat. Now I can't wait for that blu-ray set!

OldDarth said...

Agreed Rainer. Nice closure for Walt and Michael too.

Just wish Hurley was in to more.

paleoblues said...

Dharma applicant: "I'd give my right arm to be able to work with the polar bears."

Fred said...

Davidswinney says it's only 12 minutes of second-life island time with Ben and Hurley. Oh, I had hoped they would have given us so much more, a tanatalizing mini-movie of 2 hours. David Milch had wanted to end Deadwood with two 2-hour movies, but never got around to it. Wouldn't it have been so cool to try something like that for LOST?

Just a shout out to long lost LOST fans, wherever you are. This 12 minutes when we all get to see it needs discussion.

But it seems all Cuse and Lindelof wanted was to resolve a few of those nagging questions for fans in the 12 minutes (I am waiting till the Blue Ray comes out before I see it). What does that say about the intentions of the writers if this is the case? Did the on-island mysteries really mean something if they would go out of their way to resolve them in a 12 minute finale to the finale (The End)? I guess as writers they didn't want to leave any dangling plot lines, like dangling prepositions of.

In the minute, the suspense was there. And to imagine Ben firing Dharma workers in this days of recession is so apropos. Ben Linus, Hurley's corporate hitman--"I am sorry but your services are no longer needed, and by the way your severance package has been eviscerated due to the falling price of our stock." Yep, I can hear Ben say that in his dead-pan voice. (But this is the new softer Ben. The old Ben would have told them their services were no longer needed and then pulled out a revolver).

Anonymous said...

I think the Dharma dudes are lucky Ben didn't kill them.

Sam said... - HD version... Italian subtitles, but still amazing!

LittleMo said...

OMG - thanks davidswinney for the link. I have no self control so have just watched the 12 minute video. Its awesome. And plunges you right back into Lost and makes you want to watch again. But how far back to watch - do I start at season 1 again ?!
I wonder what other extras they will put on the season 6 DVDs - cos if thats the only one then I might not bother to buy it
(yeah right, as if - once you all start blogging about the extras then I'll just want to see them too :-) )

Convergence said...

Anyone else notice how at the end outside the Santa Rosa (which IIRC is in Los Angeles) they're driving away on the "wrong" side of the road?

A discontinuity blooper by the director (because they were actually filming in Australia)?

Or a subtle comment about them taking an alternative, parallel path?

I prefer the latter.

WV: "Paret" - The nickname of one of the "Hybirds" on Hydra Island.