Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For Anyone Who's Ever Wanted Their Very Own Frozen Donkey Wheel!

So I know many of you were watching the results of the Lost auction all weekend, and many of you were actually registered bidders (if any of you were actually there, please leave a comment and tell us what it was like!) I was away all weekend, and following the auction sporadically on Twitter, my mind boggling as these extraordinary bids were coming through for items. Some of my faves:

The piece of Oceanic wreckage used to cover Sawyer's stash:

Kate's toy airplane:

Hurley's winning ticket:

Sawyer's letter to the con man Sawyer:

Locke's backgammon set:

Sayid's boarding pass and passport:

Charlie's DS ring (the item I coveted the most, sniff):

Rousseau's maps:

The hatch door:

Desmond's Dharma jumpsuit:

Desmond's failsafe key:

Swan station computer:

Dharma fish biscuit dispenser and 30 fish biscuits (seriously):
$7,000 (SERIOUSLY)

Hurley's Camaro:

The Frozen Donkey Wheel:

Locke's compass (another item I wanted):

Locke's suicide note (and another one):

Faraday's journal WITH his notes (OK, this one would be AWESOME):

1977 framed photo of Dharma recruits:

Jacob's tapestry:

Dharma jeep:

Man in Black's dagger:

Senet game that Jacob and boy in black play:

Man in Black's scale:

Dial from the lighthouse:

Pilot script signed by JJ and Damon:

Finale script signed by Damon and Carlton:

And the biggest money-maker:
Dharma van:

Whew. You know, I think it's really cool, and hey, if people have the money they should be able to spend it the way they want (though I have to say, being the crazy huge Lost fan I am, I can't think of a single place in my house where I'd be able to hang the hatch door and say to people, "So... that's the hatch door. From season 1 of Lost? Remember? The thing they blew open? Um... anyway, let me show you the backyard..." What do you DO with some of this stuff? But hey, to each his own.

What I DO want to know, however, is where the money is going. There's been some minor mention of possibly giving some of the money to a Hawaiian charity, but nothing solid has been said. If the money is all lining some producer's pockets, I think that would be a real shame. The auction pulled in almost $2 million, and it should be going to a worthy charity. A Hawaiian charity is a great idea, giving back to the island for the beautiful scenery and welcoming arms the island gave the show for all these years. I really hope they follow through with that.

I still remember years ago when a woman paid $25,000 for Xena's chakram in an auction, and the following year paid $40,000 for her sword. It was a LOT of money, but it was going to the Make-a-Wish foundation, so the fans were thrilled and proud of this woman who gave so much of her money to a worthy cause. Let's hope they do the same in this case.

You can see the full list of items and what they went for here and here.


Anonymous said...

I also wondered where the money was going. I followed the auction over the internet and I searched all weekend for where the proceeds would go, but came up with nothing. I really hope all, or at least a large portion, is going to a worthy cause. I couldn't afford anything from the auction, but as a Lost fan would love to donate to the cause, if there is one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great list Nik. I printed it and will keep it with my catalog when it arrives. I got Rousseau's New Music Box and look forward to it's arrival!!

Fables Of The West said...

I bid by phone on a number of items, going as high as $1000 on Kate's black dress (from 'The End'), Jacob's lute, Jin and Sun's wedding ring, Desmond's wedding ring,the Senet game board,etc, but to no avail. Looking now at the winning bid price list, there were quite a few items below a thousand dollars I would have owned had I been there. I am currently on a list to possibly purchase items that winning bidders default on. Several items purchased at the auction have already appeared on eBay including Aaron's crib (the distressed one). Of course, those asking prices are even more outrageous. Though I was in Alaska at the time of the auction, I did get to preview many of the items in the Profiles In History offices a week before they sold.

Unknown said...

I was there! We're the proud owners now of David Reyes's sunglasses. LOL It was an amazing experience, and a great way to say goodbye to LOST.

It was also completely exhausting. On day 1 the auction went until midnight. On day 2, 3am. We were there around 8:30 or so both days, so we were seriously wiped out. But we were determined to stay until the end! And I won a free LOST Encyclopedia for my efforts. :)

We also got to see and meet Beth Shady, Andrea Gabriel, Neil Hopkins, Daniel Roebuck, Sterling Beaumont, and Rob Kyker! Whew!

And there's no beating having your picture taken looking down into the ACTUAL HATCH!

Bonus, our friend Justin (I know you're reading this, Justin) won his bid on Ben's season 4 bag + journals. Awesome! The highlight of the weekend. I could type forever, but I don't want to bore anyone! :)

Nikki Stafford said...

Fables: Did you have any problems with the phone bidding? I heard some phone and internet bids were lost, which must have been truly upsetting.

Brooke: Not boring at all!! Tell us more, that sounds amazing, and congrats to Justin!!

Justin said...

Thanks Brooke and Nikki!

I had a blast, but that was a long time to be sitting in that hangar. My butt still hurts two days later.

I was a little peeved at Profiles in History for making the estimates so low. It roped in a lot of people who thought they had a chance at something but ended up being outbid by several thousand dollars! That had to be disappointing to a lot of people.

I'm glad that Brooke and her husband got something cool for cheap. It was totally the deal of the auction. And even though I paid what I consider to be a lot for Ben's messenger bag and journals, compared to some of the other stuff on there I did great! I'll send some pics of the stuff when I get it!

Andy said...

I've been wondering the same thing about where the money from the auction will go, especially since I read a colleague's post on it back in May, "A Church For Starving Artists":


Fables Of The West said...

No problem bidding by phone Nikki (on items I had placed absentee bids on). I was covering my bases though- I did absentee bids in person at the offices, and they called me before the start of each item. I also registered with Live Auctioneers to follow the bidding online but that didn't work at all, at least with their iPhone app. Couldn't see the live bids, nor for that matter even find a way to place a bid with the iPhone app. I also had a big issue when I tried to call during the auction to place a bid on items I had not previously registered to bid on...

Unknown said...

Another thing I should mention was how cool it was when someone in the room won their bid. It was a sort of internet bidders vs room bidders situation. (No offense, 'net bidders! LOL) When someone in the room would win, everyone would scream and cheer, and it was very exciting. :)

It's always great to be in a room (in this case a GIANT room) full of LOST fans. This is probably the last time I'll get to do that!

Joan Crawford said...

I would buy a hot tub and put the hatch on top of it. Then I would yell things like "I wish you had believed me!" and "I luv yew Penneh!" and "It's never been easy!" as I get in. I would require that all my guests do the same.

Aw, who am I kidding, I don't have guests.

LoyallyLOST said...

Not to sound mean or anything, but I hope it stays IN the U.S.~not overseas. Hey, I'm all for helping your fellow man & all, but I get so tired of hearing/reading about having these telethons to help other countries. Bless their hearts. BUT! Our country is truly in need. So many have lost jobs, homes, etc. Let's hope the money from the auction stays in the U.S. Absolutely donate it to a Hawaiian charity! They were so wonderful to let an amazing show be shot entirely(except 4 scenes!)on Oahu! They don't brag, as I found out on the tour this summer, so I say def donate it to them!
Ok, off my soapbox now!
I get a lump in my throat, just thinking about the auction, what things went for & to know that I COULDN'T BE THERE!!! I don't think these successful bidders made a bad decision at ALL! I'm surprised some of the stuff you mentioned here went so cheap! I was sitting with my hubby a couple of weeks ago & asked him if there was one thing he would want from the show, what would that one thing be. He said one of Locke's knives. Preferably the one he threw at Sawyer. Good choice! Me? I want that hatch door with the word Quarantined on it & the numbers! So much revolved around that thing!
Are we crazy to be willing to pay a stupid amount for these things? Nope. It isn't crazy or stupid if you are a huge fan! It's a sweet, sweet moment when you give them your money & go home with a piece of television history. Something you will cherish forever!
I envy them~ok, I am JEALOUS!~for whatever they took away from that auction! I just wish they would make a book with all the stuff that was up for auction & release it so we could see!
I just read how some of the things are already on EBay! NOT a true, loyal fan if you just want the items to make a fast buck! Shamey, shamey!
Ok, I have to quit reading the other posts. It is depressing me! I may not have gotten to go to the auction, but I did get to go on the LOST Legends Tour & see some very amazing locations they used throughout the series!!! I have my pictures & they are priceless to me!
Congrats to those that were so lucky to get to go to the auction~whether you purchased anything or not! Just being there would have been great!

CrimsonLine said...

Call me crazy ("You're crazy!") but while it would be swell if some of the money went to a charity, it's not essential. The objects were sold by the person/entity who owns them. They are property. And just like I wouldn't use the phrase "lining your pockets" if you had a garage sale and kept the proceeds, I won't disparage the former owners of these items if they do the same.

Nothing wrong with selling your own stuff. :o)

Nikki Stafford said...

Joan: That is the BEST use of the hatch door I've heard yet. And I would totally be your guest. ;)

CrimsonLine: You're crazy!! Heehee... kidding. I think there's a slight difference between a family making a couple hundred bucks getting rid of old junk, and a television studio or production company that just made a lot of money from the TV show making millions more from the fans and not passing it on. But honestly, if you can tell me how to have a garage sale and make $2 million from it, I will be your best friend for life. ;)

Austin Gorton said...

Joan, Joan, Joan.

Never change. Ever.

Stacy said...

gosh Joan, you crack me up. I miss reading your comments.

Unknown said...

We went to the auction! I had no intention of bidding however it was pure LOST NERD HEAVEN! I geeked out over every little item. "Look Daniel's Journal!" "Look Sawyer's Glasses!!" "Look Dharma Beer!!!" Seriously awesome.... one jaw dropping item after another. Left with a Hurley bobble-head and a Ben Linus t-shirt that says "Trust Me". And tons of pictures! A great day.

JW said...

No Finding Lost books? What a ripoff.

Nikki Stafford said...

JW: LOL! I almost made that same joke, only more like:

Finding Lost Season 4: $1.95

Unknown said...

Hey Nikki,
Can you re-post your write up on "New Man In Charge"? Now that I've seen it, I'm curious about your take. :)