Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bryan Fuller's New Pilot!

For all those Pushing Daisies fans out there like me (oh, how I miss that show), it's just been announced that Bryan Fuller, the creator of the show (along with shows Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me) is doing a pilot based on the John Christopher novel, The Lotus Caves (which seems to be completely unavailable on Amazon when I went to check... to the used bookstore I go!!). The book is about a group of people living on the moon inside a bubble in the year 2068, and two teenagers venture out of the bubble and find something surprising.

Or, in Bryan Fuller's hands, they find something completely, totally, awesome. You can read about it here. Thanks to Josh for the link!


Fred said...

Nikki, if you go to you can find plenty of used copies (shipping will actually come out more than the cost of the book). I was just there and they had about 30 copies ranging form the low $2 to more expensive.

Like you, I miss Pushing Dasies, and felt it was pulled without merit. It was a great show, reminding me of Tim Burton films, the quirkiness, the surrealism, and fantastic plots.

TM Lawrence said...

But unlike Tim Burton, the grey goth surrealist always plunging into the grave, Bryan Fuller's work belies a bright light injecting color and life into death.

May the Gods of Quirk grant that I should ever see another show as transcendingly brilliant and compellingly gorgeous as the first season of Pushing Daisies. The Tim Burton fan in me despairs but trudges along regardless, eyes downcast and wan, while the Bryan Fuller fan in me gazes up in trust and promise of life fulfilled oblivious to the trash swirling at my TV feet.

Thanks Nik!