Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Lost Videos Coming Soon!

It's season 6 DVD day!! During the long wait between seasons 5 and 6, theblackbox was one of the people who kept us entertained by producing some truly brilliant Lost videos that prepared us for the season that was to come. Now there's a new series coming, looking back on the Lost themes and no doubt giving us goosebumps as we look back on the show that was. Here's the teaser. I know I'll be there in a front-row seat!

Thanks to theblackbox for the link!


humanebean said...

Most excellent! What a great way to celebrate Season 6 DVD release today. BTW, I don't know if they are offering this in Canada as well, but here in the U.S. Best Buy is selling the box set with an exclusive bonus features DVD (and, for what it's worth, a different, additional outer cardboard shell).

LOST On Location - "Sundown" Hang out on set with the actors behind Keamy and Omar as this intimidating pair make their flash-sideways return.

LOST On Location - "Dr. Linus" Go back to school with Michael Emerson to learn the ifference between a Genus and a Species, and get an all-access look at production.

Chicken Heaven - Join Jorge Garcia as we go behind the scenes of everyone's favorite fast-food franchise, Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack.

Sayid vs. Dogen - Naveen Andrews and Hiroyuki Sanada duke it out in a hand-to-hand battle at The Temple.

And Much More

Coolness! (no, that's not on the disc, that's just me, geeking out)

LittleMo said...

Lucky you - in UK we have to wait till 13 Sept for our Lost 6 DVDs :-(

Jazzygirl said...

Just watched the first one, Themes. Still evokes so much emotion in me. I'm almost speechless about it.