Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lost Haiku Time! "Recon"

OK, I'm so sorry guys but this one is going to be super-quick. I'm so incredibly busy today I can't even keep my head straight, so just one haiku from me and you guys can take over, as usual.

Also, a quick note (thanks for mentioning this Marebabe!) but tonight's Lost episode is scheduled to run 6 minutes overtime. So please make sure your PVRs and DVRs and TiVOs or whatever you use is recording for an extra 6 minutes (make it 10 just to be on the safe side). I'd like to say I hate it when they do this, but it means more Lost time so yay!!

Briefcase full of dough
Sawyer’s the same. Wrong! But now...
Cops hear him have sex.


humanebean said...

O Charlotte, you are
a vision in green and red
Want some chocolate?

humanebean said...

Marsky and Sutch make
a really cool team. All they
need's a cool theme song

humanebean said...

Sideways Sawyer is
conflicted and secretive.
Hmmmm ... such a big change.

humanebean said...

Smokey tells Kate that
his mama was crazy. HA!
Look who's talkin', bud

humanebean said...

Guess I should stop now
and join Tiger in rehab.

JS said...

Not a Haiku, but re: tonight's episode:

Ab Aeterno - Since the beginning of time. That is quite an epic title for an epic character. Hopefully the episode delivers on its implied epic-ness.

I want to know it all. Everything.

- WHO (are you, really? and Who the heck is Smokey? Say his name!!),

- WHAT (happened to get you to this island, and the ship to the middle? WHAT did Jacob say your purpose was? WHAT were you supposed to do with the leaders? WHAT was the purpose of the lists? WHAT did you see when you said you watched [the Losties] die? WHAT do you know about he time traveling properties of the island?),

- WHERE (are you from? and WHERE are your other shipmates? Dead?),

- WHEN (did you get to the island? and WHEN did Jacob “gift” you? and WHEN are you going to confront Ben - you have some unresolved issues!?)

- WHY (are you the “advisor” and the only one allowed to talk to Jacob? WHY were you in chains (assuming it was not recreational)?)


- HOW (are you so fierce across time)!!!

humanebean said...

Poor JS! You want
answers to all your questions?
Have you SEEN this show??

Blam said...

TiVo? DVR?
Oh, to have that kind of tech.
VCR for me.

Blam said...

PS: If you must
Know why I'm stuck in the past:
Comcast is Satan!

humanebean said...

But Blam, Comcast has
DVR -but not in your
neighborhood? Bummer.

Blam said...

T-shirt? Help yourself...
It's the top draw'r on the right.
What the — ?!? Right! Right! Right!

Blam said...

They call me LaFleur
'Cause of my huge sunflower
Nudge nudge nudge wink wink

Blam said...

In my neighbhorhood,
Yes, but not my residence.
Why? Poor signal strength.
Whose problem is that?
Supposed to be Comcast's but
They haven't fixed it.
All they're doing is
Losing out on extra dough
That we'd be paying.
Now they've moved even
More channels to digital
Leaving us bereft.
Would we like to have
On Demand and DVR?
Yes, but Comcast sucks.

JS said...

Excellent point, H
though nothing is forthcoming
doesn't hurt to ask

Benny said...

@JS: to be more specific, Ab Aeterno actually means "from the eternal".

"since the beginning [of time]" is another meaning that has been tagged on. Not inaccurate in any way but not the same either.

"since the beginning" could mean the story since the beginning (of Jacob/Richard)

"from the eternal" could mean from someone eternal, a gift from Jacob?

both apply equally to Lost and we'll only know the actual meaning from tonight's episode (spoilers aside)!

Mark R.Y. said...

Sawyer in a chase
Gosh, I wonder who this is
Well hey there Freckles!

VW: gnayba - Australian dialect for "good neighbor".

humanebean said...

Wow, I weep for you
my friend. But I share your love
for Comcast's service.

The Powers That Be
rule the cable world with a
frightful arrogance.

Have you considered
forsaking their putrid wares
and sampling The Dish?

I feel your pain, too
So much that we want to know
and so little time

Benny said...

Provider change Blam,
Attempt he be wise to make;
Angry letters come next!

Joshua said...

Poor, poor Blam - the curse
of old tech: tonight's my first
ep to watch HD!


Claire! Is that a knife?!?
Psycho squirrel baby mama
quelled by God's backhand

humanebean said...

Widmore on Hydra?
*gasp* Does this mean that he is
the REAL sub-stitute?

Joan Crawford said...

"The Fight"

Why did you lie, Jim?
I'm sorry and you're pretty,
Miles. Forgive me?

Of course! I really
just wanted some Dimple
Attention from you.

Don't lie again, Jim!
...You really think I'm pretty?
Jim? JIM?! Answer me!

*note: I have no idea what "Dimple Attention" is; it is some undoubtedly creepy inside joke of theirs.

Chuck Power said...

Sayid is not well
he's got the darkness in him
he still likes chick fights.

Sawyer loves to read
does he ever read new books?
Finding Lost a must.

Miles and Sawyer
sitting in a tree K I
S S I N G.

Go back to Freckles
her hair will de-frizz at home
humidity sucks.

Charlotte is a fox
a bit out of Sawyer's league
guess I'm just jealous.

JS said...

@Benny - another definition I have seen is something like "outside of time", or in another dimension, some how not obeying the laws of time. verrrry interesting

Benny said...

@JS intersting indeed!

humanebean said...

Is that the sound of
Smokey roaming the jungle
or my heart pounding?

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Sayid's checked out now...
Watching as Claire takes on Kate
Kate’s all WTF?

JennM said...

TiVo? DVR?
Oh, to have that kind of tech.
VCR for me


I feel your pain, Blam.
I am low tech, it's also
VCR for me

- - - -

Claire's a crazy Mom
One minute she wants to kill;
next she wants a hug

Ambivalentman said...

Miles and Sawyer
Act like they are married now.
Go get a room, boys!

Tina Fey guest-starred
in "Recon," but forgot to
say "blurgh" on the beach.

Ajira people:
Too bad (so sad) none of you
Could be candidates.

Kate's tears look so real
As she spills them over Claire.
She sure needs a hug!

Sawyer thinks his con
Will get him off the Island.
Hey, good luck with that!

Oh, I'm still so LOST--
Still so confused. Let's hope to-
night gives some answers!

Batcabbage said...

No ‘previously
On’ this week. Just Sawyer, Jin
And the Un-Locke-ettes!

You thought I was still
A con man, didn’t you? Ha!
Take that, audience!

“You can’t con a con
Man’s wife!” “Really? I did. Coz
I’m a cop, baby!”

“Claire, what’s that skull thing?
Can I see? AH! MY EYES! THE

Sayid turned towards
Claire and Kate fighting. And then…
The dead eyes opened.

“Why’d you become a
Cop?” “Bullit.” “Tell the truth!” “’Kay.
Beverly Hills Cop.”

Un-Locke took control.
“Claire! What did the five fingers
Say to the face? SLAP!”

“Kate, are you alright?”
“No! Stabby McNutbag just
Tried to kill me, John!”

“Who the hell are you?”
“The only one left.” “Good. Don’t
Need new characters.”

“My mom was crazy.”
“Really? My mom dimed me to
The cops.” “Woah. That sucks.”

"Hello, Mister Ford.
My name is Charles Widmore." "I
loved you on 'Neighbours'."

Blam said...

Tina Fey guest-starred
in "Recon," but forgot to
say "blurgh" on the beach.

Ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Did you think Two-Fer and Lutz
Would be on the sub?

VW: hingmate The, uh, mate of, um, a hing. Sorry; kinda slow tonight.

Blam said...

If this week's show does
Not live up to those coming
Attractions, Who dies?

Nikki Stafford said...

Guys... I'm 45 minutes into the episode and am practically breathless with excitement. AAAAAHHHHHHH... sorry, just had to jump on and say that.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Quoting my husband
"It's just getting sloppy now.
Where are the answers?"

humanebean said...

Aha! Further proof
Canadians are evil.
Nikki rubs it in!

Benny said...

Awww, Nikki!... Wanted to watch the Canadian feed, pre-write comments the rewatch, but got caught doing chores around the house till 7:30 :(

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Charlotte, take the beer.
Jim and his sad sunflower
can come to my room.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Six minutes to go
Will Richard really tell us
things we need to know?

Nikki Stafford said...

Oh and just a note: please don't leave anything in this thread about the episode... my post will be up soon.

Rainier said...

Sawyer has a choice
a criminal or a cop
either way he cons

so now he's a cop
with sad puppy-dog eyes and
a sad sunflower