Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lost Haiku Time! "Sundown"

"Sundown, you'd better
Take care, if I find you've been..."
In my head all week.

"Catch a Falling Star"
Once a soothing lullaby,
Now stuff of nightmares.

"It puts the lotion
In the basket. It rubs the
lotion on its skin."
(that's for the many commenters who used that line in the comments!!)

"Do not worry, Claire.
I took him. And raised him. And...
He calls me Mommy."

"Oh, you did? Awesome.
Really, I'm happy for you.

"Sayid, there's still time!
Oh... oh good cripes. Um... backing
away slowly now."

Sayid's a hottie.
Redeem can't wait for him to
come to Toronto.

Keamy's like a goon
working at Satriale's.

Jin's tied up in fridge.
"What happened to you?!" "No English.
Wait... except for... BOAT."


stacy said...

No Haiku right now...
but what does the lotion comment mean? I keep seeing it everywhere. Did I miss something?

Edgar The Bug said...

if the show's end sucks,
the season will be worth it,
just for these reasons,

the sweet Smokey-cam
Keamy's line,"I make good eggs,"
and jungle Claire's hair,

Nikki Stafford said...

Stacy: in Silence of the Lambs, the guy keeping the girl in the hole keeps sending lotion down in the basket and telling her to put it on her skin (but he refers to the girl as "it") because he's eventually going to take off her skin and wear it.

Lovely imagery, eh? :)

Mark R.Y. said...

Sayid and Keamy
But only Keamy gets killed
He was a bad egg.

Trace said...

Oh $%#&, Nadia
is crossing a street again.
Look both ways this time!

Trace said...

...OK, I've been trying to fit this one into haiku form since last week, but it's not happening, so I'll just observe:

I find it hilarious that the Others have been living fairly isolated on these Temple grounds for (we assume) years...and Miles and Hurley are completely bored out of their minds within like thirty minutes.

Here's all I got, from Miles' POV:

No one ever asks
if I'd like to tag along.
Glad Dan left these cards.

Joan Crawford said...

Sundown you better
take Claire. No, seriously,
she's weirding me out.

Ali Bags said...

Miles and Sun reduced
to filling narrative gaps;
a waste of talent.

Ali Bags said...

Last week I said that
I was on Smokeys' side but
I have changed my mind!

Batcabbage said...

Hooray! Bendy sticks!
Thanks, Uncle Sayid. That vase
Is gonna get it!

I can’t believe that
For all my bad-assery
A baseball saved me.

“I want my son back.”
“I believe the line is ‘I
Just want my kids back!’
(Tom Jane reference! Woooo!)

Convince these people
To leave me alone. Oh, and
‘Convince’ means ‘TORCHA’!

I killed your chicken,
And found you a wife. And you
Want me to what now?

Who wants to talk to
Me? Mocke? Smokey? Man In Black?
The Locke-less Monster?

That Australian
Chick’s back. She’s nuts, but, you know,
That does it for me.

“Hello, Sayid.” STAB!
“Now why’d you go and do that?”
“Samurai said to.”

“Hey, you want some eggs?”
“Eggs? They will not save you from

“Sayid, wait! The debt
Is forgiven! You go now.”
“Nah, I’ll just kill you.”

“Sayid, there’s still time.”
“Not for me!” “Sorry, I think
I just shit myself.”

Nikki Stafford said...

Oh, Batty, you are the haiku KING. I'm sitting in a hotel room after midnight killing myself laughing (I can't get my clock to switch to UK time so I'll just be tired all the time while I'm here...) I'm *this close* to wondering if I should just stay up until 3 and watch Lost. ;)

Batcabbage said...

Why thank you, Nik! That would be a hard decision. Personally, I would pound caffeinated beverages until 3. Although, the extra caffeine might add to your general 'squee-ness', perhaps causing a minor panic in your hotel. Especially in a Ben episode, since the squee factor will be off the charts anyway.

VW: plater - someone who... plates... things?

JennM said...

Go cry, emo kid
Jack—I am talking to you
Smash a mirror…tear:(

Jacob good or bad?
either way: palatable
Creepy blonds are hot.

DeRavin calls her strange hair
a squirrel wig! ha!

JennM said...


Too funny! And I just get the biggest laugh about how TORCHA SCRUNCHIE has just become an average, everyday part of us Nik at Niters' lexicon.

Batcabbage said...

@Jenn: Thanks! I loved 'Go cry, emo kid'! That could be because I've been reading Ack's recaps for the first time, and there's a definite focus on 'jears' over there. :) And as for 'Torcha Scrunchie', I've noticed that 'palatable' has become a bigger part of my vocabulary. Awesome job using it in haiku!