Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today's Links

I meant to have another write-up on "Ab Aeterno" today, and it just didn't happen. And I haven't written a DocArzt blog on it, either. :( I'm having one of those weeks... a project I've been killing myself over for the past few days just sort of blew up today due to a miscommunication and now the last 2 days of work were kind of... gone. So I had to start over. UGH.

ANYway... I wanted to share a few links with you today. I've just begun participating in the Stream of Consciousness blog's "Lost Blogging Collective," where blogger Chris Kelly has been sending out questions to over 20 Lost bloggers and is receiving huge batches of answers. It's great to read the various perspectives week after week (and aside from me, our own Sagacious Penguin is one of the bloggers providing answers). Chris has been exhaustively covering all of these questions and answers while still putting up a massive blog post today linking to many of our Lost-related posts. What a great way to bring together so many different voices in the Lostverse. Check out his blog here.

I introduced you to grad student (har) Matthew Pateman's blog yesterday, full of scholarly jargon delights. Today he put up a post referencing... me! Way to immediately have me link to him again because I love talking about myself? YES. His post today is called "On not being Nikki Stafford." It's quite lovely (and untrue in the department of him not keeping up with me writing-wise... he acts like lectures he has to prepare every week are nothing) but he just HAD to go and mention that I screamed about the bugs in Arkadelphia. First, I only screamed once and it's when one suddenly flew up in the air and into someone's hair next to me, and secondly, they were frickin' MASSIVE. Ahem.

I think after yesterday he discovered first-hand what it's like to collaborate with me -- "Hey! I know we've been working on this paper for 4 months but what do you think about scrapping it and starting over because I have this great new idea!!" "Uh... wait, what?" "No, really, it's totally fine. I typically write most of my Lost books and then throw out about 60,000 words and start over again 3 weeks before it's due, so it's TOTALLY fine." "But... I have all this other work to do... and writing... and, I thought..." "Nah, it'll be great. Ok, off to start it again!!"


I wish I was making that up. (Matthew wishes that, too.) Go onto his blog and lobby for him to start referring to himself as Micks. I told him if he'd just change his name to that we could take our act on the road -- "Niks and Micks." I'm still baffled as to why he didn't go for it. Pfft. It's catchy!!

And once again, a reminder that I'll be on Space tonight at 11. I found a link on their site today that was filmed just before season 6 (check out my wish about Locke... THAT CAME TRUE!!) and while it says that it's only available in Canada, apparently you can watch the first bit before it cuts off -- just follow that link and scroll down to where it mentions me and hit the word "Watch." So check it out and BEHOLD the crazy makeup. ;)

And finally, I was interviewed by the National Post a couple of days ago about online fan viral marketing and whether it actually helps shows out. I was referenced in the article, though not directly quoted. I talked a lot about the Mad Men and True Blood Twitter players, who I think add a significant new layer to the shows by doing what they do. If you haven't checked them out yet, please do... they are FANtastic.


Joan Crawford said...

Aww! I just saw the video - how cute are you?! I think you pulled off the eye makeup beautifully :)

VW: Aphiest

I don't believe in aphids.

Nikki Stafford said...

Aw, you're very sweet. But sadly, I'll never be able to rock the eye makeup like Richard Alpert. ;)

humanebean said...

Woot! Fabulous Babe Alert! Woot, Woot!

Nice job, Nik! You were ROCKING the eye makeup, don't you worry. So delightful, too, to see you looking so relaxed and enjoying yourself. I seem to remember you mentioning that you had a good rapport with the folks at Space - if so, it certainly showed here. If not - well, DAMN, you're a good actress!

Got a big kick out of Matthew's handle on his blog - Prof P. I'm not sure if that was intentional or just the way his name showed up but I find it marvelous. If 'Nicks and Micks' doesn't come to fruition, 'Nikki the Nitewatcher and Prof P' would be nearly as good!

Nikki Stafford said...

Oh you... maybe it's because I can see that makeup when those glaring lights are NOT on me that I know how insane it looks. My daughter's eyes were like saucers when I came home and she quietly said, "Mommy... what happened to your eyes?!"

Well if you were able to see the clip, hb, then maybe you'll be able to see tonight's ep at 11... I think they stream it.

Oh, and I forgot to put this in my post, but while we were filming yesterday someone at Space tweeted the following:

@Nikki_Stafford, #LOST expert/author at InnerSPACE today. She is so adorable I could eat her with a spoon. Also: this week's ep is her FAVE!

With a spoon??

Marebabe said...

Hey, Nikki! I loved your video spot. And I know what you mean about bright lights making all the difference with heavy makeup. I once had a "glamour" photo shoot done, and afterwards I couldn't WAIT to wash all the makeup off! I didn't even want anyone to look at me, because I felt like a cross between a clown and a you-know-what (rhymes with frostitute). Anyway, you looked lovely in your Space video. Glad I got to see it.

humanebean said...

With a spoon, indeed! People of my Mom's generation used to use that expression all the time. It implies that you are terribly sweet - like dessert - and they could just eat you up.

Although, you would think the folks at Space would use a spork ....

Anonymous said...

You were lovely last night on Innerspace - unless that really was Teddy in a Nikki costume? (If so, he really did a good job.) ;)

Austin Gorton said...

Aw, look at you go! Loved the video spot. I'll have to see if I can find your appearance last night somewhere.

Word verification: autsin. Freaky! Switch the "t" and "s" and it's my (real) name.

Blam said...

Nikki: With a spoon??
Well, "melon-baller" just sounds dirty.

humanebean said...

Yes, yes it does, Blam. But, in all the right ways.

deeannjay said...

I've only just seen this episode, as I'm in the UK, don't have Sky TV and have to wait until it becomes available on iTunes, usually in the early hours of Saturday morning, hence the late post.

I thoroughly enjoyed the episode and thought Nestor Carbonell gave an excellent performance. We truly are getting some answers now, and this, ironically, may be the reason my initial reaction is to rate "Ab Aeterno" as an excellent, rather than an all-time-great episode. The answers and explanations were coming so thick and fast that I really didn't have time to engage with the emotional aspects of the story.

I loved the reveals about Richard's origins, how the Black Rock arrived in the centre of the island (with the bonus of seeing how the statue was destroyed), the story behind Richard's immortality and, crucially, Jacob's cork-in-the-bottle explanation of the island's role in containing evil. I'm not going to complain that the writers were doling out all this info at such a rate and making me go "wow!", "really?" and "well I never!" to the extent that I didn't burst into tears at the no-doubt very touching Richard and Isabella love story. Or, maybe it’s just that I’m too dumb to work out what Lost is all about and cry at the same time!

Oh, and just a small point: wouldn't she have been called "Isabel", being Spanish, rather than "Isabella", which is surely an Italian name?

Rebecca T. said...

haha ... or you could convince him to go by Mickey and then you could be Nikki and Mickey :D