Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Some Fun the Day after Lost

So a few people have already sent in their photoshopped photos of my books appearing in scenes in the episodes. And here is FINALLY proof that my books are actually affecting the events on the island! (Thanks to hauguy for this one!)

And this one was awesome... if Juliet was REALLY paying attention, wouldn't she have figured out that Ben was not to be trusted? Now THIS is a great book club book, guys!!

LOL! Love it. That one is from TM Lawrence. Honestly, maybe it's a good thing I don't know anything about Photoshop, because I swear I'd never get anything else done. I'd just sit around all day doing things like this. Or photoshopping funny hats onto pictures of my kids. (By the way, you can click on those pics to get larger versions.) Please keep sending them! I loved getting these.

Just a few updates: My DocArzt piece is here. I also participated in the National Post's Ampersand blog again, and that's up here. And finally the transcript of the Globe chat is here.

And finally, Paticus sent this to me and it made me laugh out loud. Perfect antidote to last night's episode! I guess the one good thing about Sayid moving to the Dark Side is we'll never have to watch him do stand-up! Thanks, Paticus.


Susan said...

Just read your DocArzt post, Nikki. I am ready to call Fake Locke the bad guy now, though Jacob may not be all good (kind of like the Widmore/Ben debate from season 4). And I loved your struck out comment about N&P!

The Question Mark said...

HAHAHA "Kate came back with sawyer, because she's promiscuous!"

Lee said...

I wonder if someone can find a screen shot of Ben reading a book while he was trapped inside the bunker while he was a prisoner in the hatch. That would be kind of funny; reading one of Nikki's books that's been in the hatch since the days of the Dharma Initiative.

Or remember that time when Ben was being held prisoner in his own house, and Locke brought him a book from his own bookshelf, which Ben commented on ("I've already read it."), and Locke replied, "Maybe you'll catch something you missed the second time."

And it could be a copy of one of Nikki's books. Who among us hasn't read Nikki's books more than once because there was something we missed the first time?

Paticus said...

So, are we to believe that Juliet chose that book, or did Jacob push her towards it by weaving it into his tapestry ?
Glad you liked the video!

Ambivalentman said...

I'm loving the pics, and think I'm going to have to do one now. The one with Juliet was terrific.

But that video! Was! Awesome!

"I'm Sayid Jarrah, and I'm a torturer and comedian -- tonight I think I was a little bit of both." That was too much fun. Thanks for the pick-me-up this morning, Nikki!

The Leonard's said...

"take my wife beater ... please"

Rebecca T. said...

So much fun! Yeah!