Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Finding... Namaste...

And as if Morag's bath pic wasn't awesome enough, here are some pics she took when she got home from yoga class and was inspired by Erin's pictures. I'll pass along the captions she provided for me (and might I add, that is some FINE form, lady!). Oh, and don't forget: Lostaholics Anonymous meeting tonight!! Find me here at 9pm:

The answers are all in here!:

I need to take my time over this...

Perhaps they're up there?

Or a new perspective on season 3:

How about this way up:

It's no good... I'll have to go back to the beginning:


I'll just have to wait for Nikki's last book - please hurry up !!!

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Joan Crawford said...

These are incredible! I can only do that last pose you did and I do wonder how it is you managed the standing on your head one. There must be some sort of rigging or something you are propped up against...

It was a coat-rack, wasn't it? Which, incidentally, is why I cannot at this present time practice yoga. If they don't get you to pay for the mat, they'll get you with the coat-rack.