Friday, October 22, 2010

JOpinionated + The Trevor Project

I just wanted to pass on a link that is SO important to y'all... I was chatting with JOpinionated today and she pointed me toward an amazing incentive she's got going to help raise donations for The Trevor Project, which is a help line for LGBTQ youth. It's a tremendous organization (you can find out more about them here) and here's the sitch: if you send a donation of $10 to the Trevor Project, your name will be entered into a draw to win one of two gift baskets. One is an AMAZING gift basket loaded to the gills with Lost stuff, and the second is a more general TV one with DVDs and other special gifts donated from many shows, including Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, Mad Men, and many more. See the complete list (seriously, a shotglass signed by Damon Lindelof??) and get all of the information here.

I'm going to be donating a full set of autographed copies of Finding Lost to the Lost basket, but the real reason to go and donate $10 is to support such an incredible project. Thanks for doing this, Jo. You are a true gem of the blogosphere.


Jo said...

Thank you for helping to promote a fantastic cause, Nik! I really appreciate your contribution and I know that it will bring in even more donations. :)

humanebean said...

Couldn't agree more! Good on you, Jo, for getting this ball rolling - and thanks to Nik for passing it along. Great bloggers - better people. Bravo!

yourblindspot said...

Awesome! A great cause, and a supercool one-of-a kind prize pack as prime donation motivator. Well done, Jo.

Nikki, did you get my email in regard to this? I'm sure you were inundated over the weekend, but I'm really anxious to hear back from you... Let me know if you get it. Thanks!

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