Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lostaholics -- Tune in Tomorrow

Hey all, I've been swamped with stuff (and, OK, admittedly addicted to this book I started on Monday and can't stop reading... if you get a chance, read Emma Donaghue's "Room." Absolutely fascinating). Anyway, tonight's Lostaholics Anonymous will be postponed until tomorrow night, but it's going to be on Kate. AND... for the only time possibly ever on this site, I'm going to allow you to sharpen your knives and argue full throttle for whatever ship you want. I know I'm probably asking for it, but I also think it could be totally fun. And then we'll get back to normal for the following week's discussion. It'll have to be something bland and not controversial to calm everyone down. Perhaps how the sand colour changed throughout the seasons. ;)

Anyway, see y'all tomorrow night!


Joan Crawford said...

Ooh! Room! I heard about that on CBC a few days ago - I can't wait for it to get to me on the library's waiting list (in 67 months)!

VW: Subties - events so subtle that they don't even merit the full word.


Neck-wear delightfully crafted to resemble delicious grinders*.

*Does anyone else call them grinders?

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Warning - I'm the quintessential shipper, and in this case - I didn't really much care. :)

Marebabe said...

@Joan: Did you ever hear Adam Sandler's ballad, "Lunch Lady Land"? The haunting refrain speaks of hoagies and grinders. I always assumed that it was east coast vernacular, because here in the midwest, we just call 'em subs, half or whole, 6 inch or 12 inch.

Joan Crawford said...

Ha! Adam Sandler, yes, I remember. I used to listen to his tapes in high school.

The haunting refrain speaks of hoagies and grinders

Haha! I love this! This is my mantra for the week.

Karen said...

Wait a second . . . I think I missed last week because "It'll have to be something bland and not controversial to calm everyone down." This group? We have always had such lovely chats! Lively discussions and debates here always push my theories and make me look deeper. Please, please, please don't go bland on us now!!

Ambivalentman said...

There are a lot of storylines I'm looking forward to following this week. How many "comment deleted by moderator" messages we will get? How many trolls -- will this comment board end up like a DocArzt message board? Will 'shipper language give way to full-fledged Kate hate? Did Kate redeem herself in the eyes of viewers after killing the Man-in-Black? How many times will people mention the time she left Aaron in L.A. as the high point of her storyline? This one will be fun!

VW: denta -- as in foreshadowing the number of teeth we'll see in tonight's Lostaholics meeting.

Anonymous said...

Kate + Hurley 4evah!

Sagacious Penguin said...

OMG - THE SAND WAS SO MUCH BETTER TINTED IN THE FIRST SEASON! Like it was kind of tannish-peachish, and then by Season 3 it was like it didn't know whether it wanted to be beige or orange and some episodes it would be completely beige and others it would be orange and in yet others it might be flirtatiously licking a spoon. And then by season 6 it was like forget all this beige vs. orange business, I'm my own color and I'll take care of Aaron. Consistency in sand was NOT carefully attended too.

Susan said...

ROFL @ Sagacious Penguin!

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Is it already October 21st? If this were last year, we'd be talking about how in about 3 months, tne next season of LOST woulbe be starting. FRAK!!! I just keep hoping that ending on May 23rd was just a set-up for more. Not to be. However, I got Nikki's book in the mail today and that brightened my mood. Can't wait to sit down and read it.

I was fine with the sand color in all seasons. But, if I had been one of the survivors of Oceanic 815I would have been complaining about sand in, well, my...everything, ALL THE EFFING TIME. Whether it be over the course of 3 months to 3 years depending on whether or not you got on the copter or ended up in DHARMAVILLE 1977. I HATE SAND. I love water, but sand is not my friend. We live on Lake Michigan and I still don't like sand, even though it is fresh water we don't end up with seaweed or salt or weird sealife creatures to deal with. I like hanging out on my boat and letting the kids swim to the sand, play in it, swim back, and then we get to hose them down with the boat hose and keep the sand away from us.

Kate? That's a completely different discussion and I really don't know how I feel about HER, but I definately know which way I ship. Let's get it on.