Monday, October 04, 2010

Grr... Argh...

SFX Magazine has a Joss Whedon special this month, and to celebrate, on their website they've presented 9 potential incarnations of the only monster that appeared in every episode of Buffy -- the Mutant Enemy guy. For example, at the end of Villains (which, in the article, they incorrectly identify as the episode Seeing Red), he could have looked like this:

LOL!! (Only Buffy fans will get that joke, and I won't spoil it for the rest of you who aren't up to season 6 yet.) Check out the full gallery of little "grr, argh" men here.


The Chapati Kid said...

The Restless one was lame. They should have at least had it wear some dreadlocks and face paint.

The Chapati Kid said...

Oh and by the way, I'm doing a Buffython right now. I just watched Hell's Bells last night and tonight I'm going home to watch Normal Again.

Learnings from the 4th go-round of Buffy:
1. I think I might be becoming a Spuffy.
2. As I grow older, I start to relate to more of the episodes. Is there a Buffylosophy book out there? Because if not, it needs to get made.
3. can you please send me that word doc you had once given me of Buffy quotes? :-)