Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bite Me Mention!
TVSquad has listed my new Buffy book as one of the things to spend your holiday money on. Thanks to everyone who sent me the link! :) (And if you want to follow their advice, go here. Yes, I'm shameless.)

In other news, a lot of people have noted that when the Lost commercials air on ABC, and it goes to that last part with the title logo and the palm trees, if you look closely you can see a city skyline reflected in the water, not the trees, which is definitely a nod to the flashforward idea that was introduced at the end of last season. The new season poster has a very clear look at that skyline in the water, which you can see here (thanks to DarkUFO's site):

Ah Desmond. You are so far away in that picture, yet my heart goes a-flutter.

And you know, I just have to say this. One of the biggest personal losses of the writer's strike was that my baby couldn't be on Lost. You may remember me posting back in August that Lost was looking for male babies to play Aaron. They were looking for babies with round faces, between 8 and 15 pounds, presumably easygoing. Mine is now 13.5 pounds, has a perfect moon face, and is the most laid-back baby you could imagine. Damn you, studios, for not letting the writers get back to work so they could write MY child into the part. Could you imagine the stories I would have had for you then?! Sigh. They would have TOTALLY taken him.

Yeah, I'm kinda living in my own world today.

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