Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lost Article in Wizard Magazine
I was interviewed back in November by Wizard Magazine for a preview of season 4 of Lost, and the article is out now. You can read it online here. I feel bad for the poor writer. He'd ask a question and I'd blather on for 5 minutes answering it, and then he had to pull two sentences out of that. There's just so much to say!!

Also, I got the EW issue yesterday with Matthew Fox on the cover, and EW has posted the interview here. His comment on Nikki and Paulo made me laugh out loud. Thank you, Jack! :)

I'm also happy to say that Doc Jensen has returned, and he's got a new article making his wild speculations about season 4.

In completely unrelated news, the Golden Globes have been cancelled, since the actors are refusing to cross the WGA picket lines (yay!) I'm a little sad, because the Globes are always WAY more interesting than the Oscars. Maybe the Oscars will be cancelled, too. It's too bad for those actors and shows recognized this year, who will be instantly forgotten. But it will prove that it's not the awards that make you a memorable person (think Mira Sorvino) but how good you are, even if you've never won a major award (think Joss Whedon).


Brian Douglas said...

I totally saw that!

bluecat said...

I understand the actors not wanting to cross the picket lines for the Golden Globes, but I'm also disappointed they were cancelled. The GG ARE better than the Oscars in that the actors are more relaxed and a bit looser in their speeches. It must be the drinks that go along with the dinner. LOL I started watching last night's People's Choice Awards and for me that was a big stinker. I didn't enjoy watching clips of acceptance speeches. I stopped watching after the second "award". Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Cool speculation in the article. Now I not only want to watch because it's Lost, but I want to see how close you hit the mark.

I'm not that crazy about awards shows anyway (just what the actors are wearing). The only one worth anything, to me, is the Tonys. Did you see that ABC is running Just for Laughs Gags? Of all the Canadian shows they could have picked up over the strike, they pick the crappy one.