Friday, January 18, 2008

Lost Returns January 31
In a two-hour premiere (yes, folks, TWO HOURS!) on January 31st, Lost will finally be returning to the airwaves. Unfortunately, it looks like it'll only be for 8 episodes, and then it'll be gone again, but we can keep our fingers crossed that ABC will figure out a way to slot in the other 8 episodes some time before 2009.

In the season 3 finale, Jack picked up Naomi's sat phone and began making the call to the ship, and Ben, tied to a tree, shouted, "If you make that phone call, it'll be the beginning of the end."

So, appropriately, the premiere is titled, "The Beginning of The End." Could this mean Ben was right?

Tentatively, here are the titles of the first seven episodes (stop reading now if you consider ep titles to be spoilers):

4.1 The Beginning of the End
4.2 Confirmed Dead
4.3 The Economist
4.4 Eggtown
4.5 The Constant
4.6 The Other Woman
4.7 Ji Yeon

I haven't seen any titles beyond these, but I'm sure the eighth will be available soon... and the others will be proven wrong. :)


memphish said...

The 2 hour premier consists of 1 hour of a clip show and then Episode 4.1, another hour. They are also supposed to reair the S3 finale on 1/30.

Nikki Stafford said...

Wah. That just rained on my parade. I HATE those clip shows. They're always built up as something that's going to reveal a mystery, and they don't reveal a thing.

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

so, is the clip show from 8-9 pm, and episode 4.1 airs from 9-10 pm, or is the clip show from 9-10 pm, and episode 4.1 airs from 10-11 pm? i've been rather out of the loop lately. :(


memphish said...

Clip show 8-9, 4.1 9-10, Eli Stone 10-11 though I'll be busy chatting on the internet, not watching Eli Stone.