Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost Mobisode 3: King of the Castle
One of the best of the mobisodes, this one makes a direct reference to the season 3 finale. Ben and Jack are playing chess while Jack is being held at the compound. Ben says it would be nice if Jack would stay at the island, then laughs and says he fully intends to honour their deal for Jack to leave. Jack looks up and says "intend to, or will?" Ben explains that maybe the island will try to keep him here. Jack counters by asking if the island will sink the sub (an ironic question, considering what Locke does in The Man from Tallahassee). Ben laughs, then says ominously that if Jack gets away from the island, there may come a day when he wants to return. (A collective "oooooh" rises up from the sea of fans watching it.) Jack says that will never happen, and Ben says he's learned to never say never. He says that should that day come, he hopes Jack remembers this conversation. He then takes Jack's king with his castle.

If this weren't a mobisode, I would have thought this was a pivotal moment in the series, but as such, it's probably just a juicy little tidbit for us to savour. We know that Jack will leave the island, and he will want to return... will he remember the conversation he had with Ben? The episode appears to fall somewhere in the Enter 77/Par Avion/The Man from Tallahassee section of season 3, after Jack has healed Ben and they've struck their deal, but before Kate and company have shown up to "rescue" him. I loved this one, but then again, it's hard not to love any scene with Michael Emerson in it.

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