Monday, January 14, 2008

The First Three Seasons of Lost
In 8 Minutes, 15 Seconds

Someone's taken a lot of time to put this together, but it's pretty hilarious. If you want a quick catch-up on where we're at as Season 4 of Lost looms (January 31), check out the video below, where you can watch the fastest recap of the first three seasons of Lost you're gonna find. This isn't for people who've never watched the show, obviously (I mean, they don't even mention the deaths of Ana Lucia, Libby, or Mr Eko), but it's a fun rehash of things for us, complete with a completely monotone, deadpan delivery. My favourite part is what she says about Jack and Mr. Friendly playing football. Go here if the video below doesn't work.

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Anonymous said...

T...TWO hour premire?! oh, hells yeah!