Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost Mobisode 2: Hurley and Frogurt
This is an amusing episode that seems to take place in "Two for the Road," when Hurley returns to camp to grab some things so he and Libby can have their ill-fated picnic. As he comes out of Rose and Bernard's tent with a bottle of wine, he's stopped by "Frogurt," as Hurley calls him (who corrects him that his name is Neil), who asks him where he's going. When Hurley tells him he's meeting up with Libby, Neil tells him that he'll never get past doing his laundry with her, and maybe he should step aside and let a "real man" cuddle up to her. Hurley tells him with some amusement that actually, he's moved way beyond doing laundry. Neil tells him that's "well played," but if he can't "close the deal," it'll be Neil time. Sadly, we know no one will be closing any deal with Libby.

In "S.O.S.," Bernard mentions someone who used to run a frozen yogurt place had been helping him with the sign, but gave up pretty quickly (we never actually see him in the episode). Since Hurley refers to him as "Frogurt," it's probably safe to say this is the guy, especially since they're talking outside of Bernard's tent.

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