Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost Mobisode 4: The Deal
The previous 3 episodes have had the feeling of possibly being deleted scenes, filmed at the same time as earlier episodes and just being shown now. This episode proves they weren't, since it involves Michael, who leaves at the end of season 2, and Juliet, who doesn't appear until the beginning of season 3.

The episode takes place after the events of the flashback in "Three Minutes," after Michael has just seen Walt, and before he returns to the camp at the end of "S.O.S." Juliet comes into the hut where Michael is being held, and she tells him that the boat he demanded is his. She says she's seen Walt, and that he's special, that he's not an ordinary boy. Then, like Ben at the end of season 2, she says to Michael that she's not his enemy. She tells him that the man he has to rescue from the hatch is named Ben, and that he will help him get off the island. She also says that she's made a deal with him, too, and he saved her sister's life, which is why she's still here. Michael asks why it would matter, why worry about saving her sister's life when she's had to stay on the island? Juliet asks, "Wouldn't you do anything to save Walt's life?" She reminds him of his list of names, and gets up to leave.

I liked this one, but the dialogue at the very end seemed a little odd. Of course Michael would do anything to save Walt, and he's gone half-crazy throughout season 2 to do so, so why would he react to Juliet's story about her sister by asking why she'd care about saving a sister she'll never see? It's an odd line in an otherwise nice little webisode.

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