Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost Mobisode 1: The Watch
I've had several people ask me to post on the Lost mobisodes, which are available for viewing at ABC.com, so I decided to do it the week before the season 4 premiere.

The first episode, "The Watch," is a conversation between Jack and his father Christian, the day of Jack's wedding. The mobisode would take place during the episode "Do No Harm," which features the flashback of Jack marrying Sarah. Since Christian arrives at the hotel in that flashback the night before Jack's wedding, this would appear to be the following morning. In that episode, Jack had a poolside chat with Christian where he expressed his doubts about his impending marriage, and Christian told him to follow his heart.

In the mobisode, Christian comes over to talk to Jack, who is throwing rocks into the water. He gives him a gold watch that had been given to him by his father (I was kinda hoping he'd say that his father had kept it up his ass while being in the army, but that was probably too Tarantinoesque for these little webisodes). Jack says he's never seen Christian wearing it, and Christian says that's because when his father gave it to him, he accompanied it by saying he was making a mistake in marrying his wife, Jack's mom. But in this case, he reassures Jack that he's making the absolute right decision (which turns out to be wrong). Jack slips the watch onto his wrist, and then Christian tells him that if he ever has a kid, to treat him better than Christian ever treated Jack.

Christian's gift of a watch is an interesting one, since one of the show's major motifs is time, and there's a lot of speculation in the fan community that there is time travel involved, and that the characters are existing on more than one time plane at the same time.

It's an intriguing moment to share with viewers, since it almost comes across as more of a dream sequence than a reality. Christian and Jack never really had any touchy-feely moments, which is why Jack seems to lost all the time, and continues searching for his father, even though he's dead (or seemingly dead, depending on which fan you talk to). All of this, of course, precedes Jack accusing his father of sleeping with Sarah, of Jack turning his dad in to the board of directors at the hospital, and of Christian drinking himself to death. Ah, good times.

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