Monday, May 24, 2010

My First Spoken Thoughts on the Lost Finale

This morning I did a morning-after recap with GalleyCat on MediaBistro, trying to put together some of my thoughts on the end of Lost.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this interview...I had to watch the finale all by myself last night PT and was confused so I immediatly went to your site and read the first review and then this morning this was so helpful..also, why wouldn't Jack have turned into the smoke monster once he replaced the cover?
Thank you again so much..

Mr. Straume said...

This is only my second comment all season Nikki, but I have been reading your recaps of the episodes all season and I must say that they were really helpful. Thank you for posting this, it really helped me understand the ending a bit better, your understanding of the ending was what I was trying to get to last night, but couldn't put it into words, so thank you.

Unknown said...

I think the other thing that the shoe in the bamboo shows us is the legitmate passage of time because the shoe looks much more worse for wear than it did in the Pilot episode.