Monday, May 24, 2010

Do You Realize...

Hey all... I'm just putting my thoughts together, but in the meantime, listen to this, listen to the lyrics, and you'll hear a summation of what I think the final moments of Lost were about. If the creators had run this song over the end of the show I think I would have died in a puddle of happiness. ;)


runSrun said...

Brilliant! Thanks for everything Nikki!

Jennifer said...

I'll check this out as soon as I get a chance. It's strange--every song I heard on my way to work this morning seemed to connect to Lost in some way. I think it mostly just shows that I'm a bit single-minded this morning :)

Rainier said...

I was thinking Beth Neilsen Chapman's "Sand and Water", which really, really nails it (and the imagery fits the island.) If you've never heard it, give it a listen. It comes right up at the top if you Google "Sand and Water" (with quotes). Sure, it was used in a fabulous ep of ER years ago, but it so, so fits.

Missing Georgia said...

This is one of my favorite songs.

Kuvaajatar said...

One of my fav songs and absolutely fab choice! Thanks for being my constant Nikki! Hope to get my hands to y book soon! :)

Unknown said...

Wow - what a great match it would've been! Thanks for sharing, not only the Flaming Lips, but your life and insights with us over the last six years. I'm certain your family will be happy to have you back on Tuesday nights!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. that would've been an awesome end-song. Thanks for sharing that with us.

And thanks for all you've shared, and done over the years.

I hope it's not the end and that you'll continue to share with us.

Marshall said...

Not as good as your song choice, Nik, but I heard - I think for the first time, ironically - a song on the radio coming into work today called "We'll be a Dream" by We the Kings.

"When the lights go out
We'll be safe and sound
We'll take control of the world
Like it's all we have to hold on to
And we'll be a dream."

I'm interested to hear other songs people can relate to the show (or vice versa).

TMClancy said...

Thanks, Nikki! This is a very nice fit. I think I'll mute the video and play this song the next time I watch the church scene.

I am posting, though, because, as someone else recently added to one of your blogs, I've been haunted by the Lost music yesterday and today, in perfectly normal settings.

It's the music that accompanied the 30-second short that ended with the woman looking down into her washing machine as if it were the hatch, and we had the words "After six years, the Obsession ends." Maybe it's beginning again now, more than ever!.

That80sKid said...

Now, I picture the last three minutes and 33 seconds of this show ending with Do You Realize

@Jennifer - hahaha! I agree a lot of the songs I'm listening to I've been connecting to Lost in some way too. So I'd agree I'm also on the one track mind XD

@Rainer I just listend to "Sand and Water" by Beth Neilsen Chapman, at you request (thanks too! and IT is a really good song...really fitting. I mean even without the Lost connection this is a beautiful song.

@Marshall I checked out "We'll be a Dream" We the Kings. I can see the connection in that verse too. Not bad.

Also, I was listening to a Michael Buble song coincidentally called Lost and their's a verse

'Cause you are not alone
I'm always there with you
And we'll get lost together
Until the light comes pouring through

I thought that was really interesting how that verse fit with Lost pretty well. They'res some other lines throughout the song to that I interpret with Lost. But I think it might just be me grasping at straws...