Thursday, May 27, 2010

Canadian Lost Fans: Tonight on Space!

If you didn't get a chance to PVR the end of Lost and are looking to watch it again, tonight the finale is repeating on Space at 8:30pm, and at 11pm there will be a one-hour recap special, and I will be appearing in it!! Hosted by Teddy and Ajay, the special will feature exclusive interviews with the cast, plus us waxing eloquently on what we thought of it. Also tune in to see Wordburglar, a commenter in Nik at Nite, as he offers up a special treat at the opening of the episode. I can't wait to see it!

A press release was put out today by CTV saying the finale was watched by 2.04 million viewers in Canada, and 5 million people tuned in at one point or another. That means one out of every 15 people in Canada watched the finale, which is massive. And despite Kimmel being on, 2200 people tuned in to the live CTV chat hosted by myself, Teddy and Ajay, Andy Ryan and Lainey Liu, so that was pretty cool.

Tune in to Space tonight!! And here's hoping I don't look like a dork. (As I was saying on my FB page, I missed Jake Gyllenhaal by minutes... Donnie freakin' Darko was in the studio and I missed him because I had to run out to go pick up my daughter from school. Argh.)


Anonymous said...

2200 people. Now I feel pretty good that one of my comments got in. :)

Gonna re-watch tonight, then looking forward to Innerspace.

Shelb said...

I was in the CTV chat.

For about five minutes until I realized everything I was saying wasn't being posted... sorry that I mentioned Helen wasn't with Locke and that the stained glass window had images representing six of the major religions... guess that wasn't something people wanted to talk about... :)

Is the finale going to be shown for two and a half hours or will the commercials not be as long on Space?

Unknown said...

Just watched the Innerspace segment and just wanted to say thank you for your great insights and commentary. While I do get the frustration that some people are feeling (based on not getting their concrete answers) it's been a little depressing reading some of the scathing reviews and recaps filled with anger and cynicism directed not only towards the finale itself but also towards those of us who loved it. So thank you for reminding me that I'm not alone in my love for 'The End'! Namaste! :)

Rufus said...

Nikki you looked polished with optimistis energy. I'm sorry I missed that CTV chat.

I think that when the season six DVD comes out it will have given people enough time to go back and rewatch the season.

I've pre-ordered your book and only have to pick up the early seasons.

Not only have you written the best books about Lost but you gave us a welcoming place to talk about the show. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I watched the Space run of it last night, with Innerspace following just after .. AND... re-watched it again this morning as their 'rerun' of it. You looked just fine Nikky. I was also happy to see we weren't alone in our satisfaction of the finale and the entire series. Too many comments out there make us feel 'alone' in our thoughts. Glad we can all come here and share our enthusiasm.