Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost Haiku: What They Died For

It's tonight. I just... I can't believe it. The end of Lost is tonight. Just hours away. I'll offer up a proper tribute to the show when it's over (tune in to Nik at Nite tomorrow, where I plan to basically sit on the blog all day long, constantly updating it) but for now I feel sad, excited, jittery... and sad again. And then excited again. Excited that we are so close to finally knowing the endgame of the writers. What a glorious feeling.

So today's haiku (which seems early because IT IS, we haven't had a full week between episodes) is dedicated to What They Died For, but also any feelings and excitement and dread you're feeling about the impending finale.

I’d pull up this plug
From an ancient toilet, see,
And summon Smokey.

That was before I
Realized that it was the one
Summoning me. Sigh.

“We’re close to the end,”
Says Jacob. Say fans, “WE KNOW!
Stop reminding us.”

Around a campfire
Jacob finally tells all.
Rejoicing all round.

Jack the Candidate
Becomes Jack the Protector.
The island’s hero.

What will it come to?
Live together, die alone.
They’ll be together.

Damon and Carlton:
Thanks for six amazing years.
Love you. Namaste.


JS said...

"Put this dress on, Kate"
Live together, die alone
happening tonight!

Sayid and Hurley
back in the hummer, but no
"Dead Pakistani"

Batcabbage said...

Dammit. I knew this
Would happen. No haiku done,
And now it's bedtime!

I checked the site all
day. Laughed at Jacob and bro.
And Jimmy as well.

Watched the finales
Of Ashes to Ashes and
Fringe and The Office.

No haiku from me
'Til after you've all seen the
finale! Oh well.


JS said...

Its my destiny
To protect the island. For
How long, did you say?

humanebean said...

Sub-wrecked on the beach
emotional castaways
grieving all that's LOST

We feel that pain too,
no time to look behind, though
"The End" lies ahead

humanebean said...

"When that fire burns out,
you all won't see me again."
Us: "DUDE! Talk faster!!

JS said...

Jack - Do not mistake
coincidence for fate. Locke -
What evs, I'm ready

humanebean said...
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humanebean said...

Oh, Sir Batcabbage,
though time and tide divide us
we watch together!

Seriously, dude,
it ain't over 'till we all
talk it through as one!

So, after the show airs,
"The End" can only come when
WE say it's over!

humanebean said...

Ben: "Hold it right there!"
Desmond: "Have you met my hood?"
Ben: "I see your point."

humanebean said...
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Lee said...

Every time one of my favorite shows has ended, there has been another to replace it on my mantle. When "The X-Files" ended, I still had "Friends." When "Friends" ended, I hate to wait a few months for "Lost." And when "Lost" ends, I'll still have "Castle." It would seem that fate, destiny...Jacob, perhaps?...never wants me to be without something to watch every week.

Last night was, in particular, a nice touch. I was watching the pilot episode of "Lost", not believing it had been six years since I first sat down to watch it, soaking up every last minute, knowing this would probably be the last time it will ever be shown on TV (until syndication, anyway)...and then, immediately afterward, what show comes on? "Castle." The show that will replace "Lost" as my new favorite show still airing new episodes on television. It was nice how it all came full circle for me at that moment.

First, however, I'll have to get over the onset of PLD that will be sweeping the land at about 12:06 AM until the unforseeable future...Post-"Lost" depression.

You suppose there's a Dharma pill I can take for something like that?

humanebean said...

Locke: "DOCTOR Linus,
hahahahaha! Sorry,
that just cracks me up."

Ben: "Think THAT'S funny?
I got beat up saving YOU.
Irony Alert!"

humanebean said...

Sideways world may have
spruced up Libby but - Rousseau!
DAMN, you clean up GOOD!

Blam said...

I have a cold.
This ain't gonna happen.

VW: norad — Shall we play a game?

JS said...

Birthday gift for me
Extended lost finale
four two on two three!

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Must face tomorrow
The first day after "The End"
Best ride of my life:

No ping pong, no hatch
No Nikki and Paolo grave
Although that was FUN

No Walt and Vincent
No Libby and a blanket
No Hurley picnic

No gun conned out of Sawyer
No shot in the gut

No Rose and Bernard
No ring worn as a necklace
You can let go now

No Desmond, no key
Goodbye our mutual friend
Penny, Charlie too

Juliet and Ben
Are now out of the book club
No plane crash above

No Sawyer "James" Ford
or his Freckles in a cage
No "son of a bitch"

No Jin in handcuffs
No Michael crazy take down
Sun "no speak English"

No JackOB, no Locke
And it never was easy
for them to believe

No Sayid Jarrah
to fix all the techie stuff
No Shannon to love

No Boone fetching pens
No plane from Nigeria
to fall from the tree

No Charlie and Claire
No Aaron nappies to change
or peanut butter

No Daniel or Frank
Or Charlotte and the nose bleeds
Time travel's a bitch

No Miles Straume-Chang
or his Ghost Whisperer gig
to tell James "It worked."

No Richard in blue
to make us wonder about
The inland Black Rock

No Danielle or her
beloved Alex stolen
to be raised by Ben

And now for THE END
Jacob, his mom and brother
started this whole thing.

TM Lawrence said...

Let Lost's legacy
be better us, better me,
and smarter TV.

Island: "No man." (Donne)
Bell tolls: "For me." (Hemingway)
Never quoted on Lost.

But "Live Together
or Die Alone" was, often.
(Cuse & Lindelof)

The question, though, is
will it stick, the center hold?
'cause things fall apart.

If darkness really
does slouch toward Bethlehem,
do we take "The Stand?"

Fetal withdrawal
or build new homes for the poor?
Which path in Lost's wake.

This show brought New Hope,
a fresh start and redemption,
but the choice is ours.

Tonight unites us,
across the world, in watching.
But what comes after?

humanebean said...

Bravo, Lisa, bravo!
Kudos to JS as well
BOO! Blam has a cold.

Feel better quick, my friend.
We all want you at your best
for tonight and beyond!

Blam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blam said...

The Wi-Fi works so
I really should try to get
a haiku out there...

There's always a choice.
Live together, die alone.
It only ends once.

Austin Gorton said...

Double-O Desmond
Should have his own show filled with
fists and knowing smiles.

Why am I crossed off?
Asks Kate, once again making
it all about her.

"It only ends once."
That line is five syllables!
Perfect for haiku.

Dangling mysteries
may leave me frustrated but
you're still awesome, Lost.

Can the finale
both happen and not happen?
That would be the best.

humanebean said...

What is next, indeed?
What rough beast slouches to Hol-
lywood to be born?

Lisa(until further notice) said...

I forgot Charles and
Eloise (a rat indeed)
knowing all perhaps?

humanebean said...

Blam rises again!
This the 'Lazarus Effect'
I've heard about? No?

Teebore, my good man
The FST assures us
LOST is everywhere

We have it here now,
the 'verse next door awaits it,
and many more to come.

Fred said...

Lost's end: a purple
Light from our t.v. sets; we
Wake 2 thousand 4.

Like Desmond we hear
The familiar whoosh as Jack
Wakes to bamboo trees.

It begins again;
Say (in our purple hazed minds),
Hey, this could be good.

We do not move on
But return, beginning where
Ends become the start.

Lisa(until further notice) said...

As it was in the
Beginning is now and shall
ever be BOOM: LOST

I can do this all
day, but tonight I will weep
for all that it was

But as Nikki says,
this could be a beginning
an understanding

Something to look back
on and treasure forever
I know that I will

humanebean said...

Ha! I posted on
Nik's Facebook page - then came here
to find the same thought.

What if, in "The End"
we realize that we are
witnessing the start?

Seeing Jack's eye close,
are we meant to watch backwards?
Will it make more sense?

Of course! I should have
seen this coming: say it now-
we have to go BACK!

Nikki Stafford said...

"The Second Coming"??
Oh, TM. Where the heck have
you BEEN all my life??

"Turning and turning/
in the widening gyre."
That describes my heart.

I will miss haiku.
Maybe we could write haiku
about Survivor?

Nikki Stafford said...

Humanebean! Great idea.
Starting tomorrow: we will
Watch it all backwards:

"Wow. Jack is getting
more annoying and selfish
as the show goes on."

"Why is Sawyer so
hung up on Kate suddenly?
He loves Juliet!"

"HEY!! Where the heck did
Desmond Hume disappear to?
He was important!"

humanebean said...

Once ends only it
try they hard how matter no
Nik, it do can we

Idea excellent an
upon hit we've that think I
friends me with is who

proud so be would Joyce
"Adam/Eve past run river"
ends it like just starts

[ ;

TM Lawrence said...

Without concern for
how this ends (only once) I've
enjoyed our shared ride.

Late to the party,
you welcomed me still, and gave
me Lost fellowship.

Thanks first to Nikki:
So shines a good soul in a
naughty world. Your beam

throws far, lights dark space,
and sets aflame others' minds.
Grace, wit, praise well earned.

TM Lawrence said...

Survivor? Never
watched a single episode.
Haiku without joy.

Zari said...


Hey there, Birthday Boy:
Many Happy Returns of
The Day! Is there cake?

42 today.
What a very special time --
This comes only once.

(Thank heavens!) So now
a new year begins for you.
Best Wishes! Enjoy!

TM Lawrence said...

?Nikki and Paolo
forward proceed must show The
:think ,HB and Nik

And now I'm off to my Lost watching party.

Zari said...

!best the idea's Your
.brilliant so, talented so
are you, humanebean ,Oh

Rebecca T. said...

@Lisa(ufn): Wow! That was so fantastic *tear*

Two sides: light and dark
But all the players seem grey.
What is the end game?

What they died for will
hopefully be well answered
in the very end.

"Super Bran" for Jack.
Snorts of laughter must ensue
from fans that noticed.

Ben cannot survive
even sideways world without
getting bloody faced

"Give me your walkie."
Charles - "Why should I do that?"
Ben - "Because I asked."

JS said...

Ah, Zari thank you
for the wonderful wishes
but, I am a girl!

-- Joanne

Joan Crawford said...

Happy Birthday JS! 42 on The Last Day of Lost! Lucky :D

humanebean said...

Happy day, JS!
Hope that the birthday bar tab
gets completely LOST!!

Zari said...

Oh, JS! Sorry!
Still, Happy Birthday to you
whether girl or boy!

Zari said...

Again, Birthday Girl:
Hope your Day wasn't all "Lost"
and that you had cake!

JS said...

Thanks guys

I am happy to note I had Kake (no not really), and spent a good portion of it crying (at the finale), so it was awesome!

-- Joanne