Monday, May 24, 2010

Funny Lost Commercial - Target

In Canada, we didn't get the funny Target ads you guys got in the U.S., though they did try to play it up with ads for cars with the CTV voiceover saying, "Let Hyundai be your constant," which was pretty funny. But not as funny as this:


Anonymous said...

there was also a Smokey one for a firealarm and a third one I can't remember.
Pretty good stuff

Gillian Whitfield said...

@Anonymous: The third one was barbecue sauce. The joke was, the sauce was going to be for the boar you caught on the island. I loved these commercials

Unknown said...

I laughed out loud at that Target ad and figured it had to be the winner. So funny.

Most of the ads imitated the Lost music score. Very odd to hear in ads. They charged $900,000 per ad, and with an added half-hour for the finale, they sold that much more.

Anonymous said...

oooooh I missed all the US ads! bummer.
I loved this! thanks for putting it up!
Kathy T

Rufus said...

It was the first time I didn't pause through commercials. I did like the keyboard one the best since I have a habit of breaking them...;) accidents every time!

Michele said...

I saw the ads and I actually didn't like them at all - I thought tat it cheapened everything I liek about LOST. Oh well, to each his own!

Anonymous said...

We did get the Hyndai ads - if you need to outrun a polar bear.

asiancolossus said...

Hey great minds think alike Nikki, check your email, I just sent you this vid LOL...too funny :)

Wanda said...

In the SF Bay Area, our news kept inserting spots about three people washed away at the beach and presumed lost at sea. They kept showing a small white boat bouncing on the waves.

Sad and creepy, in between the Target and smoke detector ads.

TMClancy said...

I was very moved by the fan/Verizon comments and thought those were handled very well. Ingenious, in fact, since Verizon & ABC knew ahead of time that they would all have to be short and succinct.

Great editing work there, though, and I can see the finale as a whole easily receiving Emmy nominations & awards.

Unknown said...

Loved your catch there about turning the light off in Sawyer's case matching what happened with Desmond's lights-out on the Island.

When hearing Juliet's solution, I though Hey, I must try that someday (can you see hundreds of people trying this in the next week?) and thinking it's like rebooting a computer.

When Jack put the ornamented stone plug back in, on the island, I guess the plug provided whatever was needed for cave to light up again.

But MIB became mortal after the lights went out, which he had not expected while in glee about how Jack and Desmond were wrong.

Like Jabob, I suppose, Jack was still mortal after the empowerment ceremony.
He was stabbed in the abdomen the way Ben sliced Jacob too.

By the way, one question remains with me that's half-way important. Since MIB couldn't get off the island, it seems Jacob was able to shape-shift too.

Re John Locke's recovery room statement to Jack which was something like "You don't HAVE a son, Jack" --
first, that Sideways JL didn't call him 'Jack' - as he was his doctor! But he had started to remember the Island.

And now I am pretty sure I remember that John Locke once asked Jack if he had any children and Jack said no he didn't.

And maybe that's what this real John Locke was remembering in their mutual transition world.

When Locke came by Ben sitting in front of the church, I was startled to see meek, loving Ben (w/ a manipulative streak instead of a nice streak) not in History Teacher Ben mode, ecstatic to see "Mr. Locke" out already.
He was now in remembering Island mode fully. But it threw me, as that was the first indication for me.

Unknown said...


When I wrote,
"By the way, one question remains with me that's half-way important. Since MIB couldn't get off the island, it seems Jacob was able to shape-shift too."

By that I meant Christian appearing to Jack after he left the island. But those could have been due to his drinking and his feelings of guilt over everything.

Flocke owned up only to the one Jack mentioned, when he saw his dead dad on the island that time he led him to where the water was.

"Yes, that was me."

Didn't I see Christian in early 70s island scenes as someone alive living there? Or was that someone else.

TMClancy said...

I agree that Christian being seen and heard by Jack late-night in the hospital was either drug or stress-induced, an hallucination.

Pretty certain that Flocke never left the island.

I don't remember seeing Christian on the island, circa early 1970s.

Joan Crawford said...

Christian appears on island in the 70's to help Sun and them get back to the group. Was this MiB? Was it Christian? If it was Christian then (in the words of Jack), " are you here?"

arleece said...

As to Joan Crawford's comments on Christian being on the island in the 70s to help Sun, I'm pretty sure Sun and Lapidus (and Christian's appearance to them) stayed in 2004 (or whatever the current date was supposed to have been then), while the other Lostaways went back in time to the 1970s Dharma gang.