Saturday, May 29, 2010

Buy My Books... in Time for Vampire Month!!

Wow... check out that gorgeous cover right there. I wonder who could be the author of ... ME, you say? I am the author of that book? Um... really? When is the deadline? A MONTH, YOU SAY?! Er... oh my god.

OK! So, as some of you may have seen when I was all moany and down in the dumps on my facebook page the other day, I've fallen waaaaay behind on writing this book (due to my editor on July 5) and I've started seeing comments here and there of people saying, "I'd love to buy Nikki's books, but why pay for something that you can get for free on the blog?" And I wanted to say once again that what you see on the blog are my immediate reactions, my point-form enthusiasm, my unedited thoughts whipped off in 20 minutes of very fast typing. A blog post on an episode that took me 90 minutes to write (while watching the episode the second time) will then go through a long process of rewriting, research, additions, and usually about another 18-24 hours of work per episode. And that's not including the editing, rewriting, rewatching, rewriting... I'm pretty type A when it comes to my writing.

So what you get here is bare bones. The REAL stuff is in the books, always has been. (This is me making a really lame attempt to sell my books!) The Season 1 & 2 book has a pretty full explanation of the Dharma Initiative in it long before it was determined on the show what they really were. Season 3 puts the season together in a way that shows it was much better than we may have thought on the initial viewing (and seriously, can you BEAT that finale?!) Season 4 draws the time jumping through the season in order to make sense of it in season 5. Season 5 has a 20-page summary and analysis of Ulysses, a detailed explanation of all of the time traveling of the season, and the tools to lead you into season 6.

So if you like what you see here, please check out my books. Someone suggested to me recently that I put a "Donate" button on my blog, but A) I don't think anyone ever clicks on those, and B) I would never want something from people without them getting something in return, so if you're looking to donate to this blog, simply buy the books and make me super happy! ;) Buy millions and make me super rich! Heehee...

Season 6 will have chapters on Paradise Lost, Notes from Underground, Deep River, The Stand, Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling, Chronicles of Narnia; a summary of each of the characters, retelling their life stories chronologically to give you a better sense of their complete character arcs; probably (now) a section detailing the big questions and offering up possible answers for them (if the conversations I've been having with people in the last week are any indication, this is what they seem to want more than anything); and a very, very detailed analysis of the finale. My ep guide for the season 5 finale was over 30 pages long, so I can't even imagine how long THIS one will be.

So... if I'm going to even come close to meeting that deadline, I'm going to have to pull back on this blog a little bit, sadly. I hate to do that -- I've worked so hard all season to build up an audience that won't stick around if there's nothing new. But don't fear: it's not that I won't be posting at all, but my posts will be shorter, and I'll be looking to spark discussions and letting you guys do the talking.

AND... starting Tuesday, June 1, I will be starting VAMPIRE MONTH on Nik at Nite!! Yes, folks, that's right... it'll be all things vampy and awesome here on the blog, mostly tied in to things I'll be doing that are vampire-related. True Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Vampire Diaries are about to become important priorities for me in the coming month, and you will join along with me! (No Twilight, though... sparkling vampires are NOT allowed in Nikki's Vampire Month.)

Things will start on June 1 with the launch of the True Blood book put out by Becca Wilcott... details are here, and I hope to see some of you at the launch! And then on June 3 I'm off to the Slayage conference, listening to papers on the Whedonverses (mostly Buffy and Angel!) and co-presenting one, and I CANNOT WAIT.

I hope you're able to join with me. Oh, and the Lost stuff won't go away. Don't worry. I could NEVER let that happen. ;)


TresBelleKnits said...

Nikki, where oh where can I buy your books and pay through Paypal?

I don't do credit cards! (They're the debil!)

Michele said...

Seriously, folks.....BUY HER BOOKS!!!! Nikki has a terrific blog but her books are a whole other category, I own them all (autographed ones...thanks, Nikki!!) and they are an irreplacable part of my LOST collection along with the DVD's. I honestly can't imagine one without the other now.

So, here is a long-time Nikki follower making my pitch.....BUY ALL THE FINDING LOST BOOKS!!! You won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

What about Forever Knight. I loved a certain vampire detective long before I met Angel. (And I've just ordered the three seasons.)

Support your local (Toronto) vampire.

Nikki Stafford said...

TresBelle: You can go straight to my publisher at (crap, I don't know how to hyperlink):

They have the cart system where you buy it and then you can pay through paypal.

And when my S6 book comes out, I'll be taking orders if anyone wants autographed ones, and I accept payment through paypal. :)

Michele: You are too sweet! :)

Nikki Stafford said...

redeem: You know, I've never watched it, but I would welcome a guest post from you on it, and would happily post it on my blog telling everyone why they should watch it. :)

Anonymous said...

I may take you up on that, Nikki. I won't have time to rewatch them, but I could certainly say a lot about it now.

Joan Crawford said...

Oh man, you have to buy the books. This blog is great but the real meat is in the books. Plus, when the read the books, you're getting Nikki one on one!

*creep alert*

I have to go now.

*Joan reading Fiding Lost Season 5*

"Oh, Nikki's Book, you're so clever!"

"Thanks, Joan, you're the tops!"

*grins* "And you provide thorough reviews and insights into books directly pertaining to Lost that I am too lazy and/or stupid to read."

"Joan! You may be lazy and a have a little trouble with words containing more tha 4 syllables but I'm sure you've got lots of other great qulaties!"

"Aw, you! Let's go make us a sandwich!"

P.S. TresBelle - I don't know if it was a typo or intentional but "They're the debil!" - hilarious!

Batcabbage said...

Vampire Month! WOO HOO! Batkitty is literally jumping up and down and clapping her hands. It's fun to watch. :)

@redeem: Forever Knight, eh? Batkitty (the biggest vampire fan I know - she's wanted to be a vampire since she was 11 and saw Salems' Lot) hadn't heard of that one, but she did mention Kindred: The Embraced. Ever see that one? It had C. Thomas Howell, Kelly Rutherford, and the guy (I can't remember his name right now) who was a vamp in Buffy, as well as the magic dealer that Willow takes Dawnie to, and most recently, the mechanic who cuts Kate's cuffs off in 'What Kate Does'. Check it out, it's not bad (be warned, though - it's a Spelling show! :)

We're also right in the middle of an Angel rewatch here at the Bat Cave. So timely! And True Blood starts soon! Oh, my gravy, I'm excited!

TresBelleKnits said...

@Joan, intentional. ;)

@Nikki, thanks so much!

@redeem, LOVED Forever Knight!

Batcabbage said...

Also, buy all of Nikki's books. I have, and I'm a cabbage made entirely from bats. I love them. You will too!

@Joan: You are wonderfully mad, and not in the way where people might whisper as you pass, She might be dangerous..., but in a totally good and non-threatening way that doesn't frighten me. It doesn't. Really. Not at all.... Much laughter, my friend. MUCH.

vw: sarge - man, they're just not trying anymore.

Page48 said...

@Batcabbage: Jeff Kober, aka
Rack, the magic dealer that Willow takes Dawnie to.

Fred said...

@Nikki:-- I've worked so hard all season to build up an audience that won't stick around if there's nothing new. But don't fear: it's not that I won't be posting at all, but my posts will be shorter, and I'll be looking to spark discussions and letting you guys do the talking.

I am sure most of us won't abandon you after the ending of LOST. We may take little breaks as we try to catch-up on things and such, but we'll always come back.

About your books, I do have one complaint. ECW press needs to back them with a better glue. My copies are falling apart, and I am being so careful with them. The old Penguin paperbacks seem to survive a lifetime, but all the new paperbacks (publishing companies in general) just don't manage many reads. I've even had textbooks fall apart on me. And hardbacks (according to a librarian) only survive something like 30+ readings before the spine gives out. So I am lobbying your books are worth the few extra cents needed to be better bound--afterall, I want to read them (from seasons 1/2 to 6) many years from now as I rewatch LOST.

Awaiting all things Vampire. I am getting out Salem's Lot and Interview with a Vampire.

Ambivalentman said...

I just bought "True Blood" season 2 on Blu-Ray...I'm sooo ready for the new season. Having read the books, I can honestly say the third book, "Club Dead," is my favorite, and season 3 of the show should be loosely based on it (if the trailers are any indication).

"Vampire Month" should be fun! I just finished "Buffy" a couple months ago and can't wait to actually say some things about it.

Ambivalentman said...

Oh...and Nikki's books, by the way -- simply marvelous! Essential if you're a fan of the show.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Nikki's telling the absolute truth. Her books are jam-packed full of all sorts of details and research that could never be covered on this little blog we all love. I have all the Finding LOST books, and I am always telling people how great they are. I think there might even be a cheesy photo of me and one of my copies on my own blog... that's how much I love 'em. Money well spent, people!

And as for vampire month... I highly recommend the British TV series Being Human. Vampires, werewolves and ghosts, oh my!

Rebecca T. said...

Nikki's books are seriously AWESOMESAUCE (just like she is) and if you don't own them get them, or get other people to get them for you. I'm going to be buying her Buffy guide soon!

Just in time for vampire month! (Naomi and I just finished S3 of Buffy! LOVE!)

And Vampire Diaries is so much fun.

But I am so far behind (as in haven't ever gotten on) the True Blood train since we don't get the channel :(

But I'm still excited!

(I SERIOUSLY should not comment on blogs at 1 in the morning... it brings out my hyper, gooshy side)

VW: goelp - when you gulp a yelp.

Ali Bags said...

I'm still here Nikki :) and my signed copy of the Season 5 book is one of my most treasured possessions , especially since you went to such effort to send it to me.
(I got a signed copy of one of Michael Palin's books on Friday night, but this is not nearly as treasured as yours)

The Question Mark said...

I can't wait to read this book!

Remember everyone, every time someone chooses NOT to buy a Nikki Stafford book, it makes puppy dogs cry.
So buy, buy, buy!

Megan said...


Now I'll have the set. I just pre-ordered through Amazon, but it occurred to me that this will be the only one that is not AUTOGRAPHED! AUGH! Can I send it to you when I'm done reading it? I loved the little notes.

Genevieve V. said...

I admit--I'm one of those cheap bastards that thought, "Why should I buy the books when I can read her blog for free?" I was introduced to the season 1 & 2 book when my brother got it for me; then I found out about this blog. I've read this blog regularly, and so figured it wasn't necessary to read the books, too. My bad...okay, I'm convinced by what Nikki and everyone else is saying that they're well worth it and much more than what we get here...ordering the rest of the books from Amazon and pre-ordering season 6!

Nikki, how do we get them autographed though, and how much do you charge?

Anonymous said...

The books are the Bomb! Well worth every penny, and really handy when you re-watch all by your lonesome.

Sadly, I will admit to having too short of an attention span to read the 20 pages about Ulysses:( But I did skim it. . .a little. . for a few pages. . .

Pathetic me, but I was more interested in the other info and I did read most of the other summaries, which i REALLY do appreciate!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki, i'm from England and i love your blogs and books. I will be buying your Season 6 book because i think you do a wonderful job linking all the themes and motifs together. Thank you for all your hard work. So sad Lost has ended but i hope to rewatch it all again soon!!
Take care

JS said...

@Joan - I love you!

I started watching LOST (again) through netflix. I remembered thinking it was interesting, then it seemed everytime I tuned it, it was a re-run I had already seen. After watching the first disc of the first season, I understood I needed to buy the DVD's, and also understanding that I didn't understand stuff, I found Nikki's Finding LOST book. With her companion guide, I saw more than I had ever seen. I loved the lists and book synopsis'. THEN I found the blog, just in time for the re-watch.

All this gushing to say, the books are very good, and a must have for any fan who plans to re-watch anything ever. I suspect many of us will be.

Christian said...

Yes. Buy Nikki's LOST books! They're brilliant companion guides and worth far more than you pay for them.

Nikki, please include some pages on the Mysteries of the Universe Dharma Initiative documentary if you can.
We're all cheering you on. You can do it!

David Kociemba said...

If it helps, I'm using your "Bite Me!" book for my Slayage conference paper on the importance of the first season of Buffy...

Also, don't forget that the little donate button is the reason we have episodes of The Guild. Fans jumped in to support it when Felicia Day ran out of production money early in the first season. The donate button is one of those "can't hurt, might help" dealies.

Paithan1 said...

@Batcabbage: Kindred: The Embraced was a phenomenal show that ended way too soon. There are a lot of cult people who were on it (early Ivan Sergei as a rock star) but the actors you're talking about are Brian Thompson (Luke and the Judge on Buffy) and Jeff Kober (Kralik from the ep where the Council tests Buffy and Rack.)

Kindred was actually based off of a role-playing game and had some novels attached to it in the late 90s.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR VAMPIRE MONTH!!! Buffy is my FAVORITE show ever! Vampire Diaries is such a guilty pleasure (and I enjoy the show much more than the books...I don't think I've ever said that before.) However, True Blood, bigger fan of the books so I'll check the blog but won't be buying any analysis books.

On the Lost front, I will want an autographed copy of the next book AND I ENCOURAGE ALL TO BUY THE OTHERS! I found Finding Lost: Season 4 in the bookstore but had to go to to get the others. I was lucky enough to get an autographed copy of the Season 5 book and I can't go back to just a plain one.

Colleen/redeem147 said...

Of course I watched Kindred, Batcabbage. It's based on Vampire the Masquerade, and there was a time my son was Prince of Ottawa. :)

I haven't watched Moonlight but I have the season on DVD. I started when it was on, but it was such a Forever Knight rip-off (based on the original pilot) that I just couldn't handle it. But I'm going to try again for love of Jason Dohring.

We should also discuss Blood Ties. Proof that Toronto really does have a vampire infestation. :)

Gillian Whitfield said...

Buy Nikki's books! They're worth the time and money!

And Joan: LOL!

TM Lawrence said...

So when you're done, your confirmation should look something like:

Shipping estimate: June 7, 2010

Finding Lost - Season Three: The Unofficial Guide [Paperback]
By: Nikki Stafford
Condition: New
Sold by:, LLC $10.17

Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide [Paperback]
By: Nikki Stafford
Condition: New
Sold by:, LLC $12.21

Finding Lost - Season Four: The Unofficial Guide [Paperback]
By: Nikki Stafford
Condition: New
Sold by:, LLC $10.17

Finding Lost - Season Five: The Unofficial Guide [Paperback]
By: Nikki Stafford
Condition: New
Sold by:, LLC $10.17

Shipping estimate: November 5, 2010

Finding Lost - Season Six: The Unoffical Guide [Paperback]
By: Nikki Stafford
Condition: New
Sold by:, LLC $10.08

Is that right, Nik? ;)

LittleMo said...

oh - now I really can't wait for the season 6 book, you have whetted my appetite so.

why does it take the publisher so long from July to get it to us ?!!!!

It will be great to see full bios for all the characters. Are you going to do the alternate world bios too ?

and of course we will still read and contribute to this blog - us Losties don't give up when the going gets tough :-) !!

Nikki Stafford said...

LittleMo: Actually, my books, as with most of the TV books, are put on a fast track of production. Generally a book coming out in November was handed in last December or January. But in my case, I have to wait until the end of the season before I can write the episode guide, so it's July 5. It's then copy edited, then laid out by a typesetter, photos are put into place, and then it's proofread. All of that usually takes about 6 months, but in my case the publisher does it in one. So by mid-August it goes to the printer, then the printer usually takes 4-6 weeks for prepress, checking for corrections, and actual printing. It'll ship from the printer at the end of September, and go straight to the distributor of my publisher, and I will get my copies then. THEN the distributor ships the books out to each of the independent stores or the distribution centre of the bigger ones. (So, for example, they would send all of the B&N orders to one central distribution centre, and then that centre divvies them up and sends them off individually to the stores across the US.) Then they arrive at the stores, usually about 2-4 weeks after they've left the printer, and then they sit in a back room until someone actually opens the boxes and puts them on the shelves. For the most part, that's done immediately, and it's only if the book comes in too close to Christmas or something and they're overrun with books that it can take longer for the actual bookstore to put them out. That's why there's a rush to get them to the stores by October so it doesn't run into the Christmas rush.

In the case of Amazon, the distributor sends the number of books Amazon has ordered to their DC, and they ship them out to customers immediately, which is why many Amazon customers have them really quickly. I have them usually about 10 days before Amazon gets them, so I take orders in the week leading up to me getting them in my hands and fulfill those orders right away.

And that's the complete story of a book!! Next post: Where babies come from! :-D

Nikki Stafford said...

TM Lawrence: That's EXACTLY what everyone should be getting in their inboxes today! LOL!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope my favourite vampire gets some love in June. All hail Count Frightenstein!!!

And everyone reading this blog should buy Nikki's books!!!

dsgev said...

Just bought all your Finding Lost books on Amazon, except Season Two. It was not available.

Christian said...

dsgev, Nikki covers both Seasons 1 and 2 in her first LOST companion guide: "Finding LOST". So at the end of the day there will be 5 books covering 6 seasons.

Heather said...

LOL! Glad you're leaving out sparkling vampires. Looking forward to True Blood. Plus I think the Vampire Diaries had a good season finale. Good Job Nikki!

ERIC said...

Works for me, Nikki. I bought the first four books last month preparing for a series re-watch, and will surely be buying the last one when it comes out. But I warn you, based on the blog my expectations are pretty high!

ERIC said...

And I'll add that I'm reading Paradise Lost now so will be very interested in your take on how the series draws from it.

Hutch said...

I didn't entirely read your latest post or the other comments. I stopped when you said readers have commented "I'd love to buy Nikki's books, but why pay for something that you can get for free on the blog." Let me tell you, I have all five of Nikki's books and there is a world of information and insight which you will NEVER get on ANY blog. If you're a TRUE LOST FAN the books are SO worth the money.

deeannjay said...

I agree with Erin re. Being Human. I'm not into vampires, werewolves etc, at all, but it is so well-written and the characters so beautifully drawn that I found myself following both series (or "seasons" are you refer to them in North America!) and thoroughly enjoying the story.

Jazzygirl said...

Oh yay!! Vampire month! Tee hee! I said a long time ago that the only thing that would ease my pain of losing LOST was True Blood starting up again. :) I am very excited for (Eric) it. I will have to check out that book you mentioned.
Oh and Nikki, you don't have to worry about us diehards going anywhere. No matter what audience you've built up, if they leave, it's THEIR loss! :)
And one other thing...YES BUY HER BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In honour of vampire month, don't JUST by the Finding Lost books - buy Bite Me too. Great Buffy reference guide.

I use it for a Buffy and Angel autograph book. I have a LOT of autographs. And so often, the actors have to have a look through before they'll sign.

Austin Gorton said...

@Nikki: For the most part, that's done immediately, and it's only if the book comes in too close to Christmas or something and they're overrun with books that it can take longer for the actual bookstore to put them out.

For B&N, it's a company policy that all received books hit the floor within 24 hours. Frontlist (new titles, promo titles) goes out on the floor the same day it arrives while back stock gets unpacked and shelved the following morning.

Even during Christmas, we're pretty good about sticking to that process. The only times we get really backed up are when inclement weather delays shipments and our receivers get slammed with three shipments worth of books in one day.

But really, I didn't mean to post a comment nitpicking bookstore processes. What I really wanted to say was:

BUY NIKKI'S BOOKS! They are, indeed, awsomesaucage.

Also, looking forward to Vampire month.

LoyallyLOST said...

Oh! You haven't seen a thorough book until you read Nikki's book on LOST each season! Soooo much info! Can't wait til August!
Her editor should lighten up & let her have alllll the time she needs! This is the last(sniff!)one,
so, we will gladly wait for it! It will be jampacked!
Why WOULDN'T you want to own a book by an author that you feel you know personally as a friend! She just writes great books!!!

Rebecca T. said...

Had to share...

Got an Amazon e-mail letting me know I can pre-order the entire Lost series special edition package and when I clicked on it to look at it, there were those suggestions at the bottom and it said... "People that buy this also purchased" and ONE OF THEM WAS FINDING LOST S6!

Totally made my day! Hope it will make Nikki's :D

VW: mingl - when "e" decides to stay home from the party

mgkoeln said...

Loved all the books so far and will definitely buy the new one as well.

@Nikki: Any chance, Team Darlton might let you take a peek on the DVD-only epilogue before your deadline? It seems a little unfortunate, that more LOST answers seem to be coming after you've finished writing. Maybe you can get s screener copy?

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please, read this! It´s not possible that everyone really bought this Lost finale without any questioning!