Friday, May 21, 2010

CanadaAM Gets Lost

Here I am from this morning with Teddy and Ajay from Innerspace, talking about the end of Lost on CanadaAM. Go here to see the clip!


Frank said...

Not long enough and too much time taken up by the recap... other than that, fun little segment!

Austin Gorton said...

Well done Nikki!

humanebean said...

That WAS a clever recap. Really did bring people up to speed quickly, all things considered. Of course, it made no SENSE - but that worked in its favor, from the viewpoint of the ardent fan.

Well done, Nik!

JS said...

One in each! OR!!! None in either!!!

The Question Mark said...

I feel sorry for all the non-LOST watchers who woke up early and were usddenly bombarded by that hyper-recap of the whole series! LoL

It's like, "Oh, yawn, good morning. Make a coffee. Let's turn the news on. Looks like-WHOA!!!!!"

Good stuff, Nikki!

Actually, last night at the Scotiabank theatre, my pals & I got interviewed by the lady from. I think she said she'd be interviewing you as well. Do you know at all what time that will be airing?

The Question Mark said...

*I don't know how i managed to leave it otu in the last post, but the lady who interviewed me was from CBC. :p

Zari said...

"Nikki Stafford, author of the acclaimed FINDING LOST series of books!"


Check out this week's New Yorker magazine cartoon:

Unknown said...

That was fun to watch if a bit short due to the hyper clip. You are all so cheerful looking :-)

Wanted to say I was able to get the clip more directly at

Zari said...

Sorry I didn't get the New Yorker cartoon link quite right -- again ;}

Click through the 'toons to #11 -- "The End Is Near..."