Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best LOST Pic Ever?

Here's something to waste an hour staring at this weekend (and yes, I've been staring at every inch of it for the past 30 minutes before posting it here!):


Derek said...

Oh my gosh that was so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!

poggy said...

It might be because my family owns a houseware/hardware store, but the first thing to catch my attention was the WD40 in the foreground. Is it for the frizen donkey wheel? :D

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

you could get some serious eye strain from this pic.

VW: merses - the bags Ben and Richard carry around

Lee said...

I think it's hilarious that Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof...who have written some of the finest, richest episodes in television history, filled with so much action and adventure, humor and romance...keep hubba bubble bubblegum on their desk.



TM Lawrence said...

From Wired magazine, the whole article is must-read. Oddities from the Timeline that might offer insight:
- Locke captured by Widmore, rescued by Sayid
- Bentham asks Ben to kill him
- Jack/Ben start mission to convince Oceanic 6
- Flash separates Jack's group after landing Ajira #154
- Non-Dharma survivors incarcerate Locke
- Cuse's head conceals some island revelation (nothing new here!)

I didn't get much from the table and will leave the other stuff from the whiteboard alone because one should not peek into the future, or mess with the past.

Dave said...

It looks like the names for the next couple of episodes are "Jack/Locke" and "Hurley" but I can't make out what it says for "The Last Recruit." I'm also curious about the Jack and Bernard exchange. Jack asking about a patient's accident probably refers to Locke but I don't know why he'd be going to see a dentist about it—maybe the X-Locke's teeth don't match to his dental records?

Joan Crawford said...

@Poggy - frizen donkey wheel

Cutest typo ever.

Anonymous said...

Notice it mentions Shannon on the white board. Hmmmm...

scrvet said...

Great timeline. Can also see the titles of the next 2 episodes. I wonder if this was a candid shot or was it staged? If it was staged it could be full of misleading info.

ashlie said...

I love the "Squirrel baby on board" sign!

Fred said...

Wow, one of the most useless photos we have had yet. Is Carlton Cuse taking lunch orders for the crew? So, that's a silroin burger for you, Damon?

Staged isn't event he word for it. This is more staged than the Last Supper shoot. And even Damon dressed in black (so the real men in black are Damon and Carlton). Makes sense, since they've been playing a long con on the whole of the audience for six years.

But the secret to the show is there on the table. WD-40 and the little scientist doll before the potato trophy. Daniel Faraday has to oil the frozen wheel that got stuck when Ben moved the island.

It's like Slaughter House Five where the whole point was the Trafalmadorians argued for seeing life as inevitable. Yes, yes, free will. As the Trafalmadorians state, we are like bugs frozen in amber; so there is no question of free will. But then there is that WD-40. Just a bit might loosen fate/destiny up a little that free will can come in. Enough for wiggle room: moving the toes of a man who had crashed through a window to the ground.

Oh, and the doll next to the potato, is that Ms Hawking the Trafalmadorian?

SenexMacdonald said...

Both Justin and I looked at this and went "WOW!". So much...

Loved the small signs for locations on the desk. Probably so they can put them and the character's name together to track? How Locke of them if that is correct. :)

JS said...

I got a peek of this a few days back. I do not think it is staged, and as soon as I saw things I didn't recognized, I stopped reading. But the article package is good.

Erin said...

This just makes me happy. Thanks, Nikki!

JS said...
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JS said...
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JS said...

ONce more

this one is pretty awesome too.


word verif: deteer - "Now is the time on Sprokets when ve dance!" kind of

word verif 2: beabio - a tell all on Opie's aunt.

Casey said...

On the long list of all the characters on the show, Locke's name is on there twice. It's the second name on the list, and the last name. Interesting.

James F. McGrath said...

Is at ten-digit number a phone number? Has anyone called it?

humanebean said...

Whoa! This looks like it has spoilers for the next episode, so I quickly backed away. Is this true? I got the sense that it was starting to talk about scenes that followed what we just saw in "The Last Recruit". Can someone confirm or deny? I am in full spoilerphobe mode at this point and don't want to take any chances!

Ambivalentman said...

What a great photo of two masterminds at work! Thanks, Nikki!

Nurse Brian said...

...are those mini cassette tapes?

Also, I thought the "Anger Defcon Scale" really made me laugh. Apparently a "color level black angry opossum" supersedes a "code red Jacob"!

WV1: okerr - (1) phrase if 'Lil Jon spent too much time in the south, (2) What happens when Al Roker's name when he gets caught in a tornado

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that a black bag like the one Ilana carried around, that Hurley picked up and looked in, is sitting next to a water bottle on the desk. Since the bag probably has Jacob's ashes in it and water is the one thing we know the smoke monster can't travel over.

Mr. Straume said...

Miles' name is not on the list of names, but "Candle" is. Miles' father Pierre Chang went by Marvin Candle in the Dharma Orientation videos...significance? Maybe "Candle" is referring to Miles.

Where did you find this photo?

Joan Crawford said...

@James - Yeah, 352 is the area code for Gainseville, Fla. apparently. I didn't call could very well be an actual number.

Some poor old Gramma is like "Curses! I don't know what a Dharma is, stop calling me!"

Mojo said...

I live in 352 and I'm pretty sure that would be a cell number.

And let me just say that pic makes for an excellent wallpaper.

LoyallyLOST said...

You could absolutely go insane trying to figure everything out! Awesome picture! I will have to take the time & stare at this!!!
There is a part that has a glare. It is behind Damon Lindeloff. I think that is his name? Is there one on anyone elses?
Thanx, Nikki! You always give us 'food for thought'!

LittleMo said...

I love it that even they have had to draw up a timeline.
Shame I can't make out the text on it - my PC just won't make it sharp when I zoom in :-(

crazyinlost said...

BEAKER! I want one! I also want to know what the "Wheel of Fortune" game is in the background!

word verif-ellyg-I thought it was ellyh!

crazyinlost said...

@Fred-I have one thing to say to you, "Every party needs a pooper that's why I invited you, party poop-er, party poop-er".
So there!

Fred said...

@LoyallyLOST:There is a part that has a glare. It is behind Damon Lindeloff. I think that is his name?

No. That is just the brilliance of the writing that shines through Damon and Carlton.

Hieronymus42 said...

Actually that's the 2nd best LOST pic ever.
Here's the first:

Joan Crawford said...

^ LOOOOL! Oh my God, that is beyond description.

He's a Seductive Leopard-Bat and he's got a secret to tell you!

Kiki said...

Ahh -- something to entertain us while we wait for the next episode! Hmmmmm. "Is it live or is it memorex?"

My mind is leaning towards staged but my heart wants it to be real.

Even if it is staged, I'm sure they have left "clues" all over. It's now for us to decipher which are worthy of our time and attention! Who said we need an episode to create discussion, obsession and theories. The game goes on . . . .

TiaSabita said...

Love it!!

I wonder if Hurley's 'I love my Shih Tzu' tee inspired the pin-up picture or the other way around?

My dad has a nice alien collection (which I hope to inherit one day!) with a blow-up alien very similar to the one relaxing on the couch!

I vote for a little bit staged but who cares?!

humanebean said...

I know it's early
but I just can't help myself
I gots to haiku

Blam said...

Elvis's reply
To your compulsion: Haiku.
Haiku very much.

humanebean said...

I can always count
on you, Blam, to return serve.

Batcabbage said...

Is there a clue here?
I don't know. But Joan finds half-
Bats quite alluring!

VW - boringst - the street where nothing much happens.

Blam said...

Half-bats alluring?
What about half-cabbages?
Dare I ask: Kitties?

VW: storin — What I'm doin' when I'm puttin' stuff away for safe-keepin'.

humanebean said...

There are times when I
haven't got a clue what you
guys are on aboot

Not that it matters;
I could listen to you guys
make no sense for days

Verification word: "ingynes" - wearing scrubs for obstetrics?

Batcabbage said...

Keep using words like
'Aboot' and Evil Blam may
Just turn up here, eh?

Batcabbage said...

Oh yes, and:

Are sensible. Just part of
A balanced diet!

Nikki Stafford said...

Don't be making fun
Of us Canadians, eh?
Call me Canikki.

Nikki Stafford said...

Batcabbage! You are
not on Facebook? Sigh. I will
NEVER see your face.

humanebean said...

What do you call our
whiskey-drinking friends up north?
Canadian Club!

Sorry, that was weak.
Canikki go one better?
Oh yes she can-can!

Batcabbage said...

Yes, Nik, I'm one of
Those people. No face, no book.
It's a mystery!

"Call Me Canikki"?
You know, I think there's a show
In there somewhere. Eh?


humanebean said...

C'mon, Batcabbage!
Pardon my French; Facebook me,
mon petit chou chou

Hmmmm ... I don't think that
anyone will get that joke;
French 'chou' means 'cabbage'

Good luck trying to
squeeze in the French word for 'bat';
it's 'le chauve -souris'

A three language guy -
'trilingual'. Two, 'bilingual'.
One? 'American'

humanebean said...

Not sure this will work:
"Canikki at Canightie"
sounds like a porn film

Blam said...

"One? American."
So true, my friend, and some have
trouble with that one.

Le chou chauve-souris...
That's more of a mouthful than
Die fledermaus kraut

Blam said...

My fav'rite song from
Canadian T-Pain and
Friends: "I'm on Aboot"!

TiaSabita said...

@humanebean - "One (language)? American."
So true and so sad! Hopefully this curse will
become weaker and weaker with each new

tiffanietales said...

Nikki, where did you find this? I would like to see more commentary on it and see if anyonehas pointed out more interesting stuff elsewhere, like what the green sheet of paper shows... Korean symbols?
VW: avocatsi - Nikki's favorite past time is LOST avocatsi. ;)

snoochies said...

It's from Wired magazine - loads of comments on slashfilm where I saw it first

tiffanietales said...

Thank you snoochies!

Kiki said...

A three language guy -
'trilingual'. Two, 'bilingual'.
One? 'American'

I find that this is really a fact that is bred by necessity. You learn what you need to and if others around you do not speak a second language, you tend not to learn one from an early age -- which studies show is so important to learning and retaining a language. I saw a movie at our international film festival called "Speaking in Tongues" about immersion schools in San Francisco. One of the most interesting comments to me was about a young hispanic boy whose father only spoke Spanish. A teacher commented on how if the young man did not attend the immersion school, which includes 50% of this lessons in Spanish, almost all of his Spanish would be lost by a certain age because he would fail to use it at a traditional school. I think the biggest challenge is learning a language and using it on a regular basis so you don't lose the skill. Ok, that is way to serious for me! And to such a fun Nikki post!!