Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Lost Haiku: The Package

Sorry guys, I completely forgot about the haiku this week! And... to remind me, humanebean's been haikuing like a crazy man. So now I shall post his and you can respond with your own!!

You'd think that Nikki
wouldn't miss a chance to say
"Yay! Desmond's package!"

All I need to hear:
"Whatever happens, happens"
*sigh* I miss Daniel

Always good to see
Sun play peek-a-boo with Jin.
Sorry - chest kidding!

Bon Anniversaire!
I couldn't be happier
if it was my own!

I always knew that
if I waited long enough
you'd be Apple Cool.

Now, can we expect
video podacsts right from
your sweet new iPhone?

And now from me (and to explain humanebean's last 3 there):
Mentioned on Facebook:
I got an iPhone for my
birthday. What's an "app"?



humanebean said...

Not taking the bait.
I know you know ... but really
"there's an app for that" ; ]

humanebean said...

How cool would it be
if Desmond used an iPhone
to 'capture' Smokey?

humanebean said...
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humanebean said...

the Island is all PC.
Old technology.

Although the Frozen
Donkey Wheel looks like a big
Safari icon!

Maybe that's IT, then.
"Two sides: one light, one dark". Ha!
Apple/Microsoft. ; ]

Fred said...

In X, Jin's sperm worked,
No need for an island tryst,
Nor condom, it seems.

EvaHart said...

Mikahil is alive!
and has both eyes! Good for-
Wait. Not anymore.

Ambivalentman said...

Sawyer wants cocoa;
Claire wanted peanut butter.
Where is Charlie, man?

Sayid cannot feel
Anything anymore, which
makes me very scared.

Unbutton your blouse,
Sun, again and again and--
Daddy won't find out...

Sun can't speak English
Now. Is this important, or
a lazy plot tool?

Jin saw Ji Yeon
for the first time in his life--
My heart leapt with joy.

Jack got Sun to join
Team Jacob; those two are both
stubborn tomatoes.

I think the package
Widmore was talking about
Is in Desmond's pants...

That was very lewd--
I hope you weren't offended,
But girls? Think I'm right?

Haiku's are such fun,
Moreso when combined with LOST.
Here is my last one:

Mr. Paik sucks balls
for making Jin pay out his
bouty to Keamy.

Fred said...

Naveen Andrews' role
Cut back; how much skill to be
A vacant zombie?

Desmond's next week, in
LA X. Whom will he meet
We already know?

Charlie, based on Miles.
Penny no doubt. Ms Hawking
May yet have her say.

Or one with red shoes,
Who this time does not get killed:
Hoping it's Frogurt.

So much depends up-
on a package locked in a
sub's room glazed with rain.

Widmroe says to Black:
Walk with me along the beach,
We've much to discuss.

You were nothing more
Than myths and jungle noises.
You look somewhat stressed.

Black: Nope, not me. But
Don't tell me what I can't do.
It's my destiny.

humanebean said...

Poor, Zoe! You've become
season 6's Nikki &
Paolo for some fans.

Blam said...

"Chest kidding!" I groaned.
And then I tittered. Get it?
Tittered? Never mind.

Blam said...

run run run run run
run run run run run run run
run run run TREE! bonk

Blam said...

Maybe that's IT, then.
"Two sides: one light, one dark". Ha!
Apple/Microsoft. ; ]

Only problem with
That analogy: Steve Jobs
Is the Man in Black!

Marebabe said...

We interrupt tonight’s haiku revelries to bring you an observation in plain old humble prose. It has to do with numbers. Not HURLEY’S numbers, but I just thought it was cool that today’s date is 4-6, and Nikki, you posted this at 4:06. That really appeals to my sense of order. :) AC-shoo-ally, if you multiply 4 X 6, you get 24, which is 42 backward. (I’m sorry. I’ll stop.) We now return you to Hilarious Haikus, in progress...

Ambivalentman said...

Oh, you Man in Black,
Even though he's dead, Johnny
Cash wants his name back.

humanebean said...

I see your point, Blam
Now I picture Smokey in
a mock turtleneck

Perhaps Smokey is
Steve's Evil Twin? The horror!
Curse you, Gary Troupe!

And by the way, Blam
ROTFL at your
last pun. Breast one yet!

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Waiting till the end
To make my final judgement
Haven't been steered wrong yet

Lisa(until further notice) said...

Desmond is a dream
Can't wait to see him on screen
He will guide us home

Lisa(until further notice) said...

3 minutes to go
Can't wait to see Desmond
Will Penny be far behind?

Blam said...

Breast one yet! Thanks, bra...
And folks who know me think I'm
Just so buttoned-down.

humanebean said...

In the bust of all
possible worlds, my cup runs
over. Such a boob!

Blam said...

If you're a boob then
so am I. We must be twins,
my bosom buddy.

Blam said...

Okay, I'm going
for it: Jin looked like a deer
caught in the headlights.

Nikki Stafford said...

Blam: run run run run run
run run run run run run run
run run run TREE! bonk