Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lost Haiku: Happily Ever After

Just look at him, smiling and waiting for the haiku fun we're going to have today. I'm hoping to beat the spontaneous outbreak of haikus on other posts by making this go live at noon, but I'm sure someone will beat me to it and already have posted something to be found elsewhere on the blog! I'll only offer a few this week, and I leave it up to you! There's so much to talk about with this one, so let's go to it!!

The embodiment
Of love in all its glory:
Thy name is Desmond.

Seems in any world
Daniel wears that pencil tie.
But... um... leather pants?!

Gigantic white hair.
Symbolic glistening broach.
Yep. It’s Eloise.

Zapped with many volts,
Desmond’s body glows. Is he...
Doctor Manhattan?!


Blam said...

All you need is love.
Love is all you need. Well, that
and explanations.

On this island is
a magic box that fries you
good (except Desmond).

"Penny's my half-sis.
I'll tell you where to find her."
"That's creepy, brutha."

"I had a vision
and felt true love." Yeah, that's 'cause
you swallowed drugs, dude.

"Desmond! MacCutcheon?"
"Charles! Yes, thank you." "So." "Hi."
mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah

TM Lawrence said...

A Haiku pentad before Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it's off to work I go:

Unleashed, chair-bound, pulsed
Twisted roads must be traversed
‘Ere Des and Pen unite

Charles roasts or toasts
McGuffin scotch shared or not
Truer hearts break through

Deathwish Charlie sparked
Love’s straight path and Dan refines;
Fate made Manifest!

In this LAX
Or Island time, live entwined
Or alone you die.

Eye opened to Love
Charles and Charlie play part
Hide and Seek Penny.

Blam said...

Hawking, Faraday,
Widmore, Milton... Just what
is this family's name?

"Desmond?" "Where am I?"
"The Island." "Rassafrassin'...
You bloody bastard!"

"Desmond?" "I'm awake."
"Now, we have to..." "It's okay.
I'm with you." "You are?"

humanebean said...

Desmond episodes
burrow closest to the core
of LOST, don't you think?

humanebean said...

Daniel's musical genius-
blending classical with rock.
Drive Shaft? Uh, really?

Blam said...

They burrow closest
to Nikki's core, nudge nudge wink
Know what I mean?

"Do you need a ride?"
"I'm pregnant." "And I'm Desmond.
Let's go get a room."

humanebean said...

Mr. Widmore, are
you the villain or hero?
Please make up your mind!

humanebean said...

Blam, you are killing me here.
*think I hurt myself*

Blam said...

"Sorry I fainted."
"That's all right. Did you happen
to, er, flash-forward?"

bang bang bang bang bang
"Des: Come with me. You: Run! You're
hosting SNL!"

"Like this song, mate?" "Eh."
"Well, just for that I'm gonna
drive us off the road."

Blam said...

"Do you have any
metal in your pockets? Keys,
change, watch, sardine tin?"

"I was kidnapped from
the bloody hospital by
you lot. You tell me!"

humanebean said...

Charlie, when you run,
your johnnie exposes your
whole back catalogue.

Coulda been worse, though.
If you'd had it on backwards,
we'd see your Drive Shaft.

humanebean said...

Excuse me, Eloise
but YOU'RE one to talk about
a "violation".

humanebean said...

I can't blame Desmond,
if Penny smiled at me that
way, I would faint, too.

Blam said...

"Paging Dr. Jack
Shephard. Jack Shephard. Don't just
do something; stand there."

Sorry, Dan, but your
dream girl has been rooting through
someone else's drawers.

"Can you get me the
passenger list from my flight?"
"Really? No call girls?"

Blam said...

"Wait just a moment.
Mmm. Yes. He's quite burnt. All right,
you can take him now."

Teebore said...

From galaxy far
A creature of hair looks for
Eloise, its host

In another life,
I've seen me, Brutha
Drinking MacCutcheon

Island Fried Desmond
wasn't extra crispy. Whew!
Nikki can breath now.

Joshua said...

no, not Penny's boat
it's poor Desmond's rental car
no deposit back

Blam said...

"What happened, happened."
"The Island's not done with you."
New dialogue, please!

"I think I set off
an atomic bomb and it
changed reality."

"Okay, skinny-tied
Charles Manson pianist,
let's look at your notes."

Duke said...

Blam and Humanbean - Hi-larious! I was laughing out loud. Thank you.

humanebean said...

Now I can see why
Daniel suggested the bomb.
ROCK those leather pants!

Blam said...

Nikki: "Violate
me, Desmond! Yoo-hoo! Over
here! Violate me!"

Blam said...

Nothing like some good
clean haiku fun to make the
afternoon fly by.

humanebean said...

We have a winner!

Loretta said...

Penny says: I have
to meet the love of my life
while I am sweating?!?!?

Half-brother sets me
up with creepy Scot stalker.
At least he is cute.

Hate to tell you, Dan,
but James Ford got to the red
haired anthropologist first.

(okay, that last one might be untrue because I think the Dan-Desmond conversation happens before Sawyer and Charlotte have their little date...).

Loretta said...

Also, my counting was all wrong for my last haiku too.

I feel so dumb right now. :-P

Nikki Stafford said...

LOL!! Oh man you guys are hilarious. I'm thinking now I need a haiku section at the end of every episode guide in the season 6 book, and pick my fave from each week. :) These are brilliant!!

humanebean said...

Many years from now,
we'll think of that show that we
made haikus about

What was that thing called?
Damn, I almost had it there ...
nope, guess I lost it.

Something about an
Island ... and a man shouting:
"De plane, boss! De plane!!"

There was this one guy
who was a smoke monster:
the Marlboro Man?

Wish I could recall
the name of the doctor guy ...
guess I don't know Jack.

Oh, yeah! The plane crashed!
THAT'S how it started. Then in
the last episode----

***this memory was
deleted by the Dharma
Initiative. END***

humanebean said...

MAN, what did we do
before we had Nikki's blog?
I'm drawin' a blank.

I'm sure that Al Gore
is proud to have this excuse
to invent the web

And Damon and Carlton
must thank their lucky stars that
the show was worth it

Nikki Stafford
authoress extraordinaire
your fans salute you!

(must remember
not to hit the McCutcheon
in the afternoon) ; ]

Fred said...

Thughts on Philip K. Dick and LOST:

Philip K. Dick thought
Twin universes, one kills
The insane other.

Is Charlie's vision
Valis' purple light touching
Our core synapses?

In Blade Runner eyes
Distinguish android from flesh,
Yet equal in love.

Is LOST's island eye
A computer terminal
With space-time power?

On Happily Ever After:

Charlie seeing Claire,
Like Locke, who saw into the
Eye of the island.

All you need is love,
And some peyote, Oldham,
Magnetic coils, too!

Des' Man in Black
Is Alt time's go-fer, who'll get
Des' heart's desire.

Of course I can drink,
It was heroin, you sod.
Now, let's have a drive.

Eloise's hair
Reminds me of Tim Burton's
Film, When Mars Attacked

Twin stars on a brooch,
Jack's neck, a bleeding star nick,
Juliet's startling brand.

Is Widmore's gadget
The magic box which transports
What we most desire?

Angstrom the rabbit,
Whose name is electrical,
Is spared further angst.

Lists are for Jacob
Or lunch parties on birthdays,
Or, ugh, the laundry.

Eloise explains
Violations occur when
You're not ready yet.

Seconds in cabin,
Again time discrepency,
Days in LA X.

Did Des and Penny
Not meet at Moriah Church
In previous life time?

If not, something has
Changed. As Milton, not Lost, but
Paradise regained?

Fred said...

Just a thought, when Charlie shows Desmond this is only one reality, he sits back ready to drown. Uhmmm. So how is Charlie going to meet Claire if he drowns? Is there yet another life?

Fred said...

Although it's taboo,
Can't Man in Black appear in
Alternate time-line?

Each episode a
Substitute appeared dressed in
Black, offering a wish.

Mirrored as twin worlds,
Jacob and Man in Black could
Access to each world.

Would Man in Black be
A sommelier, a taste
For fine bottled wines?

A portrait artist,
Capturing your soul on film
With a single flash.

Or a Scout leader,
The camp fire just a column
Of smoke and ashes.

Marebabe said...

But Nikki, how on
earth will you choose only one
favorite each week?

Jenn said...

Oh charlie, my dear
Think the heroin you swallowed
caused u to feel love?

Or was it that, you
like desmond, found that preggo claire
was both cute and hot?

Daniel loved Charlotte
the moment he saw her. Too bad
Sawyer saw her first.

Faraday; the bomb
He thinks he already dropped it,
He feels the alt-world.

It's Zombie Sayid!
Desmond seems pretty cool with that.
Follow the Zombie.

Batcabbage said...

Sorry, Desmond. I
brought you back to the Island.
Wow, you're real calm. SMACK!

Ow! You hit me! But
You see, I'm bleeding, making
Me the victor. Ha!

"Got any metal
on you?" "Well, there's my flies. Will
this thing fry my wang?"

It's sad when a man
who helps a pregnant lady
is seen as creepy.

Mr Hume, you want
A hooker? Some blow? Perhaps
A mixture of both?

"No, thanks. Just work." "Of
course. See, that's why I'm just a
driver.... or a pimp."

"Not Penny's boat"? Of
course it's not! This is a car,

You lost the rock star?
Nice knowing you, Desmond! My
Wife will now kill you!

When you tell Mrs
Widmore, try not to look at
her hair directly.

"Mrs Widmore? I'm
Desmond Hume." "I know. Er, I
Mean, pleased ta meetcha!"

"How do you know what
I'm looking for?" "Because I
Bloody do!" Awesome.

Thanks, Lost. Way to keep
us in the dark. Please, go on!
We don't want answers!

"Sorry I zapped you.
If you'll just let me explain."
"I understand, Charles."

NOOO! Shut up, Desmond!
YOU might understand, but I
Could use a few tips!

"A coffee? I'm all
sweaty." "I just fainted." "Yes,
that was quite manly."

"Can you get me the
manifest?" "Of course! Hookers,
blow.... flight manifests...."

Jazzygirl said...

AAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I can't stay up for the recap and I won't be able to come on here until tomorrow night!! :( I'm shaking my fists here because I want to talk about tonight's episode! I know Nikki is working on it and I'm grateful but holy mutherf____ I can only IMAGINE what her reaction is going to be on this one!!!!!! I think I gasped and screamed out more than ever myself!

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Poor numbered bunnies
destined to be subjected
to more time travel?

The cabin is not
Jacob's, but it has a strange
resemblance to it.

Will the magnet test
blow off Desmond's clothes again?
Well, Nikki can hope.

Minkowski went from
com officer to limo
driver. A downgrade?

So Charlie saw Claire?
Consciousness-altering love?
Universes cross.

Here, just lay right down.
MRI won't take too long
And here's the Button.

VW: estinal - what's left when you take the int out.

Rainier said...

Eloise Hawking
Says "its a violation!"
And tells Des to stop

Being Time Police,
she should pull out her pad and
write Des a ticket.

Daniel's over there
playing a bit of Chopin
on the piano.

Gives what Desmond says -
“see you in another life”-
A whole new meaning.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

I think I'm in love.
She was eating some chocolate.
The red-haired vixen.

Look at these strange marks.
But I am a musician,
not a physicist.

I don't want to set
off a nuclear bomb now.
I already did.

VW: alcal - a full-calorie item