Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lost 6.14: “WTF”

Wow, one week closer to the finale, guys. Sorry I didn’t get this post up last night. The craziest thing happened: I was just finishing watching Lost, wiping the tears of joy and laughter and sadness from my eyes, when there was a knock at the door, I opened it, and then just stood there in stunned silence as Bono gave me a small wave and said hello. And David Bowie was with him. Like... WHAT?! They both came in, I told them I was just finishing up watching Lost, and they both went, ‘Oh my GOD I thought it was a repeat tonight!!’ I said so did I until I tuned in and sure enough, it was a new one and it had been a screwup.

So anyway, that’s why I’m late with this post. A future post shall outline everything we chatted about. It was pretty epic.

Anyway, on to the observations!!

• Ben walking in on Richard Alpert applying eyeliner. That moment was gold. And the way Emerson delivered that line?? Awesome. “You have been denying the guyliner for years and I KNEW it wasn’t just your lustrous lashes. Dammit, Richard, you’re a bigger liar than I am.”
• Miles then interjecting, “And that is saying a LOT.”
• Zoe stepping into the electromagnetic cabin and NOT surviving the zap. Thank you, writers!! It was a glorious ending to that character, and you know, those final words of hers actually made me like her, surprisingly.
• Desmond clawing his way out of the well using nothing more than his fingernails and Scottish determination. And still looking awesome when he got to the top.
• Sayid is back!!! He is BACK!! When Hurley showed up and said he was talking to dead Nadia and then Sayid could actually SEE her, it was the perfect parallel scene to the one with Richard and Isabella. And just like that moment gave Richard something to live for, watching Sayid reel back and fall over and then look up and the old Sayid was there and the empty shell was gone??? Oh my god, TEARS!!!!
• OK, you’re all waiting for me to point this out so I will... when Nikki and Paulo showed up in the sideways world and he had syphilis and she had gone mad and then they both got in that big shoving match and pushed each other out of the 16th-storey window (Hurley number!) and landed in that dumpster filled with broken glass just before the peroxide truck backed up and covered them in alcoholey agony... ah, the screams. And then when the manure truck backed up and dumped it all over them, suffocating them in fertilizer? HAHAHAHAHA... almost better than the island death. (But a little confusing about why all of those trucks happened to converge on the same spot at the same time? But I’m willing to let that plot hole go.)
• Jack finally catching up to Christian and talking to him and working out the father/son issues. WOW. The Jears were epic, Christian finally became the sympathetic character we knew he was... and to FINALLY have that unbelievable explanation of why he’s on the island?? Wow, I totally did NOT see THAT one coming!! These writers are brilliant.
• The quiet scene of Sun telling Jin all about Ji Yeon. More tears... Oh, I love having them together again.
• The final Ben/Widmore showdown. I’ve been waiting for this moment since “The Shape of Things to Come” and it was PHENOMENAL. Oh my GOD... I will be devoting pages and pages of my final book to this meeting. LOVED it. I think the crux of the entire series was right there.

Did You Notice?
• That I got really drunk right before 9pm and passed out?
• That right in the middle of talking to Bono and David Bowie, I suddenly opened my eyes and it was like it was all... a dream or something? Weird.

You can read more about last night's episode (if you missed it!) and see some great stills from it by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

I think the two trucks are evidence that we are watching more than one sideways universe converging.

What? Drunken dream? Oh, never mind.

Anonymous said...

And Zoe's final words were: ARGHHHHHH ARGHHHH!

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Bwa hahahahahahahahaha! I so needed that right now. You have no idea.

VW: corbarn - the place they store the corn

Joan Crawford said...

16th-storey window (Hurley number!)


Benny said...

Don't be too happy yet Nikki, in the preview for next week, we see NotLocke waking up and saying: "I just had a vision" and Jack replying: "That was just a dream, none of it was real"

I personally think they talking about this week's episode, ALL of it!

Aimee R said...

Hilarious!!! You are too funny!

humanebean said...

Oh, no! Not the ol' "it was all a dream" canard! Aieeeeee!

Actually, my favorite part was when the young actress playing Ben and Kate's daughter was revealed to be "... (someone) Stafford". Anyone catch the first name?

Also really enjoyed the scene of Jack and Locke jello wrestling to see who wins the Island. Did you SEE the look on Sawyer's face? There was some SERIOUS man-crushing going on there. Sack? Or Lawyer?

IMO, Vincent should get an Emmy for his tearful reunion with Mysteriously Aged And Shrunken Walt, finally revealed to be Michael's father. He's his own Grandpa!

Benny said...

@humanebean: Walt as his own grampa... of course! Just like Fry in Futurama.

That make more sense now, especially when you take in the scene the in sideways world where Michael is talking to his dad (did no one else comment on James Earl Jones!) and he treats him exactly like he treated Walt. I wonder if we're going to have the same kind of resolution too.

Also, maybe the vision/dream refered to the love scene between Widmore and Ghost-Ana Lucia, I just don't really buy that, it seemed somewhat out of place!

humanebean said...

@Benny - yes, but the PG-13-for-prime-time-TV sex scene was HOT though, didn't you think? Or, was it just me?

Anonymous said...

You don't know how close I came to shutting down the internet in a vain attempt to find this damn episode and download, thinking I had missed the best LOST episode yet....ohhhhh, man...I can't believe you hoodwinked me that easily, Ms. Nikki...

I bow to you.


Teebore said...

But a little confusing about why all of those trucks happened to converge on the same spot at the same time?

That was the icing on a hilarious cake.

Myself, I loved the revelation that everyone Desmond's ever called "brutha" really WERE his brothers.

Did not see that coming...

Nikki Stafford said...

Lost chat happening now at the Globe!

Jazzygirl said...

This whole thread if F'ing brilliant. I SO needed that smile today! I mean really, who else but LOST fans could appreciate, never mind come up with, something like this. You guys are the best, really. :)

humanebean said...

Ah, Jazzygirl - but we doo eet all for JOO! Eet ees all to make joo SMILE.

Besides, we're all certifiable. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Heck! I only got the repeat, but your summary was brilliant.

VW: deadenes What I fear is going to happen to too many of my favorite LOST characters.

Thanks for the laugh,

Cloe said...

hahaha...wooooosh and Nikki has flashsidewayed...and in this alternate world she is still a fantastic writer...thank goodness...OxO

JS said...

Nice recap. Though it is strange you didn't mention the revelation of Annie as MiB' reincarnated mother! And the decoding of the secret message from Radzinski was really out of left field. I'm going to take a closer look at that screencap.

But the thing that really got me was when the island was revealed to actually be in a bubble in one of the Great Lakes. I did not see that coming.

Jenn said...

Excellent recap Nikki, as always!

But I am curious why you did not mention the scene where we see Kate tell Sawyer o take a hike and for Jack to stop Jear-ing all over her? Maybe that was post pass-out?

Also, did anyone else catch the part where Crazy Alive Charlie glimpsed Crazy Island Claire and vowed to find her, and her Crazy Fake Baby? It was really quick, so I wasn't sure if anyone else got this?

Anonymous said...

you suck, I was totally scouring the internet for the video, then I just decided to read the rest of your blog. Fell for it line and sinker.

Donna S. said...

You actually made my heart skip a beat, for a couple of seconds there! Did I really MISS an episode??

Is this not the END of April, and not April Fool's Day?

Ha ha ha...very funny, Nikki!

The Question Mark said...

@HUMANEBEAN: Ya, that sex scene was rather blue for prime-time. Especially once Widmore broke out the jar of crunchy peanut butter and the plastic hamster wheel...

I noticed something VERY cool in this ep, by the way!
When Jacob is talking to Hurley about fate vs. free will, he says that Hurley was originally on the Island for 3 months, and now in 2007, he says Hurley's been on the Island for 6 days. Well...
If you look in the Bible under Ecclesisastes, Ch. 3, Verse 6, it says: "Desmond is the Candidate". Cool, huh?!

Also, I was so relieved to FINALLY learn the Man in Black's name! Greg! Who'd have thunk?
(Dare I make the suggestion of a "Dharma & Greg" spinoff when this is all over?)

Ambivalentman said...

Clever, Nikki! Although, I would've loved the scene between Richard and Ben a bit more if Ben had taken the time to show Richard some make-up tips of his own. After all, with all of his passports, he's quite the master of disguise.

crazyinlost said...

Sooofunny! If only we could live in our dreams! Dreams are awsome!
But, sadly we need to come back to reality. I would tell you all some of my dreams,

crazyinlost said...

@humanebean-Actually, my favorite part was when the young actress playing Ben and Kate's daughter was revealed to be "... (someone) Stafford". Anyone catch the first name?

Ben and Kate's daughter?? Ewwwww!

Lynn Allen said...

All I can say is, "What have you been smoking, Nikki??"

Derek said...

Haha oh my god that Nikki and Paulo bit almost made me piss my pants!!!! :D

Gracie said...

@EVERYBODY, ESPECIALLY NIKKI: I'm jumping in here with both feet since I know just how much Nikki loathes this man, but if anyone is interested, I just stumbled upon a little, ole interview The Washington Post has with Henry Ian Cusick today. That would be Desmond for those of you who don't follow the actors real names. I don't know how to make a hot link, but you can find it here:

DAMN NIKKI! You didn't have to knock me down on the way out the door!! I'd have stepped aside, ya know?

Gracie said...


It never occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't have posted that due to fear of spoilers until after I posted it. I have read it all the way through, and Mr. Cusick is protective in all the right places of the script and his place in it. I don't see any spoilers, or what I would call a spoiler.

I will point out though, that this is ANOTHER arrow aimed directly at the end of Lost, and it hits the heart too. I almost feel like a good sob would be in order after reading that.

JW said...

Nikki, you're crazy. :)

Zibeck said...

I hate to be one to nitpick, but the title of the episode was actually "WT F"

Note the space!

JenniferS said...

It was really great when the Nikki and Paolo zombies came out of that cornfield and hauled off Zoe, moaning "Jacob wants youuu toooo . . ."

Thanks, Nikki, for the laugh and the cardiac arrest!

Gracie said...

TO RAINIER: I know you are waiting on me and I cannot receive or send mail. Online we are one company, but mailbox belongs to another, and it doesn't work? Suggestions?

(apologies to everyone else, but she's waiting for me)

Anonymous said...

Good one, Nikki.