Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lost Hiatus... We Were SO Close...

OK, it's one night only, but still... any break from Lost right now is seriously painful for fans. I just heard that next week's episode (April 27) has been bumped a week so it will air on May 4, then we'll have eps on May 11, May 18, and then the finale is May 23, meaning there are two episodes within that final week (I think the original plan had been to not have one on the 18th).

Honestly, I think this is a good thing. I'd rather have the penultimate episode and the finale right next to each other than have some cliffhanger right near the end and have to wait almost two weeks for it to resolve. So... let's rejoice, and we shall come together next Tuesday and talk about Glee or something. ;) Oh, who am I kidding... we'll have Lost hiatus haikus!! :)

You can read the full story here, at TVOvermind.


humanebean said...

Well ... I have mixed emotions here. Obviously, a two-week wait between episodes is excruciating at this stage ... but I do like the idea of a LOST weekend (apologies to Ray Milland) for the finale. Three hours of LOST in 4 days! Heaven on earth with an onion slice.

Anonymous said...

Bummer, but at least I can watch Glee instead without waiting for On Demand.

Looking for the bright side.

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Anonymous said...

And by as, of course I meant 'at'. No edit button.

ashlie said...

I agree, it'll be rough next week, but am consoled by the fact that there will be an amazing penultimate episode on Tuesday, May 18th, followed by the special theatre Darlton interview on May 20th, and then the 5 hour long finale extravaganza on Sunday, May 23rd - made all the more glorius by the fact that Monday, May 24th is a holiday in Canada! Thank you, Queen Victoria!

Blam said...

Nikki: I'd rather have the penultimate episode and the finale right next to each other than have some cliffhanger right near the end and have to wait almost two weeks for it to resolve.


humanebean: Three hours of LOST in 4 days!

You know, I was about to chummily rag on you for not being able to count (Tuesday to Sunday)...

Ashlie: and then the 5 hour long finale extravaganza on Sunday

... when this made me wonder if maybe I wasn't the one not adding things up right. Even if there's a recap special and a Jimmy Kimmel special on finale night, both of which are purely conjecture for the purposes of this comment, I don't see how we get to five hours.

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Nikki Stafford said...

Blam: Geez, I was about to respond in haiku... I've got to get out of that mindset. Cough!

Ashlie is referring to the 5-hour event that is planned on Sunday: A 2-hour recap to come before the ep, then the 2-hour episode, followed by the one-hour Kimmel special.

humanebean said...

Yes Blam, you are right
math was never my subject
tempus fugit with LOST

I can't count for beans
it's a good thing that they put
the numbers in order

; ]

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Blam said...

Wait... So I totally made something up and it was right?!?

humanebean said...

Blam, the last time you
were wrong about something was...
was ... wait, when was that?

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Teebore said...

@Ashlie made all the more glorius by the fact that Monday, May 24th is a holiday in Canada! Thank you, Queen Victoria!

Aw, why'd we stupid Americans have to break with England? :)

Instead, I'll be making the 24th my own personal holiday this year.

@Nikki/Blam I'd rather have the penultimate episode and the finale right next to each other than have some cliffhanger right near the end and have to wait almost two weeks for it to resolve.

Ditto ditto.

Marebabe said...

Attention LOST bobblehead fans! There’s another in the series of bobbleheads, and this one is really a winner. It’s called “Feral Claire and the Squirrel Baby”. I saw it over on Lost For a Reason last week, but I waited to tell you-all about it, because when I first saw it, there was a rather spoilery picture right beside it. (I hate that!) Anyway, now it’s safe to check out the bobblehead picture, because the offending picture is now located far down the page. You can safely scroll down clear through the LOST caricatures drawn by a Mad Magazine cartoonist. There’s also a short video tour of some S6 props, which is quite interesting. http://www.forareasonblog.com/

humanebean said...

Hey now! Have you folks heard about "LOST-a-thon"? Billed as "121 Episodes, 96 Hours, 4 Guys, 3 Days", it's a marathon rewatch of ALL LOST episodes, including this season, before the finale - to set a new Guinness Book World Record for marathon TV watching AND to raise funds for 3 worthwhile charities!

Check it out for yourselves at: http://lostathon.com/

I first learned of it on the excellent LOST blog of Erika Olsen, LongLiveLocke at http://www.longlivelocke.blogspot.com/

ashlie said...

@Teebore - if it's any consolation, the May 2-4 Long Weekend seems to have a tradition of crappy weather, whereas the American holiday weekend that follows it (Memorial Day, right?) seems to have a tradition of gorgeous weather. Humbug.

Teebore said...

@Ashlie: Yeah, it's Memorial Day. We do usually get pretty good weather for it (it's kinda our traditional "kick off to summer!" weekend) though my birthday is the 26th, so as a kid, I always hated Memorial Day because it meant everyone went to their cabin or out of town or was otherwise busy so they couldn't come to my birthday party.

@Humanebean: Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to check that out (and I like Erika's blog as well, though I've gotten behind on reading it lately).

Tanyam said...

@ Ashlie:
Fun fact: Did you know people on the West coast don't call the May long weekend the "May 2-4"? They don't get beer in cases of 24. Nobody there knew what the heck we were talking about!

Gracie said...

Hey Nikki: I haven't read on your post yet where I can click here, but I had heard this somewhere else, and wherever that was, it was followed by Lindelof saying, "No, we are playing it straight out until the end." "Or The End."

I thought it was ABC.com, but I'm not positive that's where it was.

Gracie said...

Okay, how do you find out if this is true, for sure? This was "Posted by Sam McPherson on April 2nd, 2010 - "

And I just heard Lindelof within the past week saying "We are playing it out until the end."

Nikki please comment?

Nikki Stafford said...

Gracie: I wouldn't have posted it without triple-checking it first. It's true. They are playing it out until the end, but they're just being forced to take one week off so they have the correct number of episodes. Damon Lindelof posted on FB yesterday that yesterday was officially his last day on the set, so clearly they're ending filming the finale. They probably saw what they had, realized they had to push the penultimate episode up against the finale and run them in the same week, and since it was too late to postpone this week's episode, they instead pushed off next week's.

I checked it on my actual television by clicking the program guide ahead a week, and sure enough, next week's ep is a repeat of Ab Aeterno, just like the article said it would be.

Gracie said...

Um TY Nikki, as always, but now I'm very confused. So, who was the person talking within the past week that sure sounded like Lindelof saying something different. Off the top of my head, he was addressing the episodes and rumors of a split and/or a pairing off. He said, no, we are playing it straight out until the end." Maybe he meant something else, but I didn't get it? How very weird.

In any case, Thanks Much for the heads up!

ashlie said...

@Tanyam - I know that in Northern Ontario they call it "May Run" which always seems weird to me. My husband's a northerner, and I always tease him for his crazy sayings. I'm from a beach resort-y area of SW Ontario, so it's definitely May 2-4 down here! I've already said I won't be camping for May 2-4 because I have LOST to watch!

Nikki Stafford said...

I don't know if Lindelof has made a comment, I haven't seen him contradict this story yet... and if he said that he was probably just making a play on words referring to the finale's title. That they're playing it out til The End. Missing one week isn't the same as going on a 3-month hiatus, so he could have said that and it would still mean the same thing, I think. :) They're still playing a Lost ep next week, so technically they're still playing it out, but it's just a repeat.

Who knows? :) All I know is there's no new ep next week.

Zari said...

@ Blam: re: 5 hour finale on May 23rd: Wait... So I totally made something up and it was right?!?

No, you didn’t make anything up even though you are right.
This announcement was released on Apr. 10th: “ABC is seeking to make an all-night event out of the series finale of "Lost" on Sunday, May 23. TheWrap.com reports that prior to the two-hour episode that night at 9 p.m. ET, there will be a two-hour retrospective. Then later that night, one of the most famous "Lost" fanatics, Jimmy Kimmel, will do a special "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in honor of the show.”

(...and apologies, Blam. I tried to follow your excellent, detailed instructions on how to put a hotlink here, but I’m not getting it right. This will work as a cut-&-paste, though. ;})

Word Verf: fonziv : Henry Winkler’s great-grandson.

Gracie said...

Nikki: My bad. Why did I doubt you? I KNOW better than that. YOU know that I know better. So, my bad. Only excuse I have for myself is that A and B didn't make any sense together.

Actually, I don't mind a repeat, especially of that particular episode. It's a good one to repeat, if they're gonna do one anyway.

I think, among other things, I'm just caught up in the whole "Lost is Ending" crisis. How can Lost be ending? Who wants this show to ever end? There is another hand, of course, and on the other hand, I would rather that it went out before it grew stale, and before fans hated it. And I DO wanna know all the answers just like everyone else. (Or most of the answers.)

It just doesn't sit well with me yet. And maybe it won't until "Lost Withdrawal" has all of us in therapy.

This also goes back to what this show has meant to me personally since I've found it, and you, and the blog, so how can it end? And you never answered my question about the publication date of your final Finding Lost book. I'm gonna need something to look forward to. Can I have that please?

Thanks for clearing out my head!

Gracie said...

This was on a CNN page. I'm leaving the typos and everything alone:

"I konw how the show will end.....Bobby died when he was run over by a car driven by his sister-in-law, Katherine Wentworth. Pam wakes up to find Bobby in the shower...it was all a dream"

God save us from that!

humanebean said...

@Gracie - I'm sure that Nikki has mentioned a release date for her final Finding LOST book, but I've forgotten. It should be available in late fall, around Nov. 1 if not sooner - I think. We'll all be waiting!

Gracie said...

@HB (Mind if I call you that?) who said: "@Gracie - I'm sure that Nikki has mentioned a release date for her final Finding LOST book, but I've forgotten."

I know it's been posted here, but I can't find it, and I believe she also told me in an e-mail that grew legs and walked right out of my mailbox, because I can't locate that either (and I know I didn't delete that one).

If anyone knows, please enlighten us.

As Nikki makes a blog post, like this one here called "Lost Hiatus...." and AFTER she posts it, we get the opportunity down below to receive e-mails as people reply to her post.
I will be off early tonight and gone in the morning to the doctors, but would like to receive the e-mails. Is there any way ANYWHERE to set that up BEFORE she actually posts it, or do you just have to wait? Can you get e-mails to something that isn't even posted yet? That sounds like "can you fix it before it's broken", but I think some of you will know what I mean.

Thank You One And All!

Gracie said...


Is there any way to know that Nikki has posted an update to her Blog that comes in your mailbox automatically?

For example: She posted "Lost Hiatus....." and then she posted "While You Wait For Lost". Is there a setting or something here at Google Accounts that will let you know in an e-mail that Nikki has updated her Blog?

Thanks Again!

WV: thers. The day after wed and the day before fri?

Gracie said...

@Benny who said:
-Locke being dead: agreed, Dead Is Dead, he could appear as a ghost to Hurley Where did I say this, so I know what you're replying to specifically?
-Nikki&Paulo: we won't appear, as confirmed by Darlton Personally I won't miss them.
-Jill, Gabriel, Jeffrey and the man who built the Lampost will not be answered, sorry to spoil it, but I don't want you to be disappointed when it (does not) happens. I wouldn't be surprised if the three (or four) people are not addressed, but don't you think we need to know something about The Lamp Post, especially since it's a place ABOUT the island that is off-island?

JS said...

@Nikki - the hiatus has been planned for a while - I am pretty sure I saw that 3 or four weeks ago. But now I don't know why I thought you said they just came up with that. sorry