Friday, March 02, 2007

30 Rock: The Source Awards
I was SO excited when 30 Rock was new last night; after repeats of The Office and everything else, I was expecting to see a repeat of this as well, but it was new! Best moments:

Liz: When I was 8 I had my name on the scoreboard at a Philly's game, and they spelled it "Lez," but it was still pretty cool.

Jack: Well well WELL, LEMON! Steven's a good man, he's on partner track at Dewey, and he's a Black.
Liz: A... BLACK?! that is OFFENSIVE!
Jack: No, that's his last name, Steven Black. Good family. Remarkable people, the Blacks. Musical, very athletic, not very good swimmers... again, I'm talking about the family.

Tracy breakdancing.

Jack looking into the wine and saying, "Is that a piece of corn in there?"

Liz: So... how about Lost this season?
Steven: Sorry, I don't own a TV.
Liz: Really... what do you sit and look at?

Jack to Ridikolous: Now you may have read in Robert Parker's wine newsletter, 'Donaghy Estates tastes like the urine of Satan after a hefty portion of asparagus.' [best line of the show!]

Kenneth to another page: Want some juicy office gossip? They're closing the C-bank elevators for maintenance.
Jack [coming out of office with Ridikolous]: That would have been a great way to shoot Tracy. Well, maybe next time.
Kenneth: Were you gentlemen not given visitor's badges, or did y'all just not feel like wearin' em?
Ridikolous: Jack, what's up with yo man?
Jack: This is our Kenneth. How's it going, Kenneth? [to R] He's very unstable.

Listening to Jack run down the hiphop names.
Jack: MC Skat Kat! Homonculus! Raw Dog!
Tracy: Hell NO! Me and his beef go way back. We were both cast members on a Nickelodeon show called Ray Ray's Mystery Garage.
[flashback] Two young boys: Brush your teeth! Brush your teeth! When it's time for bed you gotta brush your teeth! [they both jump up in the air and land on the ground.]
Director: Cut!
Young Raw Dog (who seems more like Ridikolous): Hey chump, you scuffed my sneakers. Dr. J wears these!
Young Tracy: I'm sorry man... I'm pretty drunk.
RD: Know what? I'm gonna eat your family.

Jack: Tracy, if it makes you feel more comfortable I'd be happy to loan you a handgun.
Liz: What?
Jack: Oh. Mother. I forgot you were there.

Ridikolous: What colour plane you wanna buy?
Jack: Clear. Like Wonder Woman's.

Tracy: Ken, I just want you to know before I go that I've loved being your mentor. And it's an honor you being my manatee.
Ken asks how he can help.
Tracy: Nothing, Ken, I'm just going through the classic stages of grief: Fear, Denial, Horniness, Wisdom, Sleepiness, and now Depression.

Ken: Aren't you the man who told me to live every week like it's Shark Week? And that nothing is impossible except for dinosaurs? Don't give up on life, Sir.
Tracy: Wow. The manatee's become the mento.

Tracy: I've got a plan. I'm gonna find a homeless man, dress him up like me, set him on fire, then I'm going to start a brand new life in Arizona under the name Juan Mexico.
Tracy's entourage look at each other: We ain't doin that.

Tracy, as Oprah: What would I do, Tracy? What would I dooooooo-oooooooooo?

Jack, getting off cellphone: That was the lab. The monkey died of natural causes, so we're in the clear.

Tracy channeling Oprah at the Source awards [Did anyone else think Tracy looked a LOT like Oprah??]: You're all wonders, you're all my miracles, you're all my children of the corn!

Liz: He's channelling Oprah.
Steven: Why, because he's articulate?
Liz: [fake laughs, then stops] There is something about you that I just don't like.

Ridikolous: You're lucky Jack's got your back.
Kenneth: Well I... [leans forward and tweaks R's nose] have got your nose! [runs away]
R: Jay, go get my nose back.

Liz shooting Steven in the ass.
Jack: Good GOD, Lemon, you shot a BLACK! [gasps all around] Oh... no no no no...

Ridikolous: You're making a mockery of the Source Awards! Wait'll I tell Tupac about this.
[uncomfortable silence]
Jack: I didn't hear anything.

One huge nitpick: There's a quick scene of the guy from Cristal saying he doesn't want to be associated with the hiphop community, and the subtitle uses the word "appreicate." How the hell could a show on NBC have a spelling error like that without anyone with a basic knowledge of English seeing it?

But no worries. I love this show anyway, spelling mistakes and all. :)


Crissy Calhoun said...

live every week like it's shark week.

that is my new motto.

Corey said...

I finally saw an episode of this, and I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the "urine of Satan" line. I missed the next couple of minutes because I was laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

Good GOD shot a Black...LOL

Baldwin is aboslutely hilarious. I've always thought he was a ham but have grown to like him alot. I thought he was brilliant in Glen Gary Glen Ross and I really love his sense of timing and delivery as Jack Donaghy. This is fast becoming one of my favourite shows.