Saturday, March 31, 2007

Are the Lost writers tapping my brain?
First I was thinking a lot about how I wanted Nikki and Paulo to die a gruesome horrible death (ok, and I blogged on it, so it wasn't exactly in my head only) and the next thing you know, the writers gave it to me like a beautiful birthday present wrapped with a bow of diamonds.... diamonds thrown on a not-quite-dead body, of course.

But just now I was working on the season 3 chapters of my upcoming book and was researching Elizabeth Mitchell, and somehow Google hit an interview with me that I did back in early October. Not recognizing the title of the article, I clicked on it and found the interview. When asked if there was anything I wanted to see happen this season on Lost, I answered:

"I’d like to see Jack strapped to a chair in front of a television a la Clockwork Orange, being forced to watch videos that break down his God complex."

D'oh! Doesn't that sound eerily like what happened to Karl? They weren't exactly breaking down a God complex in the poor kid, but they certainly had him strapped to a chair a la Clockwork Orange, forced to read flashing messages using religious iconography. Close enough.

I think I'm going to go make myself a little tinfoil hat.

But first, just in case the writers out there ARE listening to me, I might as well throw out other ideas to them. Ahem... [tap tap tap] is this thing on?

1. You need to have a Sawyer flashback with guest star, oh, let's say, NIKKI STAFFORD, playing a woman he cons but only after being in a long relationship with her. Think you've already done that plot line before? MAKE IT NEW.

2. After Sawyer cons her, the guest star, played by NIKKI STAFFORD, ends up in a Desmond flashback, as a rebound girlfriend he has while in the army. Then he just tosses her away. I don't mind.

3. Distraught by not being able to find love, NIKKI STAFFORD's character suddenly shows up in a flashback of Hurley's, where they meet at a record store, become best buds, and go to Drive Shaft concert where they pelt Charlie with eggs.

(See? You want to show how all the characters are connected, and you can totally do that, using NIKKI STAFFORD.)

4. In a season 4 Sawyer flashback, he begins to feel bad for what he's done to the women in his past, and when he runs into NIKKI STAFFORD's character, he apologizes. Sincerely. Then SHE dumps him. But only after, you know, a good scene together.

5. Make NIKKI STAFFORD a writer on your show. And I'll forget about all this guest star nonsense.


The Chapati Kid said...

Can the Chapatikid have a walk-on role as the one who bests NIKKI STAFFORD for Sawyer's affections?

Anonymous said...

They then flashback to the hot affair NIKKI STAFFORD's friend COLLEEN HILLERUP had with Sayid.

These are good plot ideas.

Nikki Stafford said...

I can arrange for BOTH of these scenarios as soon as I'm a head writer on the show. Let the campaigning begin! ;)

Anonymous said...

we can all start mailing in little airplanes to ABC to make it so.


Anonymous said...

hI nIKKI - LOVE YOUR BLOG...but please more Buffy...not being a Lost all there has been lately...i would love to see more of a variety !

Still love your site ... take care ...

Mark Steven - Toronto

Nikki Stafford said...

Hey Mark! I'm so glad you enjoy the blog. As I said in a recent post, I've fallen woefully behind in working on the Lost season 3 book that I'm supposed to be handing in at the beginning of June, so I've had to put blog stuff on hold to do that. So the things I will tend to post will be Lost-related, because it's what I'm most entrenched in at the moment. Add to that practically every show is on hiatus right now EXCEPT Lost, and you see why I don't have a lot of choice. That said, I'll be posting something on Buffy later this week, as well as The Office and 30 Rock, which return on Thursday, and I want to write up this week's amazing race.

And your homework will be, START WATCHING LOST. ;)