Sunday, March 04, 2007

Why Buffy Still Slays Us...
Today's Toronto Star featured an article on Buffy the Vampire Slayer written by Star columnist Malene Arpe and me. The layout totally rocked, with the full front page of the section having a huge colour plate from the comic book, due to hit stores Tuesday. The article was in celebration of that, and that Buffy's 10th anniversary is later this week, on March 10th.

You can read the article online here. It was accompanied by a graphic about Buffy's legacy, and you can see that here.

Malene and I came up with a list of Buffy best and worst episodes, but sadly it was cut for space reasons (considering how much of the article remained intact, I can't complain). I'll post the complete list here tomorrow, and we can have much fun debating if we're right or off our rockers.

Consider this the kick-off to Buffy week! To paraphrase Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock, we should live every week like it's Buffy Week.


Unknown said...

Hey Nik - was just up at Gill's folks and I saw the Star cover and the tagline about two super fans talking about Buffy and I knew you had to be one of them. Congrats and great article.

Crissy Calhoun said...

Great way to kick off Buffy Week! The article is superb and lookin' forward to the best of/worst of discussion. I'm compiling reasons why "Beer Bad" isn't all bad right this second. ;)