Friday, March 16, 2007

Has Veronica Mars Been Cancelled?
Earlier this morning, Kristen from E! announced that, according to six sources who worked closely with the show, the series had indeed been cancelled. However, when she checked with Rob Thomas, he said if it HAD been cancelled, he certainly didn't know.

Now she and the Hollywood Reporter are suggesting that, in what sounds like a bit of a desperate move, Rob Thomas has gone back to the CW network with a "featurette" of the new season of VM, where it's set four years in the future, and Veronica is working at the FBI. Apparently Kristen Bell is the only cast member to appear in the featurette, which means the fate of the other cast members of following the show to season 4 is up in the air.

Will Veronica survive? Since most networks make their decisions in early March, it sounds to me like they've made their decision, told Thomas no, and he's asked them to give him one more chance by letting him try out this futuristic idea. Will the CW, whose numbers have been flagging overall, decide they need something new to spice up the network? An even better question might be, will the CW survive another year? The ratings of this new network -- a combination of the WB and UPN -- are less than either of those networks were individually.

One thing is probably for certain: my beloved Piz will not be returning. He's signed on to join that new Grey's Anatomy spin-off. :::Sniffle::: I guess this means he'll never find love with our girl.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, your Piz will find some love with some girl, or boy.

But even if they project her four years ahead, if there ain't no Logan (nor Keith for that matter) I ain't watching.

Crissy Calhoun said...

Crikey. That sucks.

I have my doubts about how long that Grey's A spinoff is going to last, despite the super-awesomeness of Addison (main character). Piz may be looking for another new show after one season...