Monday, March 05, 2007

Heroes, Ep 18: Like Any Parasite
Wow, it just gets better and better!! This episode ROCKED. Hands down the best ep yet. There were more gasps and “NO!” and “AH!” moments in this episode than any one yet. The new shapeshifter chick, Candice, is a complete bitch, and I love to hate her already. Claire constantly asking to go home seemed a little short-sighted on her part, considering she knows her dad had to lose his memory to do all of this.

Gaspy Moments:
-Mrs. Bennet actually remembering everything and telling Bennet. Go Mrs. Bennet! At first I couldn’t figure out why Bennet would have had SO much of his memory removed that he would actually be hunting down Claire and the Haitian, but his plan with Mrs. Bennet was genius.
-Mohinder drugging Sylar. YEAH!!
-Simone showing up at Isaac’s apartment. Then turning into Candice.
-Ando as the security guard!
-Sylar stopping the bullet in mid-air… I was beginning to wonder why he wasn’t using his mind powers against Mohinder.
-Mrs. Bennet actually being… Candice!! ACK! (though I should have noticed her cellphone ring was different)
-Mohinder on the ceiling!!
-Sylar grabbing Peter and beginning to cut his head off!!!

Fave moments:
-the Previously on Heroes voiceover done by Hiro in Japanese, with Japanese subtitles
-Mrs. Bennet’s cellphone ring, hahahahahahaha!
-Nathan putting his hand over Hiro’s mouth before he can yell FLYING MAN!
-the look on the bouncer’s face when Nathan shows up with Hiro.
-Mohinder holding the tuning fork to Sylar’s ear!
-Ian Gomez as the museum curator (hmm… another Lost crossover??)
-“This painting is ripped. And repaired with scotch tape.”
-Claire meeting Granny (talk about being frightened by your grandma immediately)
-Malcolm McDowell as Linderman!! Awesome. I was waiting for him to dance around like Alex and talk about doing some ultraviolence on Nathan (they could have at least painted big eyelashes around his right eye)

-for all of Mohinder’s brains, why is he so stupid? And why didn’t Sylar detect Mohinder’s heartbeat increasing as he brought him the Chai tea? There’s no way Mohinder was able to stay super calm while doing that.
-what kind of silly program runs through all of the swords in its system like a DNA program on a police computer? Unless there were 10,000 swords in Linderman’s possession, the computer should have immediately just shown the location of the Kensei sword.
-don’t the writers know that the audience is kind of aware that when a character says, “oh my god, I have ALL THE ANSWERS right here! This is everything, the key to the universe!” that they probably won’t last much longer?

-what will happen to Matt? Was he prepared to lie about Bennet, since he’s siding with him at this point?
-why does Canada always play a role in exiled heroes? Eden’s body was found there, and Claire’s ticket was for Canada. Despite what Americans might think, Canada is NOT a place filled with refugee heroes. Some of my closest friends have no powers.
-how did Bennet honestly think his house – which has been reduced to cinders – was damaged in a FLOOD??
-what did Candice do with Mrs. Bennet? (Now we know why she took such an interest in Mrs. Bennet’s hair)
-what’s with her Catholic schoolgirl look? What’s with her bossing around Bennet? Doesn’t he have some sort of seniority over her?
-where is Isaac going to go?
-How did Niki manage to get away from Jessica and physically put Nathan’s photo on DL’s pillow?
-how did Niki take over Jessica to warn Nathan?
-how did Candice know about Mr. Muggles being at a dog hospital? When Bennet first walks in Mrs. Bennet is brushing her hair and says that the hotel is letting her bring him into the room.
-how far into the future have Ando and Hiro gone?
-so who exactly is Linderman, and how does he know everything? Does he have powers?
-Why did Isaac’s pictures make it look like Mohinder was the one who was going to lose the top of his skull? (the pictures had a guy with a beard and mustache, and curly black hair) Would Sylar really suck the brain of someone who didn’t possess any powers?
-Did Sylar manage to remove Peter’s head? Or can Peter instantly heal the way Claire does? Or can Peter suck the powers from Sylar to stay safe? It will be interesting to see these guys go toe to toe, because I don’t think Sylar will be able to deskullify Peter so easily.

Next week: NO NEW EPISODE. In fact, no new Heroes until April 23rd. Waaaaaah!

Side note: Ali Larter (Nikessica) appeared at WonderCon recently, and apparently some stupid fanboy got up and was totally rude to her for her character. Look, I’m not a huge fan of the character, but attacking the ACTRESS like this? Come ON. There was a rundown of the attack on Ain’t It Cool News (where you can also read a section on Joel Silver being attacked for removing Joss Whedon from Wonder Woman):

As the actors took to the stage, it was inevitable that Larter would be asked HEROES questions, but the very first question drew the ire of the entire room. This fat guy said that he and his friends “love the show, but think that yours is the worst character. [Lots of boos] Even though you're a so-so actress [More boos], is there a possibility that you can ask them to kill your character off [The folks next to me call to have this guy castrated].” To her credit, Ali took it in stride and just told him that she’s glad he enjoys the show. Once that asshole was gone, she was asked the difference between shooting film vs. tv. She said how a film allows you to work on one character from start-to-finish, but in television, you’re getting a new script every week for someone who’s constantly evolving. She mentioned that she was going to be working on an unamed film in the show's hiatus.

It just comes off as one of those moments in most fan conventions where people just want to throw something at the loser hogging the mike.


Anonymous said...

re: poor ali larter ... what an evil little rat bastard. there's always one smarmy, condescending jerk at those conventions ("only one?", i hear you say). props to ali for taking it in stride.

the Previously on Heroes voiceover done by Hiro in Japanese, with Japanese subtitles

argh!!! i missed that!!! i waited until the very, very end of The Class to flip channels (just in case there was any super-seekrit final scene i might've missed -- the season finale was tonight) and i totally missed the previouslies. was it as hilarious as i think it was? also, i want to go on record as saying i absolutely LOVE any nathan/hiro scene. those two are comedic GOLD together. hee!

-Ian Gomez as the museum curator (hmm… another Lost crossover??)

can you refresh my memory? i can't place IG on Lost, only on Felicity as xavier, who used to work with felicity at dean & deluca (i kept expecting him to break out into a latin lisp tonight, hahaha).

-Malcolm McDowell as Linderman!! Awesome. I was waiting for him to dance around like Alex and talk about doing some ultraviolence on Nathan (they could have at least painted big eyelashes around his right eye)

hahahaha! sadly, that might have actually made him appeal to me as a baddie. i'm sorry to say, he had absolutely no creep/evil/wicked vibe for me tonight (the guy made a pot pie! from scratch! he's too domesticated for me to truly buy him as the nefarious mastermind behind the whole plot, at least, so far.) -- i think they should have switched eric roberts and malcolm mcdowell's parts. eric roberts oozes villain from every pore, whereas malcolm mcdowell seemed to ooze emeril instead. he just didn't come off as enough of a bastard to me. maybe if he wore a bowler hat and a codpiece ...

Unknown said...

I figure Peter and Sylar will act like opposite ends of a magnet - both will have so many (if not the exact) powers that they wil repell each other or at least have to call any battle a draw. Damn, I don't want to wait until the end of April to find out!

Anonymous said...

I really wish that I'd seen this episode before the Heroes panel at Ad Astra.

What's the link between the rich and powerful and the powers? Linderman knows about it all, Hiro's father is in on the conspiracy? organization? There's three Petrelli's with power,and mama knows all about it - what's her relationship to the people on the roof?

I disagree with fb - MM was creepy by being mundane. The banality of evil.

Polaris (formerly known as Toronto Trek) has announced a Heroes guest btw, Erick Avari, Mohinder's dad.

I must be the only person on the planet who likes the Nikki/Jessica character(s).

Sylar is becoming boring by being too powerful. I hope Peter heals up his own head then kicks Sylar's ass.

Anonymous said...

I agree, best episode of the season! This is my favorite show now (was Lost, and until they give us these kind of Ooohs and Ahhs that they once did!)

I agree with Colleen that Sylar needs to be dealt with, even if he is weakened, and Mohinder is a fool if he thought that he could stop Sylar that easily! I think they would keep him alive just for a central non-Heroes character as a common thread, he's kinda naive but he's beginning to grow on me!

The ending was GASP worthy! As if Peter is going to let Sylar chop his skull out...has anyone been keeping track of the powers he has absorbed? I don't think being invisible is going to help, I think he'll heal with Claire's powers, but can he absorb Sylar's powers? (its nicer for Peter because he doesn't have to decapitate anyone LOL, much cleaner!)

They didn't show Peter in the coming episodes, very clever LOL...but it would be hard to believe that Peter would die now.

I wonder how they are going to do the 24 style 2nd season, I don't want them killing everyone off, especially Peter. I think they need at least 2 or 3 core characters to go into the second season!

Why do we have to wait so long for another episode, sigh...its Lost all over again...

Anonymous said...

mmm...the reviewer over at Entertainment Weekly seems to think Mohinder is dead, I just thought he was bleeding, he's not dead is he?

The Chapati Kid said...

Perhaps this is how Peter gets his scar... I found it really funny, though, when that lock of hair that hangs over his face fell to the ground. I couldn't help but snicker at that one.

I don't think Mohinder will die... or Peter. Mohinder's the only "human" figure who can guide these people in terms of tapping into the root of their powers and find answers to their mutations. But I do wonder who that man was that Isaac drew. It certainly didn't look like Mohinder... he doesn't have a goatee, so who could it have been? I mean, M. gets tortured, sure, but he doesn't lose the top of his skull in that final scene, does he?

Nikessica -- or Jekki (hehehe) is not the MOST fascinating of the characters, but I like the tension she brings into her scenes with her volatility. If I had been her at the convention, I'd have cocked my fingers at the dude and finger shot him between the eyes.

Anonymous said...

I thought the decapitated man looked like Isaac.

I don't think Mohinder is dead (which also shows that he really doesn't have any latent powers, or Sylar would have popped his top). Did remind me of Spike, hanging there with the blood dripping.

Okay, yes Nikki. Everything reminds me of Spike.

Nikki Stafford said...

fb: The subtitles were only for the words, "Previously on Heroes," said in Japanese and featuring the characters at the bottom of the screen, but they didn't extend it to the rest of the shots, so you didn't miss much. :)
Ian Gomez appeared very briefly in the fall in the Sawyer ep of Lost; he was the inmate at Sawyer's prison who'd squirreled away the cash and Sawyer helped the warden find it.

Jeremy: I agree about the magnet effect. Peter takes on the powers of anyone when he's in their presence, and doesn't need to consciously do so. But to heal or become invisible or fly or exhibit any of the powers of the others, he needs to recall what being around them felt like, and I'm assuming in his present situation, he's not able to do so. But I'm assuming Sylar will have more than enough powers to go around. I'm thinking as Sylar is slicing Peter's skull, a similar slice is appearing on Sylar's head.

Colleen: I agree; there's something about the way Malcolm made that pot pie that terrified me. :) And you are right! I bet the decapitated man IS Isaac! So he's seeing the future that Hiro tried to stop. And get your head out of the Spike... gutter... Spike.

Roland: I don't think Mohinder is dead, either. He's being held on the ceiling by Sylar's mind, and he's bleeding from his mouth, but he's definitely conscious. So far.

Nikki Stafford said...

Chapatikid: I COMPLETELY forgot about Peter's scar!! You're right; I bet this will absolutely be where he gets it.

Anonymous said...

I think Candice (at first I thought her name was Canvass, which would be fitting) is actually an illusionist. The blurring when she changes doesn't seem like the effect that a shapeshifter would have.

I think the man in the painting was Issac.

I was half expecting Nathon to shoot Linderman anyway, and then have him turn out to be fine (either healing like Clair or the bullet bounces off him like Superman).

Speaking of Superman, I had a dream that Nathan dressed up like him (complete with the trademarked S) and flew around saving people.

Anonymous said...

Also, Candice hid Simone's body as well, so she must be an illusionist.

Nikki Stafford said...

Brian: Awesome point on being an illusionist; I think you're totally right. She somehow uses the environment around her, whereas a shapeshifter would only manipulate their own body, if I'm correct.

Anonymous said...

Can I have Brian's dream?