Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Return Dates that Matter
Sorry I haven’t been updating the blog lately. I finally got over my flu after five days, and then my husband got it, then my daughter’s nanny so I had to take my daughter all day while my husband lay in bed and moaned… it’s been a busy week. Add to that I’ve fallen behind in working on the Lost book so my evenings are now dedicated to working on the book rather than updating my blog (what a concept!) But I’m going to try to be better at this.

For now, I wanted to list some important return dates on our shows. This past Sunday saw the finales of BSG and Rome (I’ll talk about both soon, I hope), so those are off the schedule, and Lost is chugging along every week just like ABC promised. Here are some return dates to mark on your calendars

April 5 – The Office (will Michael hold a spontaneous meeting? Will Dwight’s desk be moved? Will Roy kill Jim?)
April 5 – 30 Rock
April 8 – The Sopranos, the final 9 episodes
April 8 – Entourage, season 4
April 23 – Heroes
May 1 – Veronica Mars

In other news, this past weekend’s Amazing Race had some awesome Charla and Mirna moments, as usual. They drive me INSANE but the masochist in me wants them to stay.
Mirna to ticket agent: What time does the ticket office open?
Ticket agent: 5:30 a.m.
Charla: But itta be 11 pm a-now. You calla da office now.
Ticket agent (in perfect English): I can’t call, it’s not open.
Mirna (realizing the agent must not understand English): Why-a you no do this for us? Why-a canna you help us?
Charla: Here. Pick uppa da phone. Just-a dial da numbers, clicka clicka clicka.
Ticket agent (speaking slowly because the Italians obviously don’t understand): THE. OFFICE. IS. CLOSED.
Charla: Why-a you no help us?
Mirna: Come on, Charla, obviously she just doesn’t understand.

But the best part, the part that made the entire episode worth watching, was when they finished first.
Phil: As the winners of this leg of the race…
Charla and Mirna: Yay!! Yay!! God, we love you Phil! Will you finally notice how hot we are????
Phil: …you have EACH won…
Phil: …your very own catamaran!
[The sound of crickets. A tumbleweed floats by.]
Charla and Mirna (I am not making this up) in unison: What’s a catamaran?
Phil stops to consider the possible responses: It’s a small chair that you can sit on in front of the fireplace.
It’s a large dog with a lot of hair. You’ve seen Afghans? Well, Catamarans are just hairier, and they shed a lot.
It's like an RV, only smaller.
[but sadly, he doesn’t]
Phil: It’s… a… sailing boat.
Charla and Mirna: Ooooooh! Well, woo! And hoo! I guess.


Unknown said...

They were wonderful American tourists, weren't they? Though my favourite part was Zanzibar because we'd been in the fort where the episode ended. And I just like name dropping Zanzibar.

Anonymous said...

First thing: Yay! More Entourage!

Second thing: Why is it that whenever Charla & Mirna are in a foreign country they start speaking English with these crazy pseudo-Italian accents? I mean, aren't these two of Russian or Slavic heritage? What's with the Italian accents then? Gawd, they are just so _American_. ;-) They annoy me to no end as well, but they sure make the race more interesting, especially with Rob & Amber gone.

Wo Kai Li said...

I dislike them so much. It just drives me insane when people are so stupid, please let them get eliminated. I wish Rob and Amber were back to kick them out :(