Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today's Casting News
Yeah, I spend too much time on certain sites. Zap2it is one of them. In the past two days they've made some new casting announcements, ranging from "huh" to "WHAT?!" in my book. First, Julio Gonzalo has been cast in a new pilot for the fall. We know her best as Parker from Veronica Mars. Since Piz has been cast in the new Grey's Anatomy pilot, as I previously mentioned, this makes the second Veronica person to ensure they won't be back in the fall. However, neither one is cause for, "OH MY GOD, Veronica Mars is gonna be cancelled!" reactions just yet. The moment Kristen Bell is up for a pilot, then we can panic.

Secondly, Carla Gugino from Sin City has been cast in Entourage as Vince's new agent. Ack! The one who will replace Ari? This woman's in a worse position than Riley was showing up and trying to fill Angel's shoes. Ari is hands down the best character on television. But it's definitely a good move having a really hot actress replace him, and not another male. That would have been much harder for the actor. (Entourage is slated to begin on April 8th... YEAH!!!)

And now for the WHAT?! news.... some people (*cough*Crissy*cough*) might want to turn away now. Katee Sackhoff has just signed on for a pilot this fall. Of course, at this point all they're saying is that she'll be a "guest cast member" but that's the term they ALWAYS use for EVERYONE in a pilot that hasn't yet been picked up. She'll be joining the cast of The Bionic Woman, which will tentatively be picked up for NBC this fall. The show will star British actress Michelle Ryan, best known as Zoe Slater from EastEnders. (She's the one who moved to Albert Square with her sisters -- Kat, Moe, and Lynn -- and their dad Charlie. Soon after they arrived she found out -- horrors! -- that her older sister Kat was actually her mother (!!!!!) Kat had an affair with Anthony, but then Zoe fell in love with him. They were going to get married before Anthony woke up and realized Zoe was a whiny little girl, so he dumped her on the eve of their marriage. And then Kat slept with him again (!!!!!) And so Zoe moved out, but then she reconciled with Kat, and found new love with Dennis, who was played by Nigel Harmon, the total hottie of the series, but she didn't know that HE was actually in love with his sister (!!!!) Sharon, but he tried to stay away because, you know, SISTER and all (ok, so she was adopted... I should probably mention that), so he tried to deny his love for her but eventually they gave in to it again, and so over Christmas dinner while Zoe's fawning over him and they'd just recently moved in together, he and Sharon announce that they're actually in love and going away to NY together that night, and Zoe has a conniption, and Dennis's evil father Den grabs her and pulls her in the back room and tells her to announce to him that she's pregnant, so she does, but she hates lying to him, and he's devastated because his father (also Sharon's father) abandoned him when he was a young'un, and he can't do the same to this child, so Sharon leaves on a plane without him and Zoe almost tells him the truth but chickens out, and he resigns himself to staying with her... and since BBC Canada is a full TWO YEARS behind that's where we're at now so I'm sure something huge will happen soon and Zoe will leave the series.)

But all that aside, the question is, does this mean Starbuck is really dead?! David Eick will be producer of both shows, so there's a possibility he's doing this as some sort of publicity stunt for Battlestar Galactica, but I don't know... I just thought Starbuck had a greater purpose on the show, and I just don't buy it that she's really gone. What did the Cylons mean about her having a destiny?? I'm just very confused by this news.

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