Thursday, November 02, 2006

"The Cost of Living" comments
I had such great comments on last night's post that I wanted to answer them here. I'll just provide my answers, but definitely check out some of the great theories and comments that readers had.

Chapatikid: Thank you for that awesome explanation of the Indian funeral. I knew it was based on it, but didn't know the specifics. I think it absolutely has something to do with the whole Dharma thing (Dharma religions, I-Ching, etc.) And yes, I'm truly sad about Eko dying. He's one of my favourite characters, and now it just leaves Bernard from the tailies (and have we even SEEN Bernard this season?!)

Kathy T: Thank you for clarifying that he said confess! (I knew "Go Fish" made absolutely no sense, even on this show, hahaha!)

Jay: Awesome catch on the cross motif!! WOW. And the thing is, a Catholic would cross themselves head, heart, shoulder, shoulder, and Eko was shoulder, shoulder, head, heart, like it was an inverted gesture, showing how subverted his religion really is.

Blondie: I also wondered if the cards were Benry's idea. It will just make Jack trust Juliet even more. Perhaps this entire thing is a ruse to make Jack truly trust someone, and then they’ll shatter it (hence Juliet looking like Sarah, as Ben pointed out).

Robert: Aw. Blog love. :)


Anonymous said...

I didn't think that Juliet looked like/reminded me of Sarah at all. Not even when they brought it up. But I suppose I can see it. Kind of. ;)

The Chapati Kid said...

Oh, I just thought... do you think Eko will be resurrected? Why are there no more black characters on the show? Michael's gone. Now Eko. I'm not happy about this.

Anonymous said...

courtesy of my roommate Adam:
I was reading Finding Lost and came to the episode where the show runs through what happened to the Tailies during the first 48 days... and how at one point they discover the Arrow hatch... and how in the Arrow hatch they find a glass eye... and how in Wednesday's episode we see the dude with an eyepatch in another hatch... and so maybe the glass eye belongs to him...

Anonymous said...

I just tried to put together a rundown on my site about "patchy" and it occured to me that I needed to check the mural again. Sure enough there is a face in the mural with a red X through his eye. A connection to Radzinsky seemed obvious to a lot of us but has been disputed by someone from the show.
; (
Two things I'd like to add: If Ben is dying then why would Juliet need Jack to let him die on the table? Apparently, by Jacks calculations, Ben will either be dead or incapacited shortly. (just makes the whole tumor thing seem like more of a ruse.)
Also, if patch guy is aware of the cameras and doesnt want to be seen, why was it on in the first place?
Bill Ervolino

The Chapati Kid said...


You're absolutely right -- if Jack just refuses to operate, then he's dead anyway. But judging by Jack's character, I don't think he could ever operate on someone and intentionally kill them -- that would go against everything he believes in. Maybe that's why they make him sit with the woman's dead body -- they want to see how he will respond to his failure to save the woman. Maybe they want him to rush into surgery because they know Ben's running out of time, and this is a good way to get him to cooperate faster, and then when he's actually performing it, he can't compromise his ethics. What think you? And who else thinks that the whole "explanation" for Juliet (that they brought her in because she looks like his ex-wife, which I agree, she does not) was really weak?

Anonymous said...

that's so funny. the very first thing i thought when I saw Juliet was, wow, she looks just like Jack's ex-wife. so i buy that the Others are using her as the "point person" for that reason, at least partially.

Nikki Stafford said...

Yeah, you know, I have to agree with Crissy on that one. In fact, I think when the first ep aired, isn't that one of the things we commented on to each other, Crissy? That she looked so much like Sarah? (OK, she's a dead ringer for Penelope, but there's definitely a resemblance to Sarah.) So I'm with Crissy on that one; I buy it.

The Chapati Kid said...

See, I thought she looked like Penelope too! Especially in the scene when she's at home and getting ready for her book club and listening to "Downtown" and she sheds a tear, like when Penelope cried when she met Des. But wait a minute!!! Didn't everyone think that Sarah looked a lot like Penelope when they first saw her in the photo? Remember how Jack looks all weird when he sees the photo in the hatch?

Or maybe it was because I had just finished watching Season 2 the week before, and Pen was still fresh in my mind, brother.

(God, can these confirmation words be any more complicated? "woqhmqfe" - um. yeah.)