Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Heroes Ep 9: Homecoming
Last night's ep of Heroes was awesome (when is it not?!) At the beginning of the ep, I was thinking, Hmm... this episode is actually kind of weak compared to other eps, but then it picked up in the second half and was truly amazing. I will admit: the mantra, "Save the cheerleader, save the world" sounds more and more ridiculous every time I hear it, but hey, it'll be over soon, since it appears the cheerleader's been saved. And by the way, this episode garnered the show's highest ratings, at 16 million viewers, putting it in Lost territory.

Mohinder: I found it a little strange that he approached the boy with the soccer ball and then let him go away, especially since the boy was so important to his father as well as him. And I was a little disappointed that last week I blogged about how happy I was that the writers didn't do the obvious "Do you want to quit? NO" scene, and that's because they saved it for this week. But what Mohinder found there was exciting, and it was nice to see him actually happy about something (the guy's pretty dour... but still hot).

Nathan: He's just annoying me more. Come on, writers, start to make me care about this guy. I know he threw the paint on the canvas to save his brother, but I still don't like him.

Peter: I loved the scene with him standing in the hallway looking at the pics of Jackie and having a complete conversation with Claire, not knowing SHE is the cheerleader he's supposed to be saving. That was pretty funny. I also loved that moment where he admits to Ando that he has no powers unless he's with someone else with powers, and then Ando says he's actually nothing without Hiro, and then they both stand there in that uncomfortable silence for a moment. Buck up, Ando: sidekicks are necessary, and we love you as Hiro's sidekick... especially since you so often seem to be the one in charge, which is a refreshing twist. It was pretty clear (if you've been paying ANY kind of attention to this show) that Peter wasn't going to die, no matter what Isaac's painting suggested, simply because if he was saving Claire, then he'd be in her presence, and if he's in her presence, he can't die.

Claire: Which begs the question: Can Claire die? Would Sylar be able to remove the top of her skull, or would she just grow another one? Does Horn-Rimmed Glasses really have anything to fear here? HRG has seen Claire in action (he's seen her videotapes) so you'd think he would know what she's capable of, but he might be as unclear on her powers as we are. Isaac's paintings are prophetic, so maybe he was predicting Jackie's death? Not that anyone cares (was anyone else secretly cheering?). Will Claire step forward and tell the police that Peter saved her? Will HRG let her out of his sight?

Sylar: We've seen Sylar come into Isaac's studio and take off his head, and then he did the same thing to Charlie in the diner. So why did he make the mistake of killing Jackie instead of Claire? Does he NOT have the omniscient powers we thought he did, and instead just goes by newspaper clippings? After all, this is a guy who was in Hiro's presence and didn't seem to know HE had any powers. It seems it's only the people who make their powers well known to others who become his targets (people in the diner commented on Charlie's memory; Isaac's paintings were becoming popular).

By the way, I've never asked this question on here, but what are people's theories on who Mr. Linderman is?

Eden: When HRG told Eden to go and neutralize Sylar, I thought, "Oh, as IF" and then she did. And WOW... I totally loved her for the first time. What a great scene. It seems Eden DOES have the power of persuasion. Why isn't HRG using her more often? "Hmm... this restaurant bill is really high. Eden, go and talk to the waitress over there." I'm suddenly intrigued by her.

Micah: My suspicions were realized, and it looks like Micah realizes his mom is two different people, but I don't think he realizes the seriousness of the situation. Poor DL... I think he's totally innocent and has been framed completely by Jessica (have I mentioned how annoying that name is? It's like someone read too many Sweet Valley High books and decided to name her after the evil twin. Why not name the good side of her Elizabeth?) So... did Jessica hit DL or did she miss? Couldn't she have invested in a silencer?

Hiro: I missed him! The episode was totally lacking something by not having him in it. But I'm presuming next week's episode (which is called "Six Months Ago") will be all about him, which will be awesome.

After that, they have episodes scheduled for December 4th and 18th, so it looks like Heroes isn't planning on leaving us in December. My worry is, that only leaves 10 episodes for the new year. Are they thinking this through?


The Chapati Kid said...

See, I thought if he steals Claire's brain (I really want to call her Claire Bear like HRG, because she was just so sweet in this episode -- a really fine teen actress), then she can die. Remember when she's in the morgue, and she's supposed to be dead? But as soon as the stick is pulled out of her brain, she comes back to life? So if her whole entire brain is stolen, I think she would die. WHO IS SYLAR! (Had to shout that one.)*love eden now* (That was a whisper.)

The Chapati Kid said...

D-OH. Sylar doesn't sense powers -- he STOLE Chandra Suresh's stuff -- that's how he got the contact information for these people -- I totally forgot about that episode where Mohinder goes into the apartment, and then they go back and everything is gone from Sylar's place. Remember that?