Wednesday, November 29, 2006

V is for Vendetta…and Veronica!
“What’s the word of the day, folks? Is it avuncular?”

How much did I love last night’s episode? The heartbreak! The humour! The tension! The Piz! Thank you, Rob Thomas, thank you!!

Yes, “Spit & Eggs” was the final episode of the first “mini-arc” of the season (there will be three, I’ve heard) and the controversial (for all the wrong reasons) mystery has finally been resolved and come to an end. On the one hand it was kind of sucky that both of the guys responsible for the rapes of the women at Hearst have been V’s suspects in the past, but at the same time, that made it pretty cool. They were flying under our radar BECAUSE they were Ronnie’s suspects in the past. I felt personally vindicated when the RA turned out to be responsible – right from the beginning of the season it’s been a joke with my husband and me: every time he appears on screen we’ll say, “Ooh! HE did it!!” because after all, how else is Screech gonna get any? What I don’t understand is how these two guys ended up getting together. Was Mercer once an anti-social loser like Moe? After, you know, doping and raping a bunch of women, did he develop a higher self-esteem that allowed him to rise above geekydom and into loathsome pigdom?

Logan and Veronica broke up AGAIN because he couldn’t be with her AGAIN but we know this means that he’ll just be all moony for her for the next few episodes and by the end of the season declaring that he can’t live with anyone else. And in the meantime, I hope she realizes that Piz is the coolest guy at school and we get some more awesome Piz lines. (Have I mentioned I’m in love with Piz?) Or… hmm… maybe Mac could end up with him? I love Mac, too, and I’ll let her have him.

The last scene in the episode was awesome. When I saw Logan trashing the cop car I thought, “What the hell is he doing?!” and then we see he did it all for Veronica. Sniffle… you gotta love Logan. He’s complicated, he’s an emotional basket case, but you gotta love him.

Now they’ve set us up for the next mystery, as Dean O’Dell has been found dead (by Eli… uh oh). Whodunnit? One of the gals from the Lilith House? That would be too obvious, since they were a suspect (and perpetrators) of the rapes, even if they were faking it. Could it be Veronica’s hot professor? O’Dell’s trophy wife? O’Dell’s dorky TA (Worst. Hair. EVER.), who was really pissed off at his girlfriend, stormed back to his office, found the professor there all beat up by O’Dell and then exacted his revenge? One of the people who voted to get rid of the Greeks at Hearst? Hearst herself? Piz, upset that O’Dell made the controversial announcement on his show? Wievel, so he could steal the dean’s HDTV? Wallace, desperate for more lines on the show?

Whatever it is, here’s my wish list for the next arc:

§ Give Wallace more lines, and meaningful ones like the episode where he quit the basketball team
§ Give Eli his dignity back. Make him the rocking character he was in season 1. Stop with the Latino janitor crap.
§ Let’s see the mystery become really complicated
§ A few more scenes of Veronica outwitting the sheriff and making him look like an idiot
§ More Keith/Veronica sweet scenes
§ Let’s shed some more light on the whole Kendall thing, which still remains a bit of a baffler to me (not to mention I don’t believe she’s actually dead)
§ Get the TA a haircut
§ Bring back the cheery, witty, adorable Veronica, and do away with party pooper, down-in-the-dumps, ‘I’m WAY too serious’ Veronica
§ And someone tell the CW to renew the whole season!


The Chapati Kid said...

And make Logan and her get back together again! PLEAAAASE. PLEAAASE!

Seriously, I JUST finished watching the show, like, 3 minutes ago (the time it took me to read your blog entry), and, wow. Wow! This episode just blows everything this season out of the water. What a brilliant mid-season end. It had, like, everything.

I want Piz and Mac to start macking on each other. They would be adorable. I think Veronica needs a little break from boys. The only thing I found weird was Mercer talking to the unconscious girl, like Iago doing a soliloquy. Too forced, I thought. But Wallace -- the "pity balloons?" That had me in SPLITS.

Dean's dead. Was that whole scene with the wife and prof. a dream? Because he's back on his sofa where Keith left him. Do you think cigar man had anything to do with it? I seriously don't think it's the Lilith women. I think the prof. is totally going to be the Steve Gutenberg of this season.

Anonymous said...

I Love This Show!
I had to sit down tonight after my other show and watch Veronica again. Still best show ever1

Freaked me out every time I watched Tim Foyle- couldn't place the actor, and that stuff just bugs me to distraction. Looked him up and wow- he was Lucky! No wonder he was hiding in a scruffy beard and oddly messed hair that looked almost like a wig!
I can rest easy now that I know who he is, and can enjoy his performance!

I think Tim was the shooter- revenge against killing his beloved yet tarnished professor.
Kathy T

Crissy Calhoun said...

I think Maggie Simpson did it.