Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Heroes – Seven Minutes to Midnight

Mohinder: First of all, can I just say that Sendhil Ramamurthy has got to be one of the hottest guys on TV right now? I’ve been missing him on Heroes, because the show has moved to other characters in the past two weeks, but it was good to see Mohinder again. I’d been speculating with friends that when he threw his father’s ashes into the Ganges, there would be something hidden in the urn, and I was pretty disappointed when there wasn’t. But instead, we have a new mystery: Is that child one of the heroes? Can he dream and project himself somehow while dreaming? (And added to Walt, that makes two young boys who can astrally project on TV now…) There’s a mysterious woman in Mohinder’s past (get your HANDS OFF my Mohinder, Nira!) and it seems like she is someone who helped convince Mohinder that his dad was a bit nuts. Did anyone else think the episode would end with Mohinder sitting in front the computer, looking at the “Are you sure you want to quit?” question staring at him, and hitting NO? Thanks to the writers for not going for the obvious on that one. What happened to Mohinder’s sister? How was she “special”? (Notice that’s the same word used for Walt on Lost?)

Hiro: I LOVED Charlie, and I hope Hiro can bring her back somehow… the ending of this episode was amazing. Hiro didn’t come back; does that mean the show will now be broadcasting two different timelines simultaneously? Will we flash to Hiro in the past or will we stay with Ando, wondering when Hiro will return? It was exciting (and terrifying) to see Sylar again, and something told me the top of Charlie’s head wouldn’t see the end of the day… (Best line in the ep: “Bring something delicious for me, and for my friend, something for fatto fatto!” HAHAHAHA) How far back did Hiro go? The photo on the wall would indicate he went back further than one day, since she says her birthday was 6 months ago, and the pic is him celebrating her birthday party (and his face is very strange in the photo).

Isaac: This storyline confused me in the beginning, I’ll admit. I actually stopped the ep, went to the ep from two weeks ago still on my PVR, checked to see if Eden took Isaac somewhere, etc. But once I realized what was going on, it was easier. And this episode seems to be pointing – again – to what my husband had suggested weeks ago: That Horn-Rimmed Glasses is actually a good guy (or a REALLY good actor). How does he know something’s going to happen to Claire at her homecoming? Why not prevent her from going? Does he think Isaac’s future cannot be twisted that easily? And what’s up with Eden? Is she a hero, too, one that maybe HRG saved at some point? What is her power, persuasion? There was definitely some significance to the way she leaned in to talk to him, and next thing you know, he’s shooting up. What’s with the holding pen that HRG has in the back of the printing warehouse? Is it a government thing?

Matt: The radiation guy is creepy cool, but also very sad. His anger seems to bring forth the radiation. Is there some significance to the fact that Audrey just stood there when his radiation started billowing? Does she have something up with her that she can’t figure out, too? Herein lies the episode’s greatest mystery: What are the two black marks? Does the Haitian guy mark the people, and Sylar kills them? BUT… it would point to Haitian guy being bad, and therefore HRG being bad. We see what happens when Ted is outside, and he blows up a street corner because of his powers. Could Sylar be someone who thinks the heroes will get out of control if left to their own devices? Are the marked ones the ones who are potentially dangerous? Why wasn’t Hiro marked? Why did Sylar go after Charlie instead of Hiro in this scene?

Why are some of the people finding their powers manifesting themselves now, not at birth? It seems to be some strange crack in the cosmos that is bringing forth the dormant powers within people that they previously didn’t know they had. Have we seen other characters who don’t have powers yet, but soon will?

What would you want your power to be? ;)

MIA this week: Peter and Nathan, Micah and DL, Niki. We see Claire but nothing major about her, just the looming event that’s going to happen at homecoming.


Anonymous said...

I think Eden's power is being annoying... Or more likely, as you suggest, the power of persuasion. I just don't like her. As far as Claire's dad goes, I'm sticking to my "he's evil" guns. Claire's birth mother mysteriously dies cause things didn't go according to plan? Suspect. People's powers getting out of control because the Paper Factory Folk are meddling? Very suspect.

Anonymous said...

Their powers are being "purified." I think Mohinder's "love" interest's name is Mira. And finally, why didn't Eden use her whispery whispers on Mohinder to stop him from leaving?

thisguypossessed said...

was I the only one screaming at the tv for mohinder to hurry up and open the drawer. He knew the drawer was locked, he knew where the key was. I understand that he thought there were some aspects of his father's work that should stay locked away, but COME ON, it took forever. OK rant over, sorry

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the book on Lost. Very helpful! This addresses one of your asides, regarding Lost, rather than Heroes.

Can we still truly say that Walt astrally projected himself? We know that the "smoke monster" can take on human form (Yemi to Eko). How far back in the series does this possibility reach? Was it the monster projecting Boone to Locke in 303. Or Eko to Locke later in that episode? Did the monster project Walt to Shannon in Season 2? Christian to Jack in Season One? That one shot in 305 seems to force you to rethink every island apparition and prophetic dream in the show. What do you think about this and why? (Sorry this is on a Heroes thread.)

Anonymous said...

Maybe their powers aren't generating naturally, but sombody has been cutting them open and tinkering and leaving the mark to indicate their work.

Didn't Mohinder's voice over say you can't escape your fate? Perhaps that's why HRG isn't stoping Claire from going to Homecoming. Still not sure on HRG - I'd say he's grey. Doing bad for good reasons, perhaps selfishly so.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I left this comment on the wrong post. You said "what happened to Mohinder's sister?"

The child everyone keeps calling a boy IS Mohinder's sister.